What Might Your Chiropractic Care Involve?

Your body is naturally self-healing. When you feel sore and your body is not working properly it’s being damaged quicker than it can repair. Reducing your physical, chemical and neurological stress helps restore communication between your body and brain and allows your body to heal itself again.

To give your body the best chance of healing, Chiropractic treatment often needs to take a very holistic approach. The aim is to restore your natural good function and to help you maintain the benefits. It works rather like dentistry in that your dentist may repair your teeth but you’d need much more attention if they didn’t give you recommendations to your brush your teeth, see the hygiennist, perhaps floss or change your diet (and you’re able to follow through with the advice).

The main aim of chiropractic care is to help restore normal, healthy function in your joints and the consequential benefits this has on the nervous system, posture, muscles and other soft tissues. The movement and position of the joints themselves are affected by many other things. We’ll help you tackle these through a variety of treatment interventions and the self-help measures we recommend to help you feel better and get on with enjoying life again.

Hands On Treatments

□ Chiropractic Manipulative Techniques
□ Other Joint Release Techniques
□ Cranial Treatment
□ Visceral Release Work
□ Muscle Release Techniques
□ Soft Tissue Release
□ Emotional Work

Home Exercises

□ Mobilisation Exercises
□ Stretching Exercises
□ Strengthening Exercises
□ Core Stability Exercises
□ Aerobic Exercise
□ Co-ordination Exercises
□ Balance Exercises
□ Vestibular Exercises
□ Eye Exercises
□ Brain Training
□ Relaxation Exercises
□ Breathing Exercises

Ergonomics and Daily Living

□ Foot Orthotics
□ Heel Lifts
□ Sitting Posture
□ Pillow Advice
□ Sleeping Position
□ Mattress Advice
□ Lifting and Bending Advice
□ Nutritional Advice


Your Preston Chiropractic Team at Back-in-Action have the knowledge and skills to help you find relief and recover from your back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other joint and muscle aches and pains.


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