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Preston Chiropractor With Great Results

When you go somewhere new, it’s reassuring to hear that the majority of other people who have been,  have had a great experience. 97% of patients surveyed* rated us good or excellent on a 5 point rating scale. Here’s what some of them said about their care at Back-in-Action Chiropractic Preston.




“You Listen Understand And Offer Solutions That… Get To The Cause Of The Problem And Solve It”

Before I started Chiropractic I, “Didn’t know much about it, but now I do think I understand how it works.” My problem was a, “Trapped nerve/ nerve damage. It was painful and stopped me doing lots of activities.” The thing that was different about Back-in-Action was that, “You listen, understand and offer solutions that are not simply medication, you get to the cause of the problem and solve it.” When I realised the treatment was working, “It was great but even before I had any kind of solution, I felt totally vindicated that I had a real problem. It wasn’t just in my head!!” The treatment, “Allowed me to return to gym activities and reduced my pain. I am back almost to my former self.” What’s amazing is, “Understanding how every part of your body is connected and how a small manipulation in one part affects another.” The thing that has improved that I didn’t expect to improve is, “My awareness of my body as a whole.” The chiropractic treatment, “Can be painful at the time, but helpful in the long term.” Compared to other treatments I, “Had physio last time but didn’t feel they were as thorough or listened to me as much.” With the treatment at Back-in-Action now I am feeling, “Much, much better.” My overall experience was, “Excellent.” I’m intending to probably have, “Monthly visits now.” My only criticism is that, “Wearing a face mask is a pain but I do understand why you do this.” My favourite things were the, “Excellent attention to detail. Thoroughly explained everything. Listened to me and understood my concerns.” Klair, Lostockhall (December 2022)

“Just Excellent Service All Round”

I visited a Chiropractor, “For excellent care and I got what I expected.” I had a problem with, “Numb heels. I was worried it would affect my whole foot.” What is different about Back-in-Action is, “You care.” When I realised the treatment was working I was, “So happy.” Now I can, “Walk properly.” I am amazed about, “How easy it was to help me.” Something I didn’t expect to improve which did is, “My posture.” I found the chiropractic care, “Excellent.” It worked, “Within 2 weeks.” My favourite things about Back-in-Action are, “Feeling better from 1st appointment, feeling confident to ask questions,” and, “Just excellent service all round.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good – if I have any more problems I will return.”  Karen, Leyland (October 2022)

“Relief And Delight”

Before I started with Chiropractic care, “I had no idea what to expect.”  I had a problem with a, “Sore shoulder. I couldn’t move my neck or shoulder without pain.” When I realised the care was working it was a, “Relief and delight!” The treatment has made an, “Amazing,” difference to my life, “I was struggling in my job and to sleep.” I was amazed, “How fast the treatment worked. Def after 2nd treatment, my shoulder was a lot better.” Now I feel, “Cured!” The best aspects of my chiropractic experience were the,  “Clear explanations. Thoroughly answered my questions. Helpful.” I’m aiming to come back, “Every half term!”Hayley, Preston (September 2022)

“Can Highly Recommend Treatment”

Before I started care I had, “No prior knowledge,” of chiropractic. I, “Can highly recommend treatment now.” I was suffering with, “Sciatica – problem standing/walking/ working. “What was different about Back-in-Action was that they, “Treated the cause.” It felt, “Fantastic,” when I realised the treatment was working. Now I can, “Exercise/ work – pain free.” My favourite things about my care at Back-in-Action was, “Understanding problem,” a, “Correct diagnosis,” and I, “Felt better after first treatment.” What was amazing was that, “From the first treatment felt much better.” Before Back-in-Action, I, “Had physio on NHS – did not help.” Now I’m, “Pain free.” I intend to come in every, “3-6 months to keep back/ hips in good order.” – Gillian, Penwortham (September 2022)

“Made Me Feel A Lot Better”

My favourite things about my care at Back-in-Action was: it, “Made me feel a lot better, ” and, “Bhavik is very friendly and explains what he is doing.” Initially I’d, “Had a fall and damaged my back,” and felt I, ” Need my bones sticking back in place.” What was different about Back-in-Action was the, “Hands on instead of drugs.” I, “Felt better after (the) first treatment.” Now I’m, “Almost back to normal.” I found the hands on treatment, “Good, felt a lot better.” Overall, now I’m feeling a, “A lot better, will come very few months.”Doreen, Burscough (September 2022)

“Really Happy”

My perception about chiropractic care before I started was I, “Thought just skeletal but Louis has outlined other muscle/ nerve issues.” I was having a problem with, “Weakness in shoulder – irritated as couldn’t do tasks I enjoyed.” The moment I realised it was working it was, “Great – really happy.” The treatment, “Let me build back up to activities I enjoy.” What was amazing was the, “General knowledge and efficiency to source issues.” My most favourite things were: “Informative, Explains issues well,” and that I, “Feel comfortable.” I found it worked within the, “First few sessions.” Now I’m, “Feeling more comfortable.” I come to the clinic, “Less frequently now but I see this as a positive as less treatment needed.”Fran, Penwortham (July 2022)

“The Whole Experience Was Just Amazing”

“I didn’t really have an opinion,” about chiropractic care before I started. I, “Went to GP first and prescribed painkillers. These didn’t work. A friend suggested I come and see you, so glad I did.” My problem was, “Neck pain, shooting pains, couldn’t sleep, impeded on day to day living.” When I realised the treatment was working I, “Felt so relieved as I had been in so much pain.” The difference treatment has made is, “Everything is better. Now I sleep comfortably, which makes my days more pleasurable.”  I found. “The whole experience was just amazing. All staff amazing. I think Bhavik is fab. Calm person, explains everything along the way. Very professional service.” Now, “Everything looking good. I feel 100% now I will continue to come back, hoping to keep things in check.” My favourite things about my experience are, “Bhavik amazing – professional + calm. Surroundings – everything clean and immaculate,” and, “Receptionists friendly.” Overall it was a, “Brilliant experience.”Lucille, Preston (July 2022)

“A Pleasure To Visit”

I had a problem with, “Bursitis and back ache.” It was a, “Relief,” when I realised the treatment was working. Now I can, “Walk and travel in comfort.” What amazes me is, “The quickness the bursitis went.” My, “Balance,” also improved with treatment – that I didn’t expect. I have found the Chiropractic Treatment, “Very good,” and I found it worked, “Within a few visits.” In the future, “I’m hoping to get to once a month for a check up.” Now life looks, “A lot better.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good.”  I particularly liked the, “Explanation – using plain speaking. Not pushing appointments unnecessarily. A pleasure to visit.”  – Anon (July 2022)

“Feeling Fabulous”

Before I started with Chiropractic at Back-in-Action I, “Hadn’t realised how knowledgeable about various conditions,” they are. I was suffering with, “Neck + back pain.” It, “Made me miserable + unable to continue with day to day activities.” When I realised the treatment was working it, “Was magical.” It has, “Changed,” my life, “Completely – now pain free.” What I found amazing was, “How quick I became pain free.” What improved that I didn’t expect was, “My exercise regime.” I found the chiropractic treatment, “Great. Did a brilliant job in a short space of time.” My favourite things were, “Explanation of condition. Plan of action Outcome.”  Now, “Feeling fabulous. Will visit again if needs must.” – Susan, Preston (July 2022)

“Helped Me Get Back To Work”

Before I started care, “I didn’t know whether or not you would could help me.” I was suffering from, “Back and neck pain. Couldn’t work.” The moment I realised the treatment was working, “It was very good and I’m glad I came to see you. It helped me get back to work and almost pain free.” What was amazing was, “How much you crunched my bones and I was okay afterwards.” I found the treatment, “Very good,” and found it worked, “Almost straight away.” What I didn’t expect to improve that did is, “My neck problem is much better.” Life now looks, “Better and will continue to have my treatment when needed.” What I liked most was: “The pain was under control. Explained why I had pain very well. Overall a good experience.”John, Penwortham (June 2022)

“So Positive! I Can’t Thank Louis Enough”

