Rehabilitive Care

At this point you should be feeling “back to normal”.  However we may find imbalances in your posture and function of your body which could be addressed, to help give a more prolonged recovery.

The length of this rehabilitation stage depends on the underlying complexity of your problem. The aim is to restore a better balance to your system globally, by helping you deal with the underlying problems and stabilising your health; enabling longer term, outstanding results. In this stage we are looking beyond simply feeling better and looking at prevention. Our aim is to get you involved in all your daily activities and if you wish to prepare you for the more occasional strenuous activity, without the injury reoccurring. Treatments visits are weekly or fortnightly, usually for 2-8 weeks. As your health continues to stabilise, the visits are spread further apart.

As you meet your treatment goals and improve your function we will recommend you book in for an Ongoing Review Visit to find out in more depth what further progress you would like to make and how we can help achive it for you.

The length and content of this phase is your choice. How healthy do you need to be? What do you want or need to do with your life? How well do you want to feel? This phase can last from 2 months to 2 years, during which your health and function can gradually improve.  The first target of this stage is to keep you out of pain and prevent re-injury. This is made easier if we can get your body strong, flexible and balanced with a good posture.

Treatment initially involves muscle and postural rehabilitation. Later stages often include optimisation of nerve and organ function, or lifestyle and nutritional advice to improve general health. The programme relies largely on self-help measures and regular chiropractic feedback and intervention. You may also benefit from co-management with dentists, podiatrists and other practitioners to help optimise your posture and function.

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