Are You In Pain And Want Some Effective Help From A Chiropractor In Southport Or Nearby?

Why put up with back or neck pain or other problems when you can get treatment from a chiropractor near Southport that really works – or your money back!

back in action chiropractor helps treat your painIf you are you sick of pain and it’s limiting what you can do, you’ll want to get some effective relief quickly. Pain prevents you from leading a normal life, everyday activities become difficult, it affects your mood and disturbs sleep. You need to be back at work or be fit to care for others, but the painkillers aren’t really working and your getting frustrated.

It’s time you heard about Back-in-Action. Since we opened a decade ago, more than 9,000 patients. Many chiropractic patients from Southport, have benefited from our treatments for a whole range of problems. We attract people from all over the North West of England, simply through recommendation.

Experienced chiropractor Dr Louis Westerbeek (Doctor of Chiropractic) the clinic’s director, says effective care can help to treat the symptoms of common back pain, neck pain, headaches related to neck pain, migraines, hip and knee-related osteoarthritis and much more.

louis westerbeek“Our team of chiropractors, massage therapists and other practitioners help people with a huge range of problems, from those who’ve been in pain for 30 years to those with more recent onset,” said Dr Westerbeek (Doctor of Chiropractic). “We set out to discover the root cause of the pain, whether it is the result of physical stress, chemical stress or an imbalance in the nervous system. Then we treat it effectively and help you learn how to try and prevent it.”

Getting people out of pain and treating the underlying cause of the problem can be life-changing.

The three qualified chiropractors (Dr Austin Lavelle, Dr James Grey and Dr Louis Westerbeek – all Doctors of Chiropractic) who are based at the Back-in-Action Chiropractic Clinic near Southport are so confident they can help that they even offer a satisfaction guarantee. If patients are not happy after their first three visits they can have their money refunded and are recommended alternative care.

“There are so many potential blocks preventing people from coming to get treatment and we want to help remove these obstacles. Those who come here receive quality care, experience real relief and see a marked improvement in their condition,” added Preston chiropractor, Dr Westerbeek.

The clinic offers people in Southport chiropractic, massage and other treatments for all ages, from babies through to pensioners. One patient, a war veteran in his nineties, was struggling to walk when he turned to Back-in-Action for help. Now his movement has improved, he is more active and even dancing two nights a week!

Last year another 640 new patients sought care at this chiropractic clinic near Southport, almost half of them were referred by family and friends.

Patient comments:

“I always feel like the bionic woman after I’ve been.”

“Miracle Worker!”

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In addition to chiropractic care, the clinic has attracted a range of complementary therapies, delivered by an expert team of practitioners in a holistic setting.

Therapies include a full range of massage treatments, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki healing, hypnotherapy, Bowen Therapy and the acclaimed Alexander Technique which helps to alleviate pain and improve posture and performance.

“Over the years I have been able to draw on my exposure to these and many other health disciplines, all of which have a positive role in helping to improve our wellbeing. These complementary therapies can support chiropractic care or stand alone, enabling us to offer a wide range of treatments which meet different people’s needs,” said Dr Westerbeek.

Remember, aches, pains and other symptoms are a sign that all is not well. If ignored, these problems may get worse… so why suffer in silence a moment longer?

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Back-in-Action is close to Southport. We based in Penwortham, on the west side of Preston. Many of our patients travel from Souhport for the benefits of quality of chiropractic care they receive at Back-in-Action. For directions from Southport please follow the link.

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