Diversified Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

Treatment of Back PainDiversified techniques are a family of stronger spinal manipulations (adjustments), used by most chiropractors, which have been developed from the work of many different practitioners over the years. What they have in common is that they require the joint to be placed under tension (that is the slack to be taken out of the tissue), prior to the manipulative thrust and often results in an audible click, known as a joint cavitation. This “popping” is caused by changes in pressure of the fluids within the joint but is not essential and does not reflect the effectiveness of the adjustment.

The primary mechanical effect of chiropractic manipulation (adjustment) is to restore mobility to a joint. Palpation of the joint is used to determine the quality and quantity of the movement in a joint, to determine if the joint movement is normal, too tight (fixated) or too loose. The adjustive technique is then applied to specifically mobilise a joint that is fixed, in the direction of the loss of movement, providing the procedure is not too painful for the client.

Loss of movement in a joint is thought to initiate wear and tear changes around the joint and cause changes in the nervous system which might be felt as pain.

The effectiveness of the adjustment is thought to be determined by how the joint is pre-stressed, the contact point taken by the chiropractor and the depth, direction and speed in which the adjustment is applied. Safe application of these techniques requires years of experience, practise and training to understand when they are appropriate to use.

Before your chiropractor applies these techniques, they must first determine the nature of your problem and whether these techniques may be helpful. Chiropractors start with a review of your case history and then perform a physical examination to confirm or eliminate possible causes of your problem. If they suspect your condition may not be suitable for chiropractic care, they may suggest X-Rays, MRI scans or other medical tests or recommend you consult with your GP or other healthcare specialist.

Chiropractors also have a range of far gentler techniques, for people who may not be able to tolerate diversified type adjustments.

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