Chiropractic Manipulation

How On Earth Does It Make Me Feel Better So Quickly?

Your in pain and getting sick of it. Even the painkillers don’t work. You’ve tried everything you can thing of. Nothing seems to work.  You visit a chiropractor. He checks you out and finds painful bits in the spine and that a some important muscles aren’t working. The chiropractor releases the tension in the joints and you get up much, much easier. Most people experiencing chiropractic treatment for the first time are amazed how quickly it can reduce pain. Here’s what some of our patient’s have said:

“Almost immediate improvement in difficulties. Can now do things that I had struggled with for months.” – Hilary, Coppull

“Relief after the first session. Was able to go back to work quickly. Move more freely.” – David, Fulwood

“A huge improvement in my back problem. Immediate,” response and, “I can now lift properly.” Overall experience of the clinic, “excellent.” – Joanne, Hoghton

Chiropractic care mainly involves treatment by what is called a ‘Chiropractic Adjustment’, a range of highly skilled manipulative techniques performed to improve the function of restricted joints and enhance neurological function. Such skilled manipulation is very specific, hands on and directed at individual joints in order to reduce strains and improve mobility in one area without disturbing another.

Most often, this involves a short impulse to the joint, often resulting in an audible ‘crack’ as the joint is released, bringing relief of symptoms and often an increased feeling of well-being. The ‘crack’ is simply the sound of bubbles of gas popping in the fluid of the joint as the pressure is released.

The aim of the treatment is to normalise the movement patterns of the joints and restore proprioception. Proprioceptors are the sensors in the joints which acting through the nervous system inform the brain about the position and movement of a joint. They give us our body awareness. The vast majority of the stimulation of the brain is believed to be derived from these proprioceptors. They can be viewed as the “batteries” for the nervous system. “Waking” up these electrical circuits is then thought to help the nervous system improve patterns and activation of movement and other benefits.

Most of us are a little worried whenever we encounter a new treatment – you are not alone if you are a little apprehensive at this point. Before any procedure is undertaken your chiropractor will have performed a thorough medical history and examination in order to determine the correct kind of treatment for your problems and completely inform you of what to expect when you receive you first adjustment.

Generally, a chiropractic adjustment does not hurt – although there may be some minor short-term discomfort in a few patients, when using the stronger styles of manipulation, which quickly passes. You will be given advice on how to deal with any such problems. We offer a variety of effective treatment techniques from strong to very gentle are available to suit all ages and conditions and to accommodate individual preferences.

Some people feel initial lasting relief from chiropractic care. Some people feel an initial rapid improvement, which may last only a few hours or a couple of days. Other people do not feel any different. The benefits of your chiropractic treatment are accumulatory. Whilst you are in pain chiropractic treatments are best received every 2-4 days.

You will find that ensuing treatments are much more pleasant – and this will certainly be aided by your feeling more at ease with your chiropractor, as well as starting to feel that your symptoms are subsiding.

Apart from the adjustment, your chiropractor may use a wide variety of techniques – including ice and heat, muscle release, work on the bones of the skull and releasing tension and adhesions around the organs. We also introduce a wide variety of exercises to help joint, muscle and nervous system function as well as ergonomic, work related and other lifestyle advice, in order to help manage the condition and help prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. If you have questions about any of these procedures simply ask your chiropractor for an explanation.

Your first two visits at Back-in-Action are usually scheduled for 30 minutes. Subsequent visits to your chiropractor will take 10-15 minutes.

Generally on each treatment visit we ask you how you have been doing and get some feedback on activities you are still finding difficult. There is then a brief re-examination, followed by treatment and then some self-help advice. At different stages of your care, we will review your progress, often asking you to book in for a longer re-assessment visit. You will be asked to give your consent to any changes that might be suggested in your treatment programme.

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