New Patients During COVID-19 Re-Opening

Before we can see you face-to-face we need to find out about Your Problem so we ask you to fill out our New Patient Forms and return them to the clinic, by email or post.

Once we’ve looked through them we need to discuss them with you over the phone. You will need to book yourself in for a Phone Consultation which will normally take about 15 minutes (5 minutes more or less depending on the complexity of your case).

If you prefer we should then be able to book you in for a Face-to-Face Consultation.

If you are suffering from COVID symptoms, are Self Isolating due to being recently exposed to someone with COVID-19 we will need to continue helping you through Phone or Video Appointments. If you, are over 70 or are At Risk medically you can make a choice whether to continue with Phone or Video Appointments or whether to see us face-to-face.




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