Mental Health

Whilst in Lockdown or part of the frontline, many of us need help with our Mental Health. Not just to help with issues, but also to keep our wellbeing at optimum when our lives and routines become disrupted to help the cause of flattening the curve.


Here are some of our hand-picked sources we loved…. make sure to have a read!

Mental health resources:


NHS Every mind matters


NHS Good thinking


Canadian Chiro Association



It’s important to keep up to date… But also important to not further increase unnecessary anxiety and fear in these uncertain times of a global pandemic, so important to sometimes turn off the news.


PSYCHOLOGY TOOLS – fantastic resource


Rational emotive behaviour therapy


Virtual Escape ideas – virtual museum tours

always helpful advice from Martin Lewis —


What our GOVERNMENT says..


Huffington Founders website
Thriving in the New Normal//March 27, 2020Tips from a Psychiatrist on Coping at Home During Coronavirusby Ravi N. Shah, MD




A final KEY tip..

Be attuned to your personal physical manifestations of stress (e.g. during stressful times a lot of the stress “can go” to our lower back – and can create lower back pain when we are under a lot of stress), combat this when you begin to recognise early signs of stress and a rise in physical tension. Furthermore, what can you then do to mitigate that? … well stretches and certain movement is vital. Try out different ones from our self-help pages or ring in for some advice / consultation. Another tip is setting a dedicated alarm to focus on checking in with your stress levels personally and implementing activities to help mitigate that stress (i.e. a walk in the garden/ yoga / painting/ looking into nature, are all examples) there’s nothing that’s perfect but you must find what works for you. There will be trials and errors just like anything.


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