My perception of chiropractic was I, “Didn’t really understand what I would gain from it. Very skeptical before starting as I thought I needed physiotherapy BUT so glad I trusted you and went.” I had, “Severe neck and shoulder pain effecting ALL areas of my life, which had a huge impact on my mood.” What was different about what you do at Back-in-Action is that it is a, “Very personalised treatment and a varied amount of things done in the appointment. Really appreciated how things were explained really clearly.” When the treatment began to work I, “Realised you could provide me with a better quality of life. Not waking up each morning in pain or having to rely on painkillers has been the best outcome.” What I found amazing was, “Being given the knowledge as to why I was feeling certain pain. My outlook on the treatment changed completely and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to have more. Each week after treatment I would notice a difference. Had acupuncture and physio before but nothing had a lasting effect.”  My criticisms however slight are, “The initial appointment being a bit expensive. needed the exercises written down as struggled to remember.” My favourite aspects of my care are,  “The personalisation of the treatment I received. It’s given me a better day-to-day life back. The information and knowledge it has given me. I’m grateful each day not to be in pain and when I do experience pain I have my exercises to try and help solve the issues.” Overall experience, “So positive! I can’t thank Louis enough and will definitely be back to try more therapies out.” – Jenna (May 2022)

“The Whole Experience Was Excellent – Especially The Results”

Before I started chiropractic care, “I didn’t really know wat to expect. I just wanted the pain to go away! Friends had been helped by the practice.” Now, “I would embrace using a chiropractor again as an alterative to medicine.” I had a problem with, “Severe back pain – it was stopping my daily activities – especially walking my dog. I felt depressed.” When I realised the treatment was beginning to work it was, “Like a great weight was being lifted off my shoulders. It’s given me my life back.” Now, “I can go out again and especially enjoy my dog walking.” What improved that I didn’t expect was, “My outlook on life – the pain had been SO debilitating.” I found the chiropractic treatment, “Excellent! I saw some improvements far sooner than I had expected.” Initially I tried to get help, “From a doctor – given medication. I MUCH prefer to have the root of the problem solved rather than masked with long term relief.” With the care at Back-in-Action I am, “SO much better – things are looking positive now. I feel eventually my painful back will be totally a thing of the past. I return about every 4/5 weeks now for massage and exercises to strengthen my back muscles – these sessions are less frequent than at first. The whole experience was excellent – especially the results.” My favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action were,  “How friendly and approachable all staff are. My problem explained in lots of detail and what needed to be done. During treatment told at every point what was going to happen. My experience was excellent. I felt safe in their hands at all times. I haven’t been anywhere else – and now I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Overall experience, “Excellent!” –  Anon, (May 2022)

“Enjoying Life Again”

My perceptions before I started care was, “That more pain/ damage may occur – perception definitely changes.” I was struggling with, “Back/hip pain – couldn’t sleep in bed – (slept in chair) feeling very low and tired.” When I realised the treatment was working it, “Lightened my mood – much happier. Now sleeping in bed all night. More flexible after exercises. Feeling more positive. Enjoying life again.” What was amazing is, “Understanding how my body functions and how different muscle groups are linked.” My, “Flexibility much improved,” which I didn’t expect. “Felt a difference after one treatment.” Now, “Optimistic, looking forward with a positive frame of mind not focusing on the pain I was suffering.” My favourite aspects about my care is, “”Explanation of treatment/problem. Friendliness of staff. Treatment so far.” Overall an, “Excellent experience – planning 1/4lly treatments to keep problems in check.”Anon, (May 2022)

“Very Pleased”

Before I started I, “Expected one session to fix.” Now I, “Realise takes more.” I was struggling with a, “Sore back.” Treatment has made a difference to, “Most things,” in life. What I found most amazing was that, “Bhav is very good at his job.” My favourite aspects of  care  at Back-in-Action are, “Bhav explains things, convenience of appointments,” and, “Receptionist very friendly.” My, “Neck, hamstrings,” have improved, which I didn’t expect to. I found chiropractic care took, “Longer than expected but pleased.” I am, “Very pleased,” with my care at Back-in-Action and, “Will use as and when.”Pauline, Penwortham (March 2022)

“Listened To What I Was Feeling About My Pain And My Body”

Before I started with chiropractic care at Back-in-Action, “I did not realise it was such an individual approach. I had mistakenly thought it was quite generic. I had joint pain and was feeling as though I was missing out on things I previously enjoyed.” I had, “Been to my GP and several community based NHS physiotherapists.” What was different about Back-in-Action was the, “Individual personal approach. Listened to what I was feeling about my pain and my body.” When I realised it was working it was, “Great, it was a change to feel positive! I felt there was a difference right away, but I needed several sessions to get a good outcome.” Now I am, “Walking better and further. I have more confidence again. My mood has improved as I was feeling down. Life is good, my physical and mental health are improved!” What was amazing was that, “Some quite small (but precise) exercises can be very beneficial!” My favourite things about my chiropractic care are, “I was able to improve my balance + mobility. I was in control of managing my condition. I was provided with a better understanding of my body.” Overall, “A great experience.”Melanie, Bamber Bridge (March 2022)

“Excellent Treatment”

I was struggling with, “Neck and collar bone,” issues. I was having a, “Negative impact on movement.” When I realised the treatment was working I, “Felt really positive that I could start running.” Now I’m feeling, “Feeling much better.” What I liked most about my care at Back-in-Action was the,  “Knowledge of problem.,” and the, “After care.” My overall experience of Back-in-Action was that I had an, “Excellent treatment.”Paul, Preston (March 2022)


Can “Get On With Life”

I was suffering with, “Back and neck pain.” What I found amazing about the chiropractic treatment was that it worked, “Immediately.” My care at Back-in-Action has been, “More effective than many years of visiting my Osteopath.” Now feeling, “Much better.” Have a sense of, ”General wellbeing – improvement,” and can, ”Get on with life without huffing and puffing.” – Chris, Longton (March 2022)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. While many people respond well to standard chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathy, many people don’t get the results they want. Our aim is to help the people who haven’t been helped at other clinics and the skills we apply to do that help you get better faster and more effectively than you otherwise would. Glad you’re back in action again!

“Justified The Cost Of Going Private”

I had a, “Poor,” perception of chiropractic before I started care with Back-in-Action. “That’s changed to excellent as the treatment has helped immensely.” Before I started I suffered with, “Back pain – took the edge of life and required string meds.” When I realised the treatment was actually working it, “Justified the cost of going private.” What amazed me most was, “The improvement.” The thing that’s improved that I didn’t expect is, “My view of this treatment. First visit helped then the follow ups built on that.” Now life looks, “Much better. I will come back if needed or if I develop any other related issues.”  What I liked the most was: “Explanation. Good attitude. It helped immensely.“- Dave, Penwortham (February 2022)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. We like to provide a very good service for the fees we charge and be at the top of our profession. Apologies for the chairs – we took out all the cushions when COVID struck so we could clean more easily.

“Your Clinic And Staff Are Highly Recommended”

Before I started care I was feeling, “Not good.” I had a problem with, “Loss of strength and pins and needles in my hands.”  With the treatment, “I only received mild benefit but may need an operation. Your clinic and staff are highly recommended.”Dave, Tarleton (February 2022)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Dave. We can’t always help everyone as much as we’d want to but we’ll always do our best to help point you in the right direction.

