Extremity Technique

Extremity techniques are treatments applied by chiropractors to establish the normal function of joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, particularly in the arms and legs.

We have sensors in our joints, muscles, ligaments and skin which provide information for our body position sense, required for stabilising muscles. If they don’t respond with enough speed or strength the joint is likely to be sprained, strained or damaged. This can happen in a single trauma or through repetitive micro-traumas over many years causing the wear and tear known as osteoarthritis.

When joints are excessively stiff and/or are positioned abnormally, sensors in and around the joints can inhibit the activity of surrounding muscles. This can be seen as a mechanism to help protect the joint from damage but this lack of muscle tone can also make us more vulnerable to damage.

An abnormally functioning or injured joint will cause persistent disturbed sensory feedback from the joint to the central nervous system and the way the muscles work are modified in accordance with the new sensory feedback.

It is thought that when the movement and position sensors around a joint fire abnormally, this can release the sensors that we perceive as pain. Pain sensors in the body are usually slow to respond, take a lot stimulus to make them active and once activated they often keep on firing. Pain then becomes a further barrier to movement.

The role of a chiropractor is to help remove the causes of interference to the body’s position sense.

When chiropractors assess someone with a problem in their arms or legs, they first take a comprehensive medical history and perform an examination which may include a variety of chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests to determine the cause of the problem. They may also refer for X-Rays, other scans or refer you to another appropriate practitioner. Chiropractic extremity practitioners have taken postgraduate training in treating these problems and also make use of pre and post muscle strength checks to determine the effectiveness of their treatments.

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