Flexion Distraction

Treatment of Back PainFlexion distraction is a technique which uses a special chiropractic table to allow the chiropractor to stretch the lower part of the spine in different directions to help restore the normal mobility to the back and take pressure off tight areas. It is a gentle, low velocity technique that many of our patients appreciate.

The patient usually lies face down. The table is hinged in the middle, so that the foot end of the table can move towards the floor, from side to side or rotate. This can often be a useful technique for people with disc related problems and for those with abnormal spinal curves, causing irritation in their lower back.

By gently separating and moving the joints, flexion distract techniques are thought to be able to help increase the disc height between the vertebrae, normalise the movement of the joints and help to reduce pressure on the nerves exiting the spine.

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