Mindfulness Meditation – A Chance To Help Your Brain Writes Preston Chiropractor

back-in-action preston chiropractorMindfulness Meditation Practise Group Leyland

There’s a lot of evidence that Mindfulness Practise can improve brain function, reduce many psychological problems and improve many measure of health.

A local Mindfulness Group meets Wednesday evenings 8pm until 9.30pm at St Ambrose Church Hall Annexe, Moss Lane, Leyland, PR25 4XA.

Mindfulness meditation encourages us to pay attention to what is happening now moment by moment. It allows us to shift from mindlessness to mindfulness. It is a practuse that can be helpful in promoting well-being.

It is a group of people who come together to practis mindfulness. The group has a range of meditation expereince and work democratically as a group to decide the weekly programme. The aims are to practise and learn as a group and to support individual mindfulness practise.

Some members have completed mindfulness teaching courses. Each member supports the group in whatever way feels possible for them – for example some members are happy to leadmeditations and some are happy to make tea or bring something of interest to the group. Each member contributes in their own way but their is no expectation of any new or existing member of the group.

The current charge is £4.00 for a single evening – or £30 for 10 weeks once a member feels committed to the group. All funds go towards room hire or group needs.

The group has links with other mindfulness groups and course opportunities for those interested.

Anyone interestedin mindfulness meditation  is welcome. Before attending please contact Lynne Moore on 07817466669.


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  1. I have just completed stage 1 of MIndfulness and might wish to join a like minded group.Can you give me some information about your group. I live in Euxton.


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