Elbows Overused?

Both tennis and golfers elbows are essentially inflammation of the tendons of the forearm muscles on the outside and inside.

Most commonly due to OVERUSE and inefficient rest periods. When this happens the tendon gets overused and micro tears occur in the tendon. Which leads to an overshot healing response resulting in inflammation and eventually pain.

It is very very common, usually happens in both males and females between the ages of 20-40 as this tends to be the most sport intense group.

Risk factors include:

-handling tools which are heavier than 1kg

-handling weights upto 20kg more than 10 times per day

-Repetitive movements more than 2 hours per day

-activities such as Tennis, Typing (desk work), gardening (hedge trimmers), video gaming, musical instruments, carpenters, electricians, plumbers

– direct injury

It can cause pain, especially with use or stretching of the tendons, also if surrounding nerves become trapped it may case a weakening in your grip strength. (Like when picking books up, water bottles and steering wheel).


Risk for Golfers elbows….

-males seem to get this more (perhaps as they play more of the throwing)

-repetitive work and sports activity

-athletes whom play overhand sports

-factory workers, manual labourers, knitters

-people whom handle weights / loads more than 5kg at least twice a day for more than 2 hours per day.

-also those with jobs that require high grip forces for more than 1 hour combined per day.

-working with vibrating tools for more than 2 hours per day.

-also direct trauma or injury to the elbow


Initially we want to reduce pain thus, performing the following massage techniques are very beneficial. A chiropractor deals not only with the symptoms but also the cause of pain too – which means that your long term health and a future without painful conditions RE-OCCURRING is our aim. We would aim to do this with through treatment and a range of simple exercises and other self-help measures to help prevent the pain from returning.

These suggestions include strategies that you can easily adopt to effectively change your posture while walking or sitting, rebalance your nervous system, learn how to strengthen or stretch certain muscles and even changing your diet or sleeping position.

A chiropractor will not only make the manual adjustments necessary for your spine in a pain-free way but also give you the tools you need to change whatever you have to so that your health and wellbeing improves.

Try these below 👇

-Normal Massage 

Get some Biofreeze gel or lotion if you have

Rub onto your thumb and fingers then move slowly upwards.


-Friction Massage 

With your forearm parallel to the floor, make a fist, and bend the wrist backwards until it reaches 90 degrees angle. Hold the wrist in this position. You will feel your muscles and tendons prop up – Take some lotion and start to massage the elbow as your simultaneously bring the wrist downwards completely.


-Ice Massage 

Use an ice pack instead of the lotion and perform the same technique as above.


-Ice pack / Heat pack 

Use an ice pack without doing any simultaneous massaging. Hold the ice pack on the site of pain for 20 minutes. Then swap this with a hot water bottle or heat pack. For half the time (i..e 10 minutes in this case of 20 mins of ice). Perform at least 5 times per day.


There are other Strengthening Exercises to perform 

Speak to one of our chiropractors and get them to assess which things you need to do specifically

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