Finishing Care

How long you decide to continue through your various stages of care – is entirely your choice. Everyone wants to get out of pain and many people see the value in dealing with the underlying causes. While we are duty bound to encourage you to do what is best for you, we are not going to be pushy with you.

If at some stage you prefer to see how you get on, we will respect your decision. This sometimes occurs due to financial pressure or other priorities and people drift away. We’d very much appreciate the courtesy of letting us know if you decide to discontinue your care and need to cancel your future appointments.

We believe in maintaining positive relationships with our clients, even if we’ve not seen them for a bit. So don’t be embarrassed if you have a relapse! You are always very welcome to return if you have a reoccurrence.

However, if you leave it longer than a year between your visits, we will need to do a more thorough update of your history and reassessment, for which there is an extra charge. You will be booked in for a “Return Patient Consultation” which takes ½ an hour and includes treatment. You will also need to fill out the medical history questionnaires.

If you continue attending for regular chiropractic treatments we keep your file active and an annual update, is included as part of one of your treatment visits, and is complementary. If you decide you want check-up visits, 3 or more times a year, then you become elligible for a discounted “Wellbeing Care Patient” treatment rate, after you’ve been visiting the clinics for 15 months or more. This gives you 10% off on your chiropractic treatments and other purchases from the clinic.

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