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Back-in-Action Chiropractic CommunityYou might want to know why many of our patients choose regular ‘top-up’ treatments to help maintain their quality of life once they’ve experienced an initial improvement from their treatment at Back-in-Action. From July 2016 we’re starting  to ask our regular clients if they are willing to share their experience so we can build up a collection of their testimonials and hope to be adding more soon. These are people who’ve been having treatment at Back-in-Action Chiropractic Preston for over a year. We thought they might be a useful resource for people new to the clinic to help them understand the motivation of our community of clients who benefit from continuing chiropractic care.

I Travel 17 Miles to the Clinic… Chiropractic Care has Suited me Perfectly…”

Ongoing chiropractic care, “Enabled me to have regular consultation for any slight adjustment required.” I chose to do this, “Because I feel it’s important to look after my general health. The time with the chiropractor is beneficial. I always feel better after each consultation. That fact is motivation in itself – I travel 17 miles to the clinic.” I come back in, “Every 12 weeks. It would not be possible to get this one-to-one treatment within the NHS. It is valuable to have the chiropractic listen to you. My experience with Back-in-Action has always been positive – recommendation in itself. Prior to attending Back-in-Action I had muscle spasms in my back. At one point I was unable to get up off the floor. I had difficulty bending and getting in and out of the car was painful.” Chiropractic care has made a, “Great difference. Now I have a range of exercises and movements which I can do to alleviate the pain. I have the confidence to do exercise and consequently benefit to general health. Even after the first treatment there was a reduction in pain. A positive feeling when there had only been pain killers previously. Chiropractic care has suited me perfectly. Knowing there is someone to go to is reassuring. I feel I have learned a small amount about the working of the human body and how amazing it is. Also the importance of balance and correct stance” I have found the chiropractic a, “Very helpful treatment, given in a calm and reassuring manner with a dash of humour.” The overall experience of the clinic is, “Friendly, welcoming and approachable. I have been more than satisfied with this clinic.”- Diana, Poulton-le-Fylde July 2016

“Fantastic…. Highly recommended!”

“This treatment has changed my life. Without it I would be in chronic pain. With it I am able to get on with life. Of all the therapy I have tried this has been the most effective and improves my pain quickly.” The benefit of regular ‘top-up’ treatments is that they, “Continue to maintain quality of life and prevent ongoing problems. (It) straightens me up when I start feeling bent over with pain.” I return, “Every 6 weeks – I am okay until week 6 then I usually start to feel symptoms again but these resolve once been.” I think, “It should be available for free on the NHS as I believe it would improve the life of so many people who are currently unable to access it.” I would recommend Back-in-Action because, “Louis is a holistic chiropractor that considers all aspects of your being not just your back! He is fantastic.” Before I started chiropractic care, “I thought it was all about your back, but Louis has shown me this is not the case. I was in chronic pain and had problems with my stomach and allergies to. I was always gaining weight. I had daily pain and discomfort and was feeling in despair as I was only 38 years old. Since seeing Louis I have lost weight, been exercising every week. My allergies and stomach problems have reduced significantly.” The benefits I’ve found are that I’ve, “Got fit, 80% less pain, complete change to my diet, better posture, better understanding of how my body works. I can function without daily pain and burning. I am exercising 4x per week. I have gone from size 16 – size 8 due to diet changes recommended by Louis. I could not imagine my life without it. It has significantly improved my life and at 43 this is very important. Fantastic…. Highly recommended!”- Caroline, Chorley July 2016

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