“Very Different”

I am getting care from Back-in-Action for a, “Disc herniation in back and nerve damage. Chronic pain, loss of ability to do most things I benefitted from. Felt anxious, fed up, bored, stressed. I think I was a bit surprised by Louis’ approach initially but not in a bad way – it is quite an intriguing method, very different to Western Medicine. Not an approach I’d heard of before. I feel that Louis is knowledgeable and holistic in his approach.” Before Back-in-Action I’ve seen, “Osteopath, physio. Different approach. Limited benefit from all unfortunately.” I am currently, “Currently no different but gives me some hope not to be working it all out on my own. Has helped my back heal quicker when it has flared up although its only started hurting since seeing Louis.” At the moment, “Feeling the same,” and, “Wondering is it being solved?” Criticisms however slight: “Cost/ value for money. Waiting outside to get into the building.” Experience of the clinic is, “Good overall”. Anon, (January 2022)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. One of our aims is to help those people who haven’t been helped by conventional and complementary care in other settings. This means we do the conventional checks and add in a lot of more subtle checks on how the body is working which takes more time and effort. And often it takes awhile to peel away all the layers of problems that have built up. Unfortunately, though we take a lot of precautions to avoid it, sometimes this process can open up a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of problems that your body is guarding against. We need to deal with that to help you get through it and to a better place. Though we have to charge more than average for our service, we also do lot more and make sure its the right thing to be doing. We believe in the end you will save money compared to if you had gone to other places, as the aim is to get you better quicker, with fewer recurrences and help you have a higher quality of life than you otherwise would experience. For the next few months we will still be running our COVID Clinic Health and Safety Policy, which might mean waiting at the door if reception is busy. 

“Back To Playing Golf And… Pain Free”

Before I started treatment at Back-in-Action I was suffering with a, “Trapped nerve in my neck. It was painful. Louis always eased my pain with each treatment.” I found the treatment, “Very professional. Didn’t cause further pain.”  It was a ,”Relief,” when I realised the treatment was working. Now I feel, “Ok.” The treatment means I can look forwards to, “Getting back to playing golf and be pain free.” What I liked most was the, “Understanding staff. Appreciated how much pain I was in. Steady treatment programme eased my pain.”Stephen, Southport (January 2022)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much Stephen for giving us your feedback. It’s much appreciated. We’re all about helping people get back in action!

“The Treatment Has Been Amazing… You Didn’t Just Solve My Problem But Gave Me An Understanding Of It And How To Help Myself”

I sought care at Back-in-Action because, “I was experiencing severe pain in my neck and shoulder. This had a major impact on all aspects of my life. You didn’t just solve my problem but gave me an understanding of it and how to help myself.” When I realised I was getting better, “It was a massive relief. Generally I have been able to get back to my old self and even sleeping isn’t painful anymore.” What was amazing about my experience of chiropractic care was, “How quickly things were improving with my problem. I didn’t realise that I was also having issues with my ankles but this is also improving. The treatment has been amazing and from the initial consultation things began to improve. My life is starting to get back to how it use to be, pain free and able to resume sports and activities.” In a nutshell I found my experience at Back-in-Action, “Welcoming. Approachable. Knowledgeable.”Michael, Bamber Bridge (November 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for giving your time and consideration to give your feedback. It’s helpful for many people who are wondering what we can do to help them and it’s always heartening for us when someone understands and appreciates what we do.  Thanks again!


Before I started with chiropractic care I, “Didn’t really know much about it.” Now, “I’m really interested in how things affect your body.” I was suffering with a, “Very sore back. a lot of pain.” It was making me feel, “Panicked.” The moment I felt improvement, “I was amazed.” Now, “I am more or less pain free.” I can now do my, “Daily activities.” What was amazing was, “How quickly I improved.” My experience of chiropractic treatment, “Has been great,” and I improved, “Very quickly.” Now I feel, “Much better.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Fantastic.” What I liked most was: “Quickly seen. Convenient appointment times. Caring environment.”Sam, Longton (November 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. It really means a lot to us as a small business when people are willing to share their experience of what we do with others. Awesome that we’ve helped to you become interested in how things affect your body. That understanding will help you regain function and get on with life with confidence.

“Felt Better Mind And Body When Came Out”

“Felt better mind and body when came out. It was, a great relief!” to feel the treatment was working, Now I have, “Better movement.”  I found the chiropractic treatment, “All good.” My favourite aspects were: “Answers, treatment, care/ feeling better.” Overall experience was, “Excellent, will come back when required.” – Nick, Penwortham (October 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. Great that you felt a wholistic response and hope you continue to benefit.

“Very Good”

Before I started I was suffering with, “Pain down my leg and sore elbow. I couldn’t do as much work.” My overall experience at the clinic has been, “Very good.” What I particularly like about the experience is the, “Friendly staff,” and it is, “Very efficient.”  – Richard, Garstang (October 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback and glad you liked our service.


“I have had chiropractic since (being) a teenager,” but, “I was loosing strength in my body from “traditional” chiropractic and needed something more gentle. Louis uses an activator instead of crunching. I was relieved that I found someone who could gently manipulate me. Louis has moved on from Basic Chiropractic,” and uses some, “Unusual techniques. He has practical simple solutions to structural problems.” –  Anon, (September 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. We use a range of techniques from very, very gentle to the usual  stronger ‘crunching’ techniques that are often associated with chiropractors. What we do depends on what you prefer and what we find going on with you, so we may suggest gentle techniques if you are very young, more elderly, have certain underlying health conditions, react to stronger treatments or are worried by the stronger treatments. 

– Anon, August 2021


Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback.


“A God Send. Extremely Grateful”

Before I started treatment I was, “Nervous, anxious, and not sure if it will work. After starting treatment I saw positive outcome.” I was affected by, “Neck and lower back pain. Very painful at times. Couldn’t do day-to-day activities and chores. Very depressing at times.” What was different was, “The full explanation of treatment and assessment given prior to treatment which was reassuring.” When I realised it was working, “It was a God send. Extremely grateful.” I has made a, “Very positive outcome. Can do daily activities and chores with ease without pain.” What was amazing is, “The way my stance was explained and my posture and the way it would have an effect on my problem.” Previously, “I’ve used massage therapy, which has helped me relax but chiro treatment much more effective. I’m well on my way to recovery. Much more positive attitude and not scared to try new activities.” Overall impression is, “Excellent. I’m hoping to have treatment as and when I need.” My favourite things about Back-in-Action are: “Friendly staff. Efficient. PPE in place.” – Fazila, Preston (August 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. Delighted we were able to be some help.

“Fantastic. I Won’t Hesitate, When Needed, To Return With Confidence To Back-in-Action.”

“I did not know what to expect from chiropractic care but my understanding is to always find the most natural means of health improvement. I came to see Back-in-Action concerned that I had a pulled, tight muscle, muscle cramp and spasms: a problem that prevented me from doing some jobs in the garden.” What was different about Back-in-Action was, “You listen. You take time. You explain. You recommend and you advise. It gave me peace of mind when the hands on treatment came in with an in depth explanation of the procedures, the why and what for and the result.” The difference now is, “I can deal with the problem naturally to prevent any recurrence.” What I found amazing is, “Working to solve the problem ‘naturally’ to prevent any recurrence.” What else has improved that I didn’t expect was, “Peace of mind.” I have found the chiropractic hands on treatment, “Great. I found that within 3 treatments I was able to function well, control the problem and manage it. Its great,” now I feel the problem is being solved. My overall experience of the clinic is, “Fantastic. I won’t hesitate, when needed, to return with confidence to Back-in-Action. Thank you!” – Anon (August 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback and appreciation of what we do. We hope you continue to thrive and enjoy your gardening again.

“Service Is Great… I’m Feeling So Much Better”

I was experiencing, “Sciatica. (I) couldn’t walk or stand for any length of time.” The moment I realised it was working, “It was great.” What was amazing about the chiropractic treatment was, “Muscles I didn’t know I had.” What’s improved that I didn’t expect is, “My deportment – my back is straighter.” Found the hands on chiropractic, “Brilliant. It’s helping, I can walk a bit longer.” My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action are, “Friendly people. Service is great. I’m feeling so much better.”Anon (August 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. It’s a real pleasure to be able to help you and we are really pleased for you that you are feeling so much better.

