Subsequent Visits

How Many Visits Will I Need?

This depends on what results you want from chiropractic care, the length of time you’ve had the problem, the type of problem and its severity. If you’ve had a problem for a significant period of time, that is likely to take longer to respond than a problem of more recent onset. If there are changes to the structure of your bones (osteoarthritis) or the flexibility of ligaments and muscles then that is likley to increase the number of treatments required. More severe problems such as a trapped nerves, sciatica or damage to a disk, also ususually take longer to improve. If there are a large number of issues or underlying causes to deal with, then again we would expect more treatment sessions will be required.

How you choose to utilise our service is up to you. Some people just want a few visits to relieve pain. However most people realise – particularly those with recurrent problems – that a longer course is usually needed to solve the problem properly.

From our experience we can give you a good idea of how many visits it usually takes for people with similar conditions to feel better. Predicting precisely how quickly you will recover can be difficult. Each person presents to the chiropractor with their own unique pattern of symptoms, history, and aggravating factors such as posture, health and occupation. Obviously there is no one pattern of healing. The most common pattern of treatments for a patient complaining of a problem of recent onset is as follows:

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