Review Visits

Review visits are for people who are having on-going regular care. They are an extended visit that gives us a chance to monitor how you are progressing, catch up with any changes in your medical health, make sure we are clear what your needs and goals for chiropractic care are, reasses you, find solutions to your problems and establish with you an agreed plan of care.

We have two types:

Ongoing Review Visits

During your period of care when you are visiting the clinic more intensively to relieve pain and help prevent further reccurences, we usually have an Ongoing Review Visit about every 6-8 teatments. If you make particualrly fast progress or not improving as we expect, these may be more frequent. Ongoing Review Visits are longer than the usual treatment visits and are scheduled for half an hour and include treatment. We charge you the same rate as a for your usual treatment visits – so there is not extra cost for yourself. Before your visit we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help update us on how you are doing.

Annual Review Visits

This is for our regular clients who choose to continue to visit the clinic once a year or more. The Annual Review, is an extended visit scheduled for half an hour, charged at your regular treatment price. We usually coincide this visit with your birthday month. Before your appointment it is helpful if you can fill out our “Annual Review Questionnaire”.

If you would like to know more about Review Visits at Back-in-Action, please call the clinic or e-mail us at


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