“Really Pleased… You Treat The Whole Body”

Before I started care I, “Thought chiropractors only treated backs. Now know other problems can be treated.” I was suffering with, “Pain and stiffness in both knees. Pain was wakening me at night. I was reluctant to walk too far.” What was different about Back-in-Action was that, “You treat the whole body. Had a head to toe exam at the first session.” The moment I realised it was working, “I was really pleased when pain was greatly reduced. I can now go for longer walks and feel okay when I get home. I was amazed that having tight hips impacted on my knee joints. I enjoy walking now where before it was a struggle.” I have found the chiropractic care, “OK. Within 2 or 3 sessions I could feel the difference.” Previously I, “Tried physio, but condition soon returned again.” Now I, “Feel happier knowing there will be less pain.” My favourite things about Back-in-Action are that I, “Feel very comfortable there. No longer have nagging pain in my knee. Bhavik explains what he is doing.” – Sue, Preston (August 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Sue and glad you appreciate how in depth we aim to be and that you feel very comfortable with us.

“Listened To”

What I liked most about my experience and care at Back-in-Action was, “The explanation of the treatment, the way I was listened to (and) the courteous manner of the chiropractor.” The only criticism, however slight would, “Just be the parking because I can’t walk far.”Catherine, PR2 (August 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Catherine. We hope you are feeling better. We have  limited access to the front parking in the clinic during COVID.  If you have any difficulty please let us know and we’ll move the Traffic Cones so you can park/ drop off more easily on the front.

“Relief… Almost Immediately”

The problem I was experiencing was, “Low Back Pain.” I felt, “Relief,” the moment I realised the treatment was working. The treatment worked, “Almost immediately.” The positives were a, “Short wait time for treatment,” and the, “Explanation of problem.” The only criticisms I would have would be the, “Amount of initial paperwork,” and, “Car parking.”Walt, Leyland (August 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Walt. A lot of people do feel relief immediately, though it can take a longer course of treatment for many. We do our best to run on time though sometimes the unexpected occurs and we may run late. If we do, we do our best to keep you informed. Our initial paperwork is definitely very extensive – this helps us to provide a better, clearer and more thorough professional service for you. We do miss the car parking we had next door and Cop Lane can be busy at times – especially at School start and finish times. There is parking at Tesco’s a few minutes walk up the road. The notices say they allow a few hours free parking.

“Got To The Root Of The Problem”

Before I started with Chiropractic care thought it was, “Expensive.” My perception is, “Now worth it.” I was suffering from a  bad back (trapped nerve) preventing work.” What was different about Back-in-Action was they, “Got to root of the cause.” It was, “Unbelievable,” the moment I realised it was working. Things are now, “Back to normal.” What was amazing about my experience of chiropractic was it was, “Such a weird procedure/ exercise, but after explanation tried it and after a week it worked.” Chiropractic treatment worked, “Initially immediately, but the next day pain returned but with patience and following advice now feel ‘cured’.” Before Back-in-Action had, “NHS Physio but that didn’t treat the cause.” Generally now feeling, “Great.”  What I liked about the Chiropractic care at Back-in-action was that they, “Got to the root of the problem, rather than quick fix. Clearly explained what to do to prevent repeat. Patient, didn’t feel rushed.” My experience of the clinic was, “Great. Very happy, will recommend when appropriate (and already have). Thank you.”Gordon, PR1 (July 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Gordon. We appreciate you sharing your experience and desire to get to the root cause!

“Superb! Keep Up The Good Work”

I was suffering with a, “Bad back. Bhavik has given me excellent advice on my diet/ lifting exercise and general well being.” Now I can, “Keep up with the kids.” What I found amazing about treatment was, “The way I could bend and stretch.” What improved that I didn’t expect was my, “Diet.” In general I now feel, “Superb.”  What I liked most about my care at Back-in-Action was, “Improving my posture (and) less pain.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Superb! Keep up the good work.”Steven, PR4 (June 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for sharing your feedback and experience Steven! Hope you continue to keep up with the kids!

“Delighted To Have Taken Up The Option… Very Good”

Before I started chiropractic care I did not have, “Any previous thoughts but delighted to have taken up the option.” I was experiencing, “Neck problems resulting in mobility issues (&) feeling demoralised.” I was, “Happy,” the moment I realised Chiropractic care was working. I now have, “More neck mobility.” What improved that I didn’t expect was my, “Arm movement.” I have found the Chiropractic Treatment, “Very good, improvement within a week.” Now I feel, “Better.” My overall experience was, “Very good.” What I valued most about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was: “1. Bhavik Patel, 2. Front Desk, 3. All round friendliness.”M, PR1 (June 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for sharing your feedback and experience. Glad you are feeling better.


My perception of chiropractic has changed, “I had originally thought it was about joints, bones and the spine rather than the whole body.” I was struggling with Long COVID – exhausted, in pain and unable to do anything.” What was different about Back-in-Action was that, “You listened and tried different things, looking at myself as a whole. You didn’t say, ‘I don’t know anything about Long COVID.’ You wanted to find out about me and what is happening.” When I realised what we were doing was working to solve my problem I felt, “Belief – that someone was trying to help. I felt in control for the first time in months – rather than my body controlling me.” The difference treatment has made to my life is that, “I couldn’t really do anything at first. Coming to see Louis was the only thing I could do in a day. I felt so exhausted that I could only do one thing. Now – I am returning to work. I can do lots!” What was amazing about my Chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action, “That was my whole body not just joints. I felt that someone was doing something to help.” What has improved that I didn’t expect is, “My energy levels – it really helped with my fatigue.” The Chiropractic hands on treatment, “I found to be excellent. I felt improvement after a few visits.” Before visiting Back-in-Action I tried the, “GP, hospital, specialist nurses – they could not help at all. They just ran lots of tests and when the tests came back normal they gave up.” Now, “I am so much better. I am not 100% – still get very tired. However there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can do more which is good for mental + physical health.” What  valued most about my experience at Back-in-Action was that “I was listened to. Louis really cared about making me better. The treatment made me feel a lot better.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Wonderful!” Thank you so much.”Jude, Penwortham (May 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Jude! We are very happy to have helped you so much. We can’t claim to have a cure for Long COVID in any way and everybody is different. What we did to help Jude was what we do with everybody who comes in to see us: listen, thoroughly assess to find out where the problems and imbalances are and pinpoint what we need to do to help improve things sustainably. This often involves some patience and a combination of many interventions which can include exercises to help your nervous system, optimise movement of your joints and muscles and make sure your body is has the right chemical balance to thrive.  When it works it is a wonderful, natural, intelligent approach! We do our best to help everyone in the ways we can and if we can’t then direct you to more appropriate care.


Initially, “I was scared as I heard about poor outcomes but I have to say I have now changed my opinion.” I was suffering with, “Low back pain – improved but not completely resolved, left hip pain – much improved (and) left shoulder – ongoing, awaiting orthopaedic advice.” I am, “V. happy with results on my L hip. My low back pain improved though not fully resolved.” The treatment, “Has greatly improved my ROM which was v. limited. Will try to do yoga again once my shoulder improves.” Found that chiropractic treatments worked, “Within a few days.” My overall experiences was, “Great! Coming back for sure, regularly. Bhavik listened well and empathically. Good treatment plan with good results. He explains well.” – Anon (May 2021)

“A Weight Off My Mind”

Before I visited Back-in-Action I thought chiropractic care was, “Elements of manipulation and massage.” Now my perception has changed, it is a, “Thorough check of body and correction of issues.” I was suffering with, “Groin pain following hernia surgery and back pain. Depressed not being able to do activities I enjoyed and fed up of sitting in pain every evening.” What was different at Back-in-Action was, “The checks you did around the entire body, not just the sore areas. Very thorough initial assessment. The knowledge and skill of my chiropractor. Friendly service.” The only criticism however slight would be the, “Cost.” When I realised the treatment was working it was, “A weight off my mind, a way forward. Generally back to enjoying a normal life, enjoying playing golf and walking.” What was amazing was , “The ability to find weakness by holding one arm.” The thing that’s improved that I didn’t expect was the, “State of mind having found a way to recover. Now 60% better, more active than before” My experience was, “Very good overall, probably return monthly for a while.”Geoff, PR5 (May 2021). 

