Wellbeing Care

How often you have treatments and the length of time you choose to continue care with us is up to you. Getting out of pain is everyone’s priority. Many people also realise the potential benefits of dealing with the underlying causes of recurring problems. During these earlier phases of chiropractic care we help you appreciate what your body and mind need to function well and assist you to learn how to look after yourself better – to adopt better habits which help you recover and maintain that improvement.

Depending on the stress you are under, other things can become priorities. Nobody’s perfect all the time and if you forget and drop back into the old bad habits, this can lead to deterioration. An ongoing check-up is a chance to identify why things have slipped  and what to do about it. Many people will say, “Oh I’ve forgotten to do that!”. So follow up visits are a chance to monitor your progress, spot any problems starting to creep in and give you some feedback as to how you are doing. We can give you gentle reminders if necessary as to  what is helpful to keep you functioning well, or find new solutions to improve your health balance.

The purpose of chiropractic wellbeing care is to help you stay well, active and enjoying life. If everything appears to be good we can extend the time before re-assessing you. Most people find they settle into a regular pattern of visits that matches their lifestyle needs.

We think prevention is better than cure. Like brushing your teeth and having regular dental check-ups or taking the car for an MOT or service; we believe wellbeing care helps to maintain progress, reduce the risk of future problems and help optimise health and performance. By keeping the spine stable and the surrounding soft tissues in the best possible health, it is thought spinal dysfunction can be reduced or prevented from causing long term “wear and tear” damage. After all you can’t replace your spine if it wears out.

Chiropractors recognise that the most effective way to combat recurrent problems, sustain your level of improvement and maintain optimal spinal health is to receive regular on-going treatments. The degree of stress of modern life means that for most people, the optimal follow-up frequency for Wellbeing Care is usually 4-6 visits per year, depending on their condition and lifestyle. For people who are particularly healthy, look after themselves well and have a low stress lifestyle, they may find 2-3 visits a year sufficient. For people with severe physical problems, such as people who really require surgery or people who have a highly stressful life, they may benefit from monthly treatments. Everybody finds their natural frequency, which suits their motivation, finances and ability to commit.

If you decide that you would like to continue to experience the benefits of regular chiropractic care, then you can become elligble for our discounted “Wellbeing Patient Care Rate” after 15 months, which also includes discounts on the products we sell. For patients who see us once a year or more, we also include a free “Annual Review” to help us stay up to date with your treatment needs. If we’ve not seen you for a year or more, then we class your file as in-active and charge you for “Return Patient Examination”, when you come back in for help with further problems.

How Does Chiropractic Wellbeing Care Work?

In simple terms the treatment and self-help advice we offer is to help reduce the stress on your system, which when removed, allows your body’s natural healing processes to do their work.

The philosophy of wellbeing care is that any imbalance in the physical, chemical or nervous systems, caused by deficiency or toxicity, increases stress, can upset the natural balance of health and may result in ill health.

Stresses may include:

      • Physical Stress: poor joint movement, bad posture, foot problems, muscle imbalance, accidents and injuries, repetitive strains, ergonomic issues and sedentary lifestyle.
      • Neurological Stress: too much or too little neural stimulation, sensory imbalance, fatigue, negative emotions, negative thinking and modern life stresses.
      • Chemical Stress: poor diet, nutritional deficiency, toxic foods, poor absorption and elimination, drugs, environmental pollution, breathing problems and poor blood flow.

Reducing this stress stimulates the natural healing capabilities, helping to improve your health and continue with the activities you enjoy.

Other Associated Benefits

An important focus of chiropractic is to help optimise your nervous system. The nervous system co-ordinates all healthy function. It not only causes you pain when it makes you aware of a problem. It controls joint and muscle function. It controls the flow of blood around the body. It is responsible for directing the immune system. The nervous system also controls all the organs and glands in the body.

Many people quickly realise other benefits associated with chiropractic care such as feeling more relaxed, happier and healthier. Some report improvements in breathing, digestion and bowel function. These benefits can also be assisted by nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Though chiropractors do not treat specific conditions as such, some research has shown, though more is needed, that chiropractic care can sometimes help with other milder health conditions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We can’t guarantee your results, but we want you to be satisfied that we’ll do everything we can to help you. If within three visits you become unhappy with your decision to consult our office, we’ll refund the money you’ve paid us and make other care recommendations. Obviously the healing process will take longer but during this early stage of care most patients see enough progress to complete their care plan.

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