Ageing and some things to watch out for

By 2050 there is expected to be over 1 MILLION Centenarians! 👵🏽 👴🏽

Every UK person over the age of 50 has a 40% risk of having a fracture 🦴. With 20% chance of death after 6 months of having a fracture in the hip. 🇬🇧

We know from research and clinical experience that ageing brings about ‘EXPECTED’ changes :

  • Sarcopenia – reduced muscle mass – muscle becomes replaced by fat
  • More fragility in our bones, blood vessels, skin
  • Decreasing / Increasing blood pressure
  • reduced flexibility in Joints, Tendons, Ligaments
  • less total body water
  • decreased strength
  • susceptibility to dehydration
  • Tendency towards impaired balance, loss of spontaneous movement
  • Increased insulin resistance and glucose intolerance = incidence of diabetes
  • Skin is less able to absorb sunlight and make Vitamin D
  • Higher fracture risk
  • Less visual acuity
  • Increased susceptibility to infections

These are changes that will most likely happen. However the extent to which these changes occur and affect you are very much so in your control.

Public Health England strongly advise all adults especially the elderley to meet their guidelines

of 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week coupled with 2 sessions of strength training per week.

That’s only 22 MINUTES of intense aerobic exercise PER DAY. 22 minutes!! 

More on what Public Health England (UK’s top doctors) advise can be found here :


This is the minimum you can begin doing now to look after your body for the future. Prevention is always better than a cure.


The UK is the most obese nation in Europe. 1 in 4 of us are classed as overweight or obese. Over 11,000 hospital admissions per annum are directly related to obesity. This is similar to America, however interestingly only 30% of Obese persons THOUGHT they were obese.

There’s a huge disparity or cognitive dissonance between people whom are overweight and realising it. This is not good. It means that this s starting to become NORMAL of course, being overweight and obese may be normal it does not mean its good.


We can apply the same principle to physical health. How many people must think they are physically fit and healthy yet – they only do a bit of gardening and walking a few times a week. This does not come anywhere close to the guidance set by PHE.


A lot of the changes listed above are due to MINDSET and CHOICE. Of course we have a choice if we want to try our best to preserve some of our traits.

Some of the things we have CONTROL and CHOICE over are :

1.Activity Levels


3.Social Isolation (finding our Moai)

4.Hygiene / Cleanliness

5.Brain stimulations (new tasks, challenging, talking to new people)


It can be difficult to know where to start. However not doing anything about it is what is bringing all these problems on. Promoting CHRONICITY (long term health problems).

No chronic problem starts the day you get diagnosed. It has been building up for a long time before that. Thus a lot of the following problems can be reduced by choices earlier in life.

Things like:

-Poor Health

-Weakness (loss of physical strength)

-lack of physical activity

-Lack of social activity / loss of independence





-Appetite changes / obesity

-Sleep disturbance

-Poor hygiene

-impaired concentration and cognitive capabilities

-Back pain / muscle / joint pains

-Development of other chronic diseases (commonly COPD, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis High blood pressure, Heart failure, Diabetes, Parkinson’s. Dementia, Fragile Bones).



A lot of this can seem overwhelming and you may not know where to start. If you wish to have a health consultation book in today with one of our Chiropractors and start looking after your health, some more.

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