“I Feel Better All Round”

Before I started care at Back-in-Action, “I visited another chiropractor and it felt much more clinical.” What’s different about Back-in-Action is that, “It doesn’t feel clinical, more friendly. Staff are lovely. Know their job.” Only criticisms are, “COVID restrictions , but these are unavoidable.” I was suffering with, “Extreme neck and shoulder pain, preventing normal life and really affecting sleep.” The treatment has, “Given me the movement to get on with things without discomfort.” What amazed me was, “The speed it worked. I feel better all round.” Generally, “Feel much better. Will be back but hopefully not too often. “ – Alison, Penwortham (May 2021)

“Always Very Reassuring”

Before I started at Back-in-Action I thought chiropractic, “Was all cracking and pain, it is ‘but not‘ just that.” I was suffering with, “Extreme stiffness lower back – makes me feel low and sluggish (and emotional as Mr B experienced!)” At Back-in-Action, “It seems more like a ‘journey of getting better’ not a one off.” When I realised it was working, “I cried! But still not fixed.” Now, “I am not so anxious. Mr B said it is ‘fixable’.” Previously, “I have had physio/ massage.” In terms of follow up, “I would like to do weekly but funds means 2/3 weeks.” The 3 things I liked most were the, “Clear information on every cost. I get ‘homework’ exercises to do everyday. Always very reassuring.”Jane, Penwortham (April 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback Jane! It is much appreciated. A lot of people are a bit nervous when they try something new and we want everyone to feel reassured that we’ll provide them with the style of care that works for them and that they are comfortable with. Some people do experience ‘instant miracles’ but for most people a genuine and sustainable recovery is more of a journey.


Before I started at Back-in-Action I had, “Back pain which grinds you down.” What was different about Back-in-Action was that it, “Greatly improved my back.” It was a ,”Relief” when I realised Chiropractic care was working. I can now, “Walk freely.” The amazing thing was the, “Instant relief from pain.” I have found the chiropractic hands on care, “Excellent.” I have tried other places and Back-in-Action is, “Much better.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “V. Good.” I am aiming to come back, “Every 3 months.” What I really liked about Back-in-Action was the, ” Explanation of issues,” and the, “Plan to correct problem.” Michael, Longton (March 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much Michael for giving your time to feedback to us. Hope you continue to do well and benefit from the care you received. Not everyone gets instant and immediate and long lasting pain relief from what we do and for many people it takes a course of treatment to get better. We’ll always do our best to help all our clients get better as quickly and effectively as we can and offer a range of options to help.

“I Was Grateful To Have Found Back-in-Action And Amazed At The Care And Work You Do”

Before I started care at Back-in-Action, “I was nervous and unsure of the quality of the treatment.” Now I, “Fully trust my chiropractor and the treatment.” I was suffering with a, “Lower back problem and I wasn’t able to do certain day to day things, which made me sad and unable to look after my family.” Before treatment, “I was afraid to do major bending jobs (and) go for long walks. Now I do all of those things.” I have found the chiropractic care, “Really good and very effective. Every time I felt relief and pain free.” I had tried to get help, “From my GP and it was overlooked as minor. B.I.A. cared and understood. I am 95% most of the time and always know help is at hand if needed as B.I.A. always respond quickly.” Back-in-Action is different, “You care, you give appointments as quick as you can, very clear, very helpful, very professional. I was grateful to have found Back-in-Action and amazed at the care and work you do.” What I found most amazing was, “The knowledge I was provided with was fantastic.” What I didn’t expect to improve was, “Due to the knowledge I have gained through Bhavik I have improved my entire lifestyle.” The only thing I would improve about the experience was for the, “Waiting chairs to be more soft.” The most positive things are that, “Every avenue is explored to help. Everything is explained so clearly. Very professional and comfortable.”  My overall experience at the clinic was, “The best and I have full trust in Bhavik and let him advise me of how often I need to come.” – Anon, February 2021

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your review! We are so happy to get a review like this. This is the level of service we so much want and aim to deliver and it is lovely to hear that it is appreciated. This is why we chose to do this job to help people and help to improve their lives and to be care you can rely to get back in action and enjoying life again. We all work so hard to improve our knowledge and standard of service to help our clients – it is great to hear that it is helping. Sorry about the waiting room chairs we’ve removed all the comfy chairs and cushions to help make COVID cleaning easier. We’ll get them out of storage when things get back to normal.

“Gave Me Relief From Day One”

Before I saw a chiropractor I, “Thought they were for sports injuries. I now feel I should have 6 monthly appointments.” I had a, “Trapped nerve in neck and was in constant pain, felt very distressed. I was amazed by the method of my treatment, gave me relief from day one.” Found it a, “Brilliant hands on treatment right from day one.” Now I feel, “Much better. Think I will have a visit with Bhavik in the next few weeks.” My overall experience is that Back-in-Action is a, “Great clinic.” My favourite things were: “Eased my pain. Delightful Chiropractor. Explained in detail.” Judith, Freckleton (February 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Very to happy to hear you feel much improved and had a great response to chiropractic. Even when you begin to feel out of pain it is great to keep coming back to deal with the underlying issues and to try and reduce the risk of recurrences to help you stay comfy and active. We do treat a whole range of conditions and problems throughout the body.

“No Comparison”

The most positive things about my experience at Back-in-Action was, “I felt very confident because of Bhavik’s knowledge. He was very thorough and did not rush. Also very at ease with him.” My only criticism was that, “It was not easy to park.” Before I started chiropractic care, “I didn’t know what to expect.” I was suffering from a, “Knee problem (and finding) difficulty walking upstairs. Prior to coming into Back-in-Action (I) had an X-Ray and telephone consultation with an NHS physio.” When chiropractic started to work, “I was surprised and thought it would either not work or take a lot longer than it did.” Now I have, “No pain and can walk and climb stairs easily.” What I found amazing was, “The knowledge that Bhavik has and his explanations of what was the problem.” I improved, “Within 4 sessions.” I found the, “Hands on treatment comfortable.” I tried care, “Only with NHS (as above) no comparison to Bhavik.” Life now looks, “More positive. I will not hesitate to come back if needed.” – Anon, (February 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your review! We are glad you have found your care with Bhavik so beneficial. He is an excellent practitioner and very caring. Apologies if you found parking more difficult, Due to COVID we restricted access on the front to enable safe distancing. Also the parking situation has improved now the new Tesco is finished. In their initial application they stipulated that people accessing local businesses could use their parking. It is only a short walk up the road to Back-in-Action – so hopefully this will provide a better solution for some people.

It is great news that many people get out of pain quickly with chiropractic care because we are good at finding the underlying causes and helping to fix it. Pain is like an alarm. It’s good to remember just because we have switched the alarm off it doesn’t mean the fire is out. It also takes time to repair the building and make it safe to prevent future recurrences. So depending on your goals we can continue to work together if you want to help you stay out of pain and back in action.

“Bhavik Is Superb And Extremely Professional”

“Bhavik is superb and extremely professional.”John, Longton (February 2021)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your comment!


– Anon,  (January 2021)


Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your review!


“Very Good”

Before I started treatment I, “Had no idea how complex it was or the amount the back connects to the rest of the body.” I was struggling with, “Back pain – made me feel old and immobile! This was my first experience of chiropractic care.” When I realised it was actually working I, “Felt hope that my aches and pains would be addressed.” The treatment, “Has helped me to move more.” What was amazing was, “The depth of knowledge about body and how small things effect you overall.” I, “Particularly benefited from the hands on – albeit it felt strange at times.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good – want to come back to continue in New Year.” My favourite thing was, “Realising something could be done to improve backache.”Andrea, Fulwood (December 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment:  Andrea thanks very much for your review! Hope you continue to feel the benefit.

“Amazed By Some Of The Solutions”

The problem I had was, “Back stiffness + pain in buttock. Felt had to manage the amount of exercise I was able to do. Central back issue is better. Pain in the buttock persists.” The problem is, “Still ongoing – will probably come back. Was, “Amazed at some of the solutions.” Overall experience of the clinic was, “good.” How often I intend to come back, “Depends on the severity of pain + finance.” Criticism I had was, “Did not focus in on one (of two) issues, which persists,” and it “Feels expensive to be honest. Expensive to get into a long series of sessions.” What I liked was the, “Knowledgeable, good explanation of general situation.” – Patrick, Fulwood (December 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for being honest about your  experience and satisfaction with your outcome. We do our best to try and listen to the concerns of our clients and improve our service. If you feel your issue has not been addressed as thoroughly as you would like we are happy to offer a free 1/2 hour re-consultation.  We also offer a money back satisfaction guarantee.

