Temperature Checks At The Door

There are various opinions on temperature testing.  The British Chiropractic Association recommends that taking people’s temperature can be a useful part of an Infection Control Policy. The evidence on how effective temperature checks are is mixed, 50% of people who have COVID don’t get a temperature, those that do only have it for 1-2 days, so it is easy to miss. Certain medications can also suppress temperature. Also It is thought COVID symptoms can start anywhere from 2-14 days after exposure. People’s temperature can also be high if they have just exercised prior to arrival etc.

Even though temperature checks in themselves are not all that reliable, with the increased incidence in the community, it now seems sensible for us to start doing temperature checks as we are likely to be able to screen out more people who are contagious. We treat a lot of medically vulnerable patients or have patients and staff who are caring or in contact with people who are at high risk of COVID and we want to make it safe and comfortable for as many people as possible to attend the clinic.


Our Clinic Safe Guarding Policy and Clinic Access Procedure for Patients ask all patients to avoid the clinic if they have any signs or symptoms of COVID or have been asked to self isolate. Before entering the clinic we asked you to use the sanitiser in the porch and then use the door bell to talk to reception. If you need a mask the receptionist will bring you want to the door and check your temperature. The receptionist will be looking like a spaceman in a mask and visor.

If your temperature is to high, we will recommend  you follow the government guideline (self isolate and call 111 for advice).


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