Rib & Chest Pain

Chest pain can be indicative of serious underlying pathology. Chiropractors are trained to undertake a comprehensive patient assessment which incorporates aspects of the patient’s general health status. Where patients complain of non-musculoskeletal chest pain they utilise onward referral strategies, most frequently to the patient’s GP.

Chest and rib pain is often musculoskeletal in origin. Figures suggest about 1 in 5 (18%) of patients thought to have the disabling condition of angina pectoris (AP) in fact have referred pain from spinal joint tension as the primary source of their problem [155]. Clinically we have successfully treated cases of anterior chest pain by helping with rib joint tension and muscle spasm. For references please see home page/ chiropractic/ research evidence.

Where this is identified and underlying cardiac pathology can be excluded, treatment strategies may include manual therapy, acupuncture techniques, postural advice, exercise prescription and therapeutic advice.

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