How to relieve your Neck pain

Neck Pain is most commonly a Postural issue. Think about your posture as this is most likely to be the root cause. The “microstrains” that poor posture brings every day has taken its toll on your neck. Now it is screaming at you to get it looked at and not to let it happen again.

With long term poor posture, your Muscles at the back of the neck (which control good posture), aren’t trained as much so they aren’t as strong as they used to be. This put excessive strain on the muscles (and causing them to fatigue) once they fatigue , the weight of your head and neck becomes less supported and transfers more of this weight through into your neck joints causing excessive strain on them. Resulting in pain.

This is known as Non-Specific Neck Pain. (Aka NAD) these can be graded in 4.

Neck Pain is the 6th leading cause of disability worldwide 🌍

it commonly occurs with poor posture but also very commonly in WHIPLASH injuries. Whiplash injuries are graded separately (aka WAD).

If left untreated this can become a LONG TERM problem / and leave you with long term pain.

The pain can also create Headaches as the muscles and nerves referr pain upwards to the skull and round to the forehead.


Due to poor posture Chiropractors often like to look at the whole spine – as everything is connected – when you sit on a seat it is not just the neck that suffers from poor posture. Even if it isn’t painful. When looking at the whole spine they may identify some areas of stiffness (commonly) found in the upper back.

For every 1 inch the head carries forward (in “not ideal” posture) – the compressive force pushing down on the bones and joints of your neck doubles!


Chiropractors deal with spinal problems and nerve pressures. A chiropractor deals not only with the symptoms but also the cause of pain too – which means that your long term health and a future without painful RE-OCCURRING is our aim. We would aim to do this with through treatment and a range of simple exercises and other self-help measures to help prevent the pain from returning.

These suggestions include strategies that you can easily adopt to effectively change your posture while walking or sitting, rebalance your nervous system, learn how to strengthen or stretch certain muscles and even changing your diet or sleeping position.

A chiropractor will not only make the manual adjustments necessary for your spine in a pain-free way but also give you the tools you need to change whatever you have to so that your health and wellbeing improves.


Try these at home 🏡 

-Get up and get moving – get up from your sitting position as often as possible and try the brugger break to reset the posture of your joints and muscles.

-Go for a 20 minute walk for Every 2 hours of sitting

-Ice Pack and Heat pack – we a proper cold ice pack (wrapped in a thin towel) and place it on your neck for 20 minutes. Then you can also use heat packs or hot water bottles for half the time of the ice.

-Massage – you can also purchase a bio freeze gel and massage it into your neck with your hands or even a butter knife

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