Unhealthy Ageing

There can be a cycle of inactivity, less strenuous exercise, reduced social contact, adverse food choices, lack of sunlight/ Vit D (all UK persons are strongly advised to take Vitamin D supplements) and also then fearful thoughts in elderley that are thought to ramp up inflammation.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), state that ‘healthy ageing’ — the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.

So inflammation + Natural ageing = Inflamm-ageing.

This is where further problems start to arise as there can be developments in Cardiovascular health, Blood sugar, cognitive and mental health, mobility, joint flexibility. Although this is based of current new evidence there still needs to be stronger studies performed to solidify these claims. Although it is fair to say it does make sense.


One of the problems hitting the elderley right now and from whom we sometimes see in clinic – is Frailty.

both Frailty and Pre-Frailty are associated with higher markers of inflammatory chemicals in the body, examples being IL-6 and CRP (Soysal et al, 2016). This was a study unlisted in the Ageing Research Reviews. It was evident that both frailty and pre-frailty were associated with higher rates of hospital admissions. 🏥

This can sometimes be the last place elderley need to end up with higher chances of hospital acquires infections.















A more recent published study in Journal – Geriatrics, which actually was published only a few days ago fire 🔥 on the 17th August — states being Older, Female, Living in private institution, alone or with unknown persons, no regular exercise and poor perception of own health, were all reliable markers for Frailty.

Frailty in the elderley is exactly the opposite type of frame and mind that we need them in to stay resilient and happy.

A study in July 2020, explains that excessive use of anti-depressants in older women are associated with greater bone mineral deficits and less physical function.


With all this in mind it is important now more than ever to encourage building resilience into all of our elderley friends and family members.


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