Meralgia Paraesthetica

This is a condition commonly affecting those over 30 years of age and under 60.

It also affects men more frequently than women according to some studies.


The condition is caused by a trapped nerve, the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. When this happens sensory changes such as pain, burning, tingling and numbness can occur all over the side of the thigh.

The actual trapping of the nerve can occur from various ways. The most common area of the nerve being pinched it around the groin in an area called the inguinal canal.

The variety of causes include:

-External causes: Direct trauma, tight belt/ jeans/ garments, tight TFL muscle

-Internal causes: obesity, pregnancy, abscesses, aortic aneurysms, hip replacements / surgery.

As this nerve becomes irritated – as well as the symptoms mentioned above, itching, can also occur, producing a rash.


Symptoms are commonly aggravated by ambulation or hip extension. Relief occurs with sitting or relaxing.


There can be other conditions which could mimic the pain of meralgia paraesthetica, hence, when in doubt, go get checked out.



The aim of treatment is to decompress the nerve and get rid of its irritation. Once the initial cause of nerve compression is identified, the treatment for this can begin. Advice will be given for what to do and what not to do. Conservative management can include the following : Dry Needling, Spinal Manipulation, Traction, Massage, Muscle Relaxation techniques and Kinesiology taping. All treatment routes you decide to go for will include some form of self-exercise.

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