Lessons From The 3 Little Piggies?

If you’re starting a new routine at the gym, it takes time for your body tissues to adapt, before you can move on to a more challenging routine. Similarly the steps you choose with your care at Back-in-Action, will determine the kind of improvement you make.

It might seem obvious but you’ll need to build yourself good solid foundations to get a stable, long term recovery. Most people find that there back and neck pain or other symptoms are actually caused by a combination of issues and the compensations for them. Each layer of problems needs to be worked through and fixed. For each layer you’ll find there are things you need to learn to adapt to and to change some of the ways you’re doing things. Training to get better at most things takes commitment, time and effort. You need to learn to walk before you can run. There’s a risk of damaging yourself if you try to do too much too soon. There are rules in this game – you can choose to break them but if you do they will break you!

Whilst it’s sensible to make steady progress and allow yourself to gradually learn, adopt and adapt. For each stage we work through you’ll end up having a bunch of different self-help exercises and lifestyle modifications. If you’re a fast learner and you are able to give us enough of your time, you might be able to work through some of those layers of compensations more quickly. You can choose to have more appointments per week or longer (double or triple) appointments.

There are dangers in trying to rush into things. If we build you up too quickly and your system can’t support it, you’ll collapse back, possibly worse. The accumulation of treatments, exercises and self-help advice act like steps to help you move towards recovery and reduce the risk of you slipping back. Some layers of the onion can be tricky for your body to adapt to; as they are peeled back you might experience an adverse reaction initially, until we find a fix for the problem. Working through these stages can sometimes be like opening a Pandora’s box or Snakes and Ladders.

A good analogy is redecorating. It’s normal start by cleaning and tidying the surface. Sometimes as you clean off the top surfaces, it’s possible you’ll find also sorts of underlying problems that weren’t initially visible or evident. These often need attention before you can get on with the job and get a good finish. Helping you get better with chiropractic is often the same. We take a lot of care to make sure you’re condition is suitable for the treatments we use and that we can help guide you to avoid the obvious pitfalls.

What causes you to feel reactions is often your body’s most intelligent compensation to deeper, underlying problems. The compensation that’s causing you pain can be what’s been keeping things in balance. As we fix the compensation then symptoms from the deeper underlying problem could start to re-emerge. This is why sometimes things can seem to get worse for you as the patient. If you do have a problem at any stage please get in touch.

You can rest assured that your Preston Chiropractor, Preston Massage and Preston Sports Rehabilitator Team at Back-in-Action can help you find your way. We’ll help you build your recovery on solid foundations so you won’t be blown down so readily.

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