Soft Tissue Release

Treatment of joint, muscle and nerve pain; stretching, trigger point therapy, myofacial release techniques, rehabilitation,Trigger Point Therapy Sometimes muscles can developed painful localised areas of tension in response to chronic physical, chemical or mental and emotional stress. Tension in a muscle affects it’s function and can change activity in related joints, muscles and nerves. These areas of spasm can also refer pain, so that the pain appears to originate in other parts of the body and can mimic the pain of other health conditions.

Trigger point therapy locates the hypersensitive muscle and then uses pressure on the muscle to gradually relax the area, reduce pain and help restore normal strength and flexibility. The trigger points are often very tender.

Your chiropractor will also provide you with exercises for you to stretch, strengthen or co-ordinate the muscles, give you advice on ergonomics and lifestyle or give you exercises to help with other problems in the nervous system. At Back-in-Action we also work alongside a team of massage therapies who can also help relieve muscle tension.

Nerve Release Techniques Sometimes the nerves as they pass through the body can be exposed to mechanical stresses which can interfere with their function. An analogy for this is trying to use a hosepipe which is compressed in some way. It is thought that very light pressures on these nerves can cause a significant decrease in function. The aim of nerve release techniques is to help remove the mechanical stress from the nerve.

Chiropractors may also us a variety of other techniques to try and help maintain the function of the nerves including joint manipulation, muscle release, postural improvement and functional neurological approaches.

Stretching Techniques The chiropractors at Back-in-Action are trained in a various muscle stretching and release techniques, to help assist your recovery. If they find persistent areas of muscle spasm or postural problems, they may well also teach you how to stretch the muscle yourself, avoiding the common mistakes, which most people make. They may also coach you in various strengthening and functional exercises or recommend a massage or visit to another suitable practitioner.

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