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Falls are the 9th leading cause of Disability in the UK. With Hip fractures costing the NHS upto £1 Billion, every year.

Our Chiropractors at Back-In-Action always assess each and every one of our patients for Gait and Balance issues. However we also go further into understanding why issues may be happening, by testing for muscle imbalances and trapped nerves.

Once problem areas are identified they can be addressed appropriately, with manual therapy, strength and balance exercises programmes and advice on healthy ageing with the best evidence base.


Sleep – Many of our patients come to us once their pain becomes so bad that it prevents them from getting comfortable at night. This leads to countless sleepless nights. Identifying and treating the problem the individual patients has – helps many of our patients get a fulfilling nights sleep again.


Pain medication is almost everywhere. With very easy access its no wonder so many of us Brits take it when we start to feel any discomfort. However there is very little evidence to say it is effective for those whom have long term aches and pains, yet many of the public do not know this and continue taking the medication with unknown consequences to their mentality and confidence.

If you wish to have a consultation assessment with any of our registered Chiropractors regarding pains or a wellbeing check-up, feel free to book in by giving the clinic a call.


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