We aim to make our treatments value for money by applying our depth of expertise to help you get better in the quickest, most effective and sustainable way we can. We often find the most effective process isn’t always what would seem to be the most obvious and direct and it can often take a while to help improve things and work through the problems that have accumulated, which can increase the cost. To try and help reduce the burden we promote days when we have discount hours in which we offer a 10% off to people who have asked to be on our ‘Happy Hour List’. We also offer a range of discounts if you choose to ‘bulk purchase’ treatments. There are discounted prices for those who are retired, students or receiving benefits. If our service is not effective or realistic for you we can make alternative care recommendations such as NHS physio. We are a group of practitioners and some of our other therapists might be able to offer care at a more affordable rate. 



My preconception about Chiropractic care was that, “It would be painful. It wasn’t.” My problem was that, “My neck became very painful stopping normal life.” When I realised that the Chiropractic was working it was a, “Huge relief.” What has amazed me is, “Learning how much the spine affects all aspects of my life.” The things that have improved that I didn’t expect to is that my, “Lifestyle is better. Healthier.  Exercising. I want to stay comfortable.” I found Chiropractic took, “Around 1 month of treatment to work.” Now feeling, “Fantastic.” Overall experience of the clinic is, “Fantastic.” Most positive things about my care at Back-in-Action was that, “I have my health back (and) I’ve learnt to manage my posture better.”Clare, Longton (December 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for giving your time let us know how you have responded and for sharing your experience. It is amazing when you start to realise how much the spine affects the nervous system and vice versa.

“Treatment Has Reduced Pain”

My problem is, “Osteoporosis of spine.” It is, “Very painful,” and has caused, “Loss of height.” I, “Felt despondent as there is no cure. Sadly the problem cannot be solved but mobility has improved.” The, “Treatment has reduced pain.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Very good.” My favourite 3 things were, the “Explanation of the problem clear and positive. Clear explanation of what can be done to help. Respectful and friendly manner.” – Enid, Penwortham (December 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: We are glad we have been of some help for you. There’s always something we can do to help even if we can’t entirely solve the problem. Thanks again for your feedback and allowing us to publish it as a testimonial. 

“You Actually Diagnosed The Problems Root Cause”

“I’ve always used physio – until recommendation from friend to try Back-in-Action,” I was suffering from, “Back pain for 2 weeks.” What was different about Back-in-Action was that, “You actually diagnosed the problems root cause.” Now I can get back to, “Normal life. Bhavik was fantastic.” I found the chiropractic treatment, “Great.” Before chiropractic I tried, “Sports massage – exactly what it is a massage. Did not help so much.” I am now feeling, “Amazing.” My overall impression of the clinic is, “Excellent.” Regarding coming back for more treatment, “I do not – fingers crossed – I have no further issues :).”  What I liked about my chiropractic care was, “Back pain eased. Genuine and honest.”Anon, (November 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Big thanks for your feedback and letting us share it. Very glad you are feeling amazing and hope things continue to go well for you.

“I Can Now Get Some Sleep”

I was suffering from, “A trapped nerve, it was very painful. Unlike physio it (chiropractic) seemed strange but seemed to work. I still find it painful but it helped. I can now get some sleep and the pain is less than before. It was better after 3 visits. The treatment has not cured it altogether. I feel better than I did, but it is still a problem, but I am doing the exercises. I am having massage. It has helped also. I will probably come in again, but the cost is a factor.” The criticisms I have of the clinic re the: “Pressure to pay.” and the, “Small amount of time on each visit.”  My favourite things were: “Louis was good to speak to, I felt very comfortable with him, good advice on exercises,” and the ,”Clinic staff.” – Anon, (October  2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: We are happy to hear you felt some improvement and are sleeping better. We can’t always help everyone fully but we certainly do our best to improve things as much as we can within each persons budget. Unfortunately not everyone is able to stay with our care long enough to maximise the full benefit. We do offer the opportunity for people to be on a ‘Happy Hour’ list which gives special discount opportunities. During COVID, as part of our Clinic Risk-Reduction Strategy, we have been asking for Prepayments to reduce congestion in Reception and we have been on a learning curve as to how to best adapt our policy. We hope all our clients feel comfortable enough with us to explain their situation and concerns so we can help them as best as we can. We provide regular longer review visits at no extra cost and we can afford to allow extra time in appointments at no extra charge for a few clients in certain circumstances. We also offer paid for double length appointments for those who want to make the fullest benefit of the care we can provide.

“Life Is A Lot Better Now. My Experience Of The Clinic Is Excellent”

Before I started care, “I knew nothing about Chiropractic. My problem was being unable to walk.” When I realised care was actually working, “It was wonderful. Now I can walk some distance again.” What I have found amazing is, “The relief from pain. Life is a lot better now. My experience of the clinic is excellent. I would definitely come back.” The most positive aspects about my care is, “The talk about the problem. Told what was being done. Then what was going to be achieved.” – Raymond, Preston (September 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Wonderful that you are feeling so much better! Helping people get back-in-action and enjoying life again is more than our motto – it is our passion and we are always thrilled to hear about the great results people experience with their care here. We often find an important part of the benefit many of our clients experience is to finally understand what their problem is, what’s causing it and how it can be helped. The results we see continues to amaze and motivate us so much. It makes our job so worthwhile. However it’s not just us. Our job is to help reduce the blocks to your bodies natural healing ability and empower our patients to help themselves. Thanks again Raymond! 

“Excellent Experience”

Before I started care , “I was very sceptical about what you could do for me.” I was suffering with, “Chronic lower back/ groin pain. I was unable to walk properly. After the first visit I was considerably improved. After several visits I was back to normal or better.” What I found particularly  amazing was, “The speed at which I began to improve.” The chiropractic treatment was, “Painful 1st visit but rapid improvement.” Most positive things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Rapid improvement of my condition. Exercises to hopefully keep well. Professional and understanding staff (Bhavik).” Generally now I am feeling, “Good. Excellent experience – I would be back if I deteriorate.”Philip, Penwortham (August 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback! Great to hear you responded very well to your care with Bhavik and that you can be more active again. A lot of people are quite sceptical initially. For the vast majority we are glad to say that soon evaporates, when like you they start to respond. We can’t always help everyone and occasionally have to refer people on to something else that might help. For a significant number of people progress can be slow initially but we get there eventually. Hope you continue to benefit from our work with you. Thanks for letting us share your comments.

“The Level Of Care Is Very Good”

Before I started care, “I was hopeful it would help. I now know it definitely can.” My, “Neck and back pain made my work life suffer. I was unable to find comfort in basic actions. I felt stressed.” What was different about the clinic was, “It never felt like a chore visiting back in action.” When I realised it was working, “I was very happy I could be pain free and carry on with sports without suffering. I can now visit the gym with confidence. My working life is better. Headaches have ceased. I am less stressed. My productivity at work has improved. Life is easier.” What I found amazing was, “Bhavik tailored the treatment perfectly to my needs. I noticed good results after 2 sessions. My experience has been excellent.” My favourites things about my care were the, “Treatment area is very clean and organised. Bhavik is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The level of care is very good.”Robert, Preston (July 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your comments Robert! We are very happy you have experienced great results with your care with Bhavik. Your feedback is much appreciated and we are grateful for you taking the time to let everyone know how you got on with your care at Back-in-Action. We do our best to figure out in depth what is going on with each of our clients and provide highly individual treatment and self help advice to help you get the best results.

“Feel More Active And Able To Do More Things Without Pain.”

