Tips For Every Day Life

  • Use good posture and movements that are comfortable. Adjust your environment to ease stress on your body. If you need to lift then do so with your legs and hips, keep your back straight and the load close to your body. Don’t move heavy objects and leave repetitive tasks, heavy housework and gardening for another time. Whatever you do, don’t overdo things. Try not to hurry or rush around especially before or after a treatment. Avoid bending, awkward positions or twisting suddenly. Minimise travelling as much as possible. Try not to sit slumped or sit with your legs crossed. Don’t spend too long in anyone position – especially sitting.
  • Staying in bed doesn’t help, bed rest is advisable only when very sore and then only for 2-3 days maximum. Inactivity tends to prolong recovery time. Be careful with your sleeping position. It is important not to lie face down except if it is the only way you can find pain relief. Support your neck with a high quality pillow.
  • Keep active, move around and try to vary your activities. Live as normally as possible. 20 minutes brisk walking a day helps. Rest briefly between each activity.
  • Get adequate sleep, relaxation and pleasure. A sense of humour always helps!
  • Good mental attitude is important. Believe you can get better and your body can heal itself. Many health problems arise from years neglect. It can take just as long or longer to make lasting change. Keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic.
  • Drink plenty of pure water – 1.5 litres in small amounts throughout the day. Water plays a key role in healthy joints, disks, nerve transmission, waste removal, healing and many other bodily functions.
  • Improve your nutrition. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods with high levels of sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates. Avoid sweeteners.
  • Adopt healthier habits. Reduce your consumption of coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks. Stop smoking. Get to your proper weight and maintain it. Limit your time with TV and other media. Keep good company.
  • Reduce emotional stress. The root of many health problems is unresolved emotional issues. Forgive and forget. Live in the present – give up the guilt from the past and the fear of the future. Pace your self – pause regularly between activities.
  • Relax and enjoy. Connect with your inner power through regular meditation, prayer or worship. This inner tranquillity is the source of lasting results. Remember life is to enjoy.
  • Ask questions – proper ‘spinal hygiene’ is new for most people. The more you understand your problem the better results you’ll get.
  • Each visit builds on the one before. It is important to keep your appointments and follow your chiropractor’s recommendations to optimise your progress. Don’t mistake temporary relief for permanent correction. If you can’t make an appointment please give 48 hours notice so that someone else can be scheduled.
  • Problems: We hope this advice benefits you. However if you do have any problems, especially if you reaction is worse than expected or you have had a relapse that has lasted longer than 2 – 3 days, please call us. Then we can help to solve your problems together.

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