What to Expect From Your Telehealth Appointment

In a Nutshell

In the session we are going listen to you to what you have to say about your problem, get you to do some checks, then we’ll give you some feedback and make some recommendations. Finally we’ll plan some follow up.



Our role as a chiropractor is to identify what changes you need to make to your existing lifestyle to achieve your health goals in the swiftest and safest manner. Very often you will needs a phased approach, and the first set of recommendations we’ll introduce in your appointment represents the first step. It rarely possible to identify at the outset how many phases or steps in each phase you will need.


History and Diagnosis

If you are new to the practise or have a new complaint your practitioner will need to take a detailed history of your current symptoms as well as any previous injuries or underlying health conditions.

Whilst we can usually do a great Consultation over the phone, the benefit of a Video Link is that they can ask you to perform a few simple movements to ask how it changes your pain (i.e. a basic examination) and see what is happening. Based on this information they can form a diagnosis.

Once your practitioner knows what the problem is they can give you advice, reassurance and then guide you on how long it will take until you feel better.


A Tailored Exercise Programme

Your practitioner will prescribe a series of exercises designed to alleviate your symptoms and then fix the underlying problem. The benefit of video link is that they can see you doing the exercises, make suggestions and demonstrate the exercises themselves if needed. You will be emailed the exercise programme and advised how often to do them.


Follow Up

Very often it will be beneficial for you if your practitioner agree a follow-up Telehealth appointment a few days later as your condition improves. This allows them to update the advice and exercises so you continue to see progress.

If you are having any problems, getting worse or not improving as you expect within a few days, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you, figure out what is going on and offer you some self-help advice.


For more info on how to prepare for your Telehealth Appointment or about Telehealth Appointments for if you are a New or Returning Patient, please follow the link.

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