Knee Joint Tension (Hypomobility/Fixation/Chiropractic Subluxation)

Joint tension is a bio-mechanical alteration that may involves the abnormal movement and/or position of a joint in one or more planes. Essentially this is a functional entity which can lead to sensitisation of the nervous system and a perception of pain (see functional neurology). Joint tension can also start a process of degenerative changes (see osteoarthritis).

Joint tension is an abnormal movement (function) which can be corrected using chiropractic manipulation or other techniques [79-87]. There is often but not necessarily, a structural (static) displacement of a joint and neurological and vascular involvement [88].


Chiropractors determine the presence of joint tension by checking for abnormal alterations in the movement of a joint. Movement is often limited between individual joints or in the global movement. There is often a poor correlation between presenting symptoms and objective physical signs. There is an absence of “red flags” in the medical history, positive neurological signs and radiographic signs.

Evidence based summary for manual therapy [53]

Other effective non-invasive physical treatments or patient education [53]

Back-in-Action clinical comment

Chiropractic assessment and treatment of knee joint tension is aimed at finding and reducing tension and the causes of tension in the joints and muscles. We find much of the discomfort associated with knee joint tension arises from postural stress, joint dysfunction (tension) or injury through too much movement (sprain). Chiropractors usually aim to address why there is an increase in stress in this area.

In our experience treating the symptoms and underlying causes of knee joint tension benefits from a combination of treatment techniques to increase the probability of a good result. Our approach often incorporates spinal manipulation, mobilisation, muscle release techniques, cranial work, back exercises (individually tailored self mobilisation, stretching and strengthening), referral for massage therapy, diet and nutritional advice, functional neurological exercises, breathing techniques, acupuncture, cryotherapy (heat and/or ice), postural improvements, foot orthotics, ergonomic advice and relaxation counselling.

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