Before I started care at Back-in-Action I, “Needed proof that treatment worked.” I had a, “Stiff joints, hip, knee, back, due to Parkinson’s Disease. Slow movement and joint pain.” What was different about Back-in-Action was the, “Work on affected area only.” When I realised treatment was working, I felt, “Confidence in the treatment and impact on my life.” The treatment means now I am, “Moving around more freely and less pain in the joints.” What I have found amazing is the, “Impact on back and hips.” I found the chiropractic care worked,  “Within a couple of weeks.” Now I, “Feel more active and able to do more things without pain. “My favourite things about my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action were the, “Available appointments, treatment and impact it has (and) explanation of treatment.” – Ian, Leyland (March 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Very glad you gave benefited from the treatment you have had with us.

“I Played 15 Holes Of Golf With No Pain”

My favourite thing about my care at Back-in-Action is that, “I played 15 holes of golf with no pain.” Before I started care I thought Chiropractic was, “Expensive.” I have found, “The treatment works (so far). I had, “Pain in the right buttock and back.” Its was like, “Heaven,” the moment I realised the chiropractic treatment was working. “I’m not sure yet,” what difference this has made to may life as it is, “only a recent cure?” What I found amazing was the, “Physicality of the treatment.” You were different because you, “Untrap nerves.” “So far,” have found the chiropractic worked, “Very quick.” I have tried to get help before elsewhere and I have found you are in comparison, “Excellent so far.” Regarding how life is now…, “Time will tell. Early days.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good.” My intention is to come back, “Never hopefully!” – Anon (March 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. Hope you continue to benefit from the work with did with you.

“Amazing. Liberating After Suffering Daily For So Long”

Before I started chiropractic care, “I didn’t think it was for me, felt a little intimidated making enquiries.” My problem was,” I had pain in my neck and shoulders.” When I realised treatment was working it was, “Amazing. Liberating after suffering daily for so long.” Now I, “Live without discomfort. Feel confident.” What I found amazing was, “Just how clever the anatomy is; and quick treatment can be.” I improved, “Very quickly – although it took a few sessions. Will probably need regular appointments. I feel really good and more in control now I know that I can be treated should symptoms return or persist.” My favourite 3 things about my chiropractic experience was, “1. The knowledge I have gained about the body, 2. improvement to my health mentally and physically, 3. quick and easy treatment.” Overall experience, “Fab!”Joanne, Preston (February 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. We are delighted you have found such benefit.

“High Expectations Which Were Met”

Before starting treatment at Back-in-Action, “I’d already heard Louis was great so had high expectations which were met.” I was suffering with, “Lower back pain – made exercising and everyday life most difficult. What was different about Back-in-Action was, “Louis’ expertise.” When I realised that the treatment was working it was, “Great.” Now I can, “Exercise more and have less pain in everyday life, and know an exercise to help my pain if it gets worse.” What was amazing was, “How scarred tissue can affect your body.” Chiropractic care worked, “In the first session with Louis.” Now, “Still a little pain, but much better. As my pain is much better, I just get regular massages.”  If I had any criticism however small, it was that it was a, “Very expensive first session – will put many off – I only had 15 minutes work for £70.”The most positive 3 things were: “They helped my pain go away by giving me exercises, explained what was wrong (and) found the problems/ imbalances in my body.” – Elliot, Preston (February 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. It is excellent that you are getting on with life and feel able to manage your condition much better. I am glad we were able to (largely) meet your high expectation.  First appointments can vary in length depending on the patient need and practitioner. If you ever have a New Patient Appointment at Back-in-Action and are not fully satisfied, we are usually very happy to give you a consultation with one of our other practitioners  or offer you a full refund if you are not satisfied within your 1st 3 paid appointments (Satisfaction Guarantee).

“Excellent Clinic”

Before I started at Back-in-Action I was, “Skeptical,” about chiropractic care. I  struggled with, “Back, hip, groin pain,  affected daily hobbies, work life, had depression last summer.” When I realized the chiropractic was actually working I was, “Euphoric.” Now my, “Day to day living (is) better, back running again.” What was amazing about my experience was the, “Elvis manoeuvre.” Chiropractic care works, “Usually immediate or within a couple of days.” Before chiropractic I tried the, “NHS, MRI, Physio, Orthopaedic Surgeon.” Now I am, “More positive, feeling much better.” I come back now, “When needed.” My overall experience is that it is an, “Excellent clinic.” – Debbie, Preston (January 2020)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. We hope you continue to do well.

“Without His Professional Advice My Outcome May Have Turned Out So Much Worse”

Before I started chiropractic care I had, “Mixed perceptions,” about it. “The problem was very painful and I was only able to walk short distances around a couple of hundred metres which impacted my quality of life greatly. The chiropractor diagnosed compression to my spinal cord before any real treatment was administered advised me to return to my GP immediately for further investigation. Due to the chiropractors precise and expert diagnosis and advice I was able to receive emergency decompression surgery at hospital and was spared potentially catastrophic consequences.” Before I tried chiropractic, “I tried other treatments i.e. physiotherapy, osteopathy but they failed to diagnose the problem.” Now, “I am recovering well after surgery and feel well. I would definitely come back if I felt the need to.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Excellent.” What I appreciated most the, “Pre-treatment consultation was excellent, care and politeness of chiropractor,” and, “thorough and professional diagnosis of injury. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Patel for his help and advice and say without his professional advice my outcome may have turned out so much worse.” – John, Lancaster (November 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: Hi John, hope you continue to improve well after your surgery and glad we were able to help.


My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Explanation of the problem (and the) care when doing the manipulations.” There was some, “Fear of the unknown,” about going to see a Chiropractor. Before I started treatment I could only, “Bend with pain. Now OK but still need to take care.” What I found amazing was the, “Explanation of problem affecting disc and releasing muscle tension.” Chiropractic, “Took four appointments,” to work. I found, “Physio did not solve the problem.” Generally now I feel, “Good.” I found the Chiropractic, “A good treatment.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.”Anon, (November 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your feedback. We hope you continue to do well.

“Very good. Would Go Back Again If I have Any Other Problems. Was Made To Feel Comfortable, Very Welcoming And Knowledgeable Staff.”

What I appreciated most was the, “He listened to me and tried to understand the problem, he fixed something that I didn’t realise was wrong (and) he appeared to be enthusiastic about his subject and obviously participated in ongoing training/ learning”. My perception of chiropractic care has changed, before I started I, “Didn’t realise how much knowledge they had about the musculoskeletal system.” Before I started care I had , “Only a minor problem. Tightness on hamstrings affecting my walking.” Now I can, “Walk longer distances than I could before without discomfort.” What was amazing about my chiropractic treatment was that, “He ‘cricked’ my neck and after it felt so much better and more flexible.” So far, “Only had 2 treatments but am planning a yearly ‘MOT’ from now on. Budget allowing. Been to a physio before for a different problem – would probably use a chiropractor before them next time. My neck,” is the thing that’s improved that I didn’t expect. I have found the chiropractic hands on treatment, “Amazing, A bit scary at first!!” Overall experience of the clinic, “Very good. Would go back again if I have any other problems. Was made to feel comfortable, very welcoming and knowledgeable staff.”Janet, Poulton (October 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. Hope you continue to do well with the walking and feel great benefit from your chiropractic care.

“After The First Session I Felt About An Inch Taller “

What I liked most about my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was that they, “Listened + understood my back pain/ explained it to me; manipulation really helps my back feel better (and) Jozef puts me at ease.” I, “Wasn’t to sure,” about chiropractic before I started care. My problem was affecting, “Most things even bending to pick things up off the floor and putting clothes on was an effort.” With treatment, ” Gradually my back is getting better.” I quickly responded to treatment the, “First session I felt made a difference.  I’ve started exercising again (only Tai Chi and yoga but its a start.) What I found amazing was, “After the first session I felt about an inch taller, all my other back pains go after a treatment just leaving my SI pain.” I have tried to get help from, “NHS physio – it was awful, went 6 times and they half heartedly rubbed my back once!” Generally now I am, “Much better but I do need sessions still just not as frequently.” I have found the Chiropractic treatment, “Great, really eases my back.” I come in now, “Every couple of months when I can sense it’s stiffening up again. My overall experience of the clinic is, “Wonderful – I recommended a friend who has been going on a regular basis.” – Anon, (October 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: We’re very glad you’ve responded so well and thank you for your appreciation of all we’ve done.

