Want Some Help With Back and Neck Pain From A Preston Chiropractor?

There’s so much advice out there about getting out of back and neck aches and pains and staying out of pain. Why do so many people like the approach of the chiropractors at Back-in-Action?

We see helping you get well again and finding how to help you stay well is a journey. You choose the journey you want to make. How far you want to go. How much you want to spend. Chiropractors are like mountain guides, familiarising you with a new territory, engaging you in the journey so helping you to successfully manage your transition back to health. For us empowering you is the key.

This getting you better usually takes a bit of chiropractic detective work. If you want to get well and stay well, you’ll find it works better if you tackle the deeper, underlying sources of your problem aches and pains, as well as the causes of immediate dysfunction.

Often when your body is struggling to deal with a problem such as a minor back or neck injury or postural stress it adapts. This can lead to layers of compensations – like layers of an onion. Each compensation can itself start to cause a stress to which the body may then have to further compensate. Eventually the body starts to run out of options to adapt. This is when you might start to experience more persistent symptoms – aches, niggles, pains – that you can’t seem to shake off. You find the usual painkillers, heat patches, gels, potions, massage or physio aren’t working. If you’re lucky you might get an X-Ray or scan, but feel frustrated if there’s not much else the medics can do to help. Is it obvious that your problems might not recede if we just aim at dealing with the symptoms when there is a deeper underlying cause?

In helping to get you truly better we often have to peel back these layers. Depending on what’s going on at each layer will determine what’s the best treatment for you on that visit and what you could do to help yourself.

So even though your aches and pains are in one area, the cause may be somewhere else. This journey to find the source of symptoms is like trying to find the source of a river. Through our assessment and treatment we can gradually move up along the chain of cause and effects to try and get closer to the deeper underlying cause of your problem. So in practise the course of your treatment depends on how well you want to become – out of pain short term, preventing future problems with aches, injuries and pains, or functioning at your best; and how many layers of accumulated stuff we have to help you through to help get you to your desired destination. So do you know how far you want to go? At Back-in-Action Chiropractic and Complementary Therapy Clinic we’re here to help you whatever you decide you want to do and where you want to go. If your circumstances allow we offer you a tremendous opportunity to help you discover a more healthy and harmonious lifestyle, one that gives you more chance of feeling fulfilled, resilient, active and comfortable…. So you can feel Back-in-Action and enjoy life again.

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