Chiropractic Wellbeing Patients

Do You Want To Become A Back-in-Action Chiropractic Wellbeing Patient And Save Money On Your Future Chiropractic Care At Back-in-Action?

If you are enthusiastic about on-going chiropractic care, and can answer yes to all of the questions lower down the page, you are entitled to apply to be a Back-in-Action Chiropractic Wellbeing Patient.  This entitles you to:


  • 10% off all chiropractic treatments.
  • Discounts on vitamins, minerals and other products.
  • Free Annual Review (included in the cost of one of your treatment visits).

This discount remains valid if you attend the clinic a minimum of three times a year and  your acceptance on this scheme depends on the discretion of your chiropractor and whether they really feel you are truly ready and qualified to join. The participating chiropractors reserve the right to withdraw the scheme at any time. The wellbeing discount cards are valid only for the named holder and may not be used/ used only in conjunction with other offers at the discretion of the clinic.

  • Have you have good results with your chiropractic care at Back-in-Action?
  • Would you like to maintain the benefits you’ve accumulated so far?
  • Do you feel you would like to maintain the relationship we have developed?
  • Do you like what you’ve go from your experience at Back-in-Action?
  • Would you like to keep on coming back to see us?
  • Do you really value your follow –up/ check-up visits?
  • Do you appreciate why you might want to keep coming back in for chiropractic treatment when you are not feeling any pain?
  • Do you want to be a chiropractic wellbeing patient?
  • Have you been attending clinic for more than 15 months without a break of more than 4 months?
  • Have you realised that chiropractic is good for life?
  • Are you committed to the benefits of regular on-going chiropractic care 3-4 or more times a year?
  • Do you understand why this is a good idea?
  • Have you understood the benefits of regular chiropractic care (at least 1 visit every 3 months) and are committed in principle to lifetime chiropractic care?
  • Can you afford to visit the clinic at least 3-4 times or more  per year?

If you answer yes to all of the above, then you are eligible to apply for a Back-in-Action chiropractic wellbeing patient card. Please enquire at the clinic for further details or e-mail us at








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