Visceral (internal organ) Chiropractic Techniques

Visceral tension is an internal organ which has lost its ability to move properly because it is compressed, torsioned, in spasm or has an adhesion to one of its neighbouring structures.

An assessment of visceral tension is made from the patient’s history and physical exam with no indicators of potentially serious pathology or suspicious neurological signs.

Evidence of a suspected pathological cause and the patient is referred to their medical doctor or emergency department for evaluation. If there are warning signs that suggest more of a medical problem, then the patient may be referred to their GP or other medical specialist for ultrasound, x-rays or other imaging studies, blood work, other laboratory tests, ECG etc. Severe adhesions are sometimes considered for surgical intervention.

Chiropractic treatment of visceral tension problems in the initial phase is based on improving the movement, position and stability of the organs and surrounding structures in order to reduce the risk of stress and further tissue damage.

Self-help recommendations such as heat, nutritional approaches, body movement and breathing technique are often given in the early stages.

In addition traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques (manipulation) and mobilisation may be applied to improve the action of structurally and functionally related joints. Various muscle release techniques may be applied. Areas of severe muscle spasm may also benefit from massage or acupuncture

An emphasis is placed on self-help exercise which might include visceral self-correction or musculoskeletal mobilisation, stretching, strengthening and balance training. Core stability exercise often is useful for improving the posture. Foot orthotics, sitting advice and other ways to improve postural problems may be also suggested.

Functional neurological treatment and exercises are also often helpful. Patients suffering with psychological stress may benefit from referral to a psychologist, counsellor or for medical assessment.

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