Sick Of Being Sick With Colds? Preston Chiropractor Discusses Some Benefits Of Exercise And Meditation

Regular Meditation Or Exercise Reduces The Frequency And Severity Of Colds

A study has shown that 8 weeks of moderate exercise (brisk walking or jogging) or meditation is protective against colds, compared to a control group of people who didn’t exercise or meditate. Meditators had 76% fewer days of work and those exercising 48% fewer days off work , between September and May. The colds in the exercise and meditator groups lasted 5 days whilst in the control group colds lasted on average 8 days. The subjective improvements also correlated with levels of antibodies in the blood.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of meditation or exercise, improving your health or keeping yourself fit and active with chiropractic care, please contact the clinic on 01772 749245.

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