Inflammation of a tendon (Rotator Cuff, Biceps, Triceps, Deltoid, Pectorals) causing localised dull aching pain around the shoulder, aggravated by movement and local pressure. Often associated with overuse or postural problems.

Back-in-Action clinical comment

Chiropractic assessment and treatment of tendonitis is initially aimed at pain relief. In the long-term optimising the strength and length of shoulder muscles and improving shoulder position are important.

In our experience treating the symptoms and underlying causes of tendonitis benefits from a combination of treatment techniques to increase the probability of a good result. Our approach often incorporates careful spinal manipulation, mobilisation, muscle release techniques, cross friction techniques to tendons, cranial work, neck and shoulder exercises, referral for massage therapy, diet and nutritional advice, functional neurological exercises, breathing techniques, acupuncture, cryotherapy (heat and/or ice), postural improvements, foot orthotics, ergonomic advice and relaxation counselling. Modification of any work or sport related activities that aggravate the problem is also essential.

If there is no response to a course of chiropractic treatment, referral for surgical or other forms of medical management may be considered.

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