“Gets Results… Lot More To An Assessment And Treatment Than I Thought.”

My overall experience of the clinic is “Very good.” My favourite 3 things about my chiropractic experience and care at Back-in-Action was that it, “Gets results, friendly staff (and) no pressure to rebook, just what suits you.” Before I started care I thought chiropractic was, “More of a surface treatment, but I have realised there is a lot more to an assessment and treatment than I thought.”  I was being affected by, “Neck and back pain and dizziness. I wasn’t completely limited but the discomfort and occasional ‘flare up’ was dragging me down.” The difference treatment has made is that I have the, “Freedom to move and ‘cleared’ my head.” I am now able to, “Move freer and have got more energy.” What I found amazing was, “How ‘unlocked’ I felt after each treatment :-).” I found chiropractic care, “Worked straight away, obviously a progressive thing though.” Now I’m feeling, “Good. Should get back for more treatment but finances are limited at the moment. If I could, I’d come in every 2 weeks as an MOT if nothing else.”Anon, (September 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. We give every patient a thorough check up to identify the source of discomfort and start to discover its underlying cause. The more effective we can be in doing this the better results you get. Initially we like to get you more comfortable, symptom free and out of pain. Then we recommend we work together a bit longer to help get you active and enjoying your life again and meeting your goals. We do our best to help you get better and empower you to help yourself. We like to build a positive relationship so each patient feels comfortable coming back when it suits them. Obviously you’ll get better results if you can stick to the treatment plan recommended and we want you to feel it’s a good and easy decision to call us when you need us.

“Thorough And In Depth… Interesting And Beneficial”

My perception of chiropractic care before I started was that I, “Expected manipulation etc to be more violent and painful. Completely surprised how gentle it is.” I sought help from chiropractic care because it was, “Very painful doing certain things. Thought if things go worse I would be in trouble.” The treatment, “Has given me hope that I will be able to continue to be active (for my 81 years) for a few years yet.” I found the chiropractic care worked, “Slowly”. I’ve tried other places, “But no benefit from previous.” I now, “Feel well. More energy.” I have found the chiropractic treatment, “Thorough and in depth.” I now visit for a treatment, “Every 4 weeks.” My favourite things about my experience are, “Less pain, more freedom of movement, more hopeful of progress.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Interesting and beneficial.” The only thing I would add is that, “Owing to the nature of our busy lives and Louis’ hours, it is occasionally difficult to get an appointment satisfactorily.”Anon, (August 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. Our aim is to do our very best for everyone who attends the clinic. We can help people of all ages, but it takes longer depending on how many problems have accumulated. Sometimes we’re very busy but try and be flexible where we can. We’ve now started doing a Saturday morning clinic which should be more convenient.

“Friendly… Effective Treatment”

What I like about my treatment at Back-in-Action is that it’s, “Friendly, (an) effective treatment (and) I have a baby and was able to bring him to appointments.” Before I started care, “My perception was that it was more expensive generally but I find the service you provide very reasonable.” My problem was, “Mainly my shoulder, hard lifting things. It had made feeding times difficult.” Since chiropractic treatment, “Carrying and lifting has been made easier.” Now I’m feeling, “Good. Occasionally it comes back but I have stretches to improve it and will come back if I feel I need to.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Good. I didn’t feel pressured by Jozef or the reception team to book in, when leaving the appointment and was told, ‘We are here for you when you need us.'”Rachel, Ashton (August 2019)


My problem was making me, “Depressed as it stopped most daily activities.” With treatment I, “Recovered and continued exercises that was shown.” What I found amazing was the, “Cause and explanation of problem.” Generally I am now, “Good.” I’ll, “Call as required or twice a year. ” My overall experience has been, “Excellent.” What I liked about my chiropractic at Back-in-Action was the, “Explanation of the injury (and) treatment.” Anon, (June 2019)

“Good But Very Expensive”

I found, Chiropractic, “Didn’t” work for me. I, “Need surgery.” My overall experience was, “Good but very expensive.”Anon, (June 2019)


Back-in-Action Comment: While many people get really excellent results with our care, we can’t always help everyone and for a small minority surgery is the effective option. The outcome of surgery can be dramatically improved with a course of chiropractic treatment prior to the procedure. This probably helps to rebalance some of the underlying issues that are not addressed by the surgery. Whatever your problem we’ll always do our best to point you in the right direction. Our prices we know will be expensive for some people. We try and help with  various discounts, offers throughout the year and opportunities for people to have a ‘Free Case Assessment’ and our philosophy is to provide care that is worth far more than what we actually charge.

“Can Walk Pain Free”

I consulted Back-in-Action initially with, “Knee pain.” I was finding, “Difficulty walking even short distances.” Now I, “Can walk pain free (but) still to ‘test’ hillwalking.” What I found amazing about the chiropractic treatment was, “The link to various muscles/ joints.” With the treatment, “Could feel a difference within weeks.” Generally now I’m feeling, “Good (but) unfit due to the lack of ability to walk distance.” I’m having treatments, “Currently every 4 weeks to avoid reoccurrence.” My overall experience of the clinic was a, “Very pleasant experience.”Susan, Chorley (May 2019)

“In Depth And Tackles The Cause Of The Symptoms”

Before I started care, “I felt I had no strength in my back and I had become weak and unfit. I have been unhappy with these limitations.” I’m hoping with the chiropractic treatment I, “Will be able to lift and be more active. We still haven’t resolved my problem but it has only been 4 sessions. We have found a lot of issues in places I was unaware of – right knee, left ankle etc. Compared to physio it is more in depth and tackles the cause of the symptoms. I like the holistic approach.” Overall experience of the practice is, “Very good. It is calm and very informative.” Having treatment, “At the moment fortnightly – trying to get to the root cause of the pain.”  – David, Preston (May 2019)


I liked the, “Friendliness, politeness (and) ease of talking to Louis.” What has amazed me is, “How everything in the body is all connected.” In general I’m feeling, “Okay at the moment.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Great.”Doreen, Wigan (May 2019)

“Walked In With Pain, Walked Out With None, Fantastic”

The most positive 3 things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was that I, “Walked in with pain, walked out with none, fantastic”. Before I started chiropractic treatment, “I didn’t think it would help me but after a lot of appointments its really helped me.” Initially, “I couldn’t sit up because of the pain in my neck. I couldn’t make the bed, drive (or) certain housework.” Now I am, “Pain free most of the time. I can drive short distances and make the bed.” What I found particularly amazing was, “The relief of pain.” The, “First time I came I was in very bad pain. The relief the next day was fantastic.” In general I am feeling, “A lot better than I was.” What I didn’t expect to improve was, “I fell and fractured my wrist Dec 2017. I couldn’t make a fist. I can’t do it fully now but I’m a lot better. Also I couldn’t hold a pen to write, although handwriting skill not as good as it was.” I’ve found the chiropractic hands on treatment, “Good.” Initially, “I was every two weeks. I have now been able to go five weeks.” My overall experience of the clinic is that its, “Very nice, reception ladies are very helpful. You provided an excellent service.”Ann, Penwortham (April 2019)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks very much for your positive feedback. Always a pleasure to help. Not everyone gets instantaneously pain free – usually it takes 4-8 weeks to feel consistently improved. Most people also need a few exercises and lifestyle adjustments to help them to retain the benefits. We like doing our job because so often we’re helping make a big improvement to people’s lives.

“A Lot Better”

My perception of Chiropractic before I started was that I, “Thought it was for injuries. Never thought my posture etc. could have such an impact and cause such pain.” Before I started care it was, “Painful to the point I couldn’t walk properly.” It was, “Very frustrating.” Once I started care, “Almost straight away I could feel the positive impacts.” What I found amazing was, “The pressure points and learnt how to avoid in the future with a few simple changes.” Chiropractic care worked, “straight away.” Now I feel, “A lot better – never had the pain back anywhere as bad as it was.” I found the Chiropractic care , “Very good.” I come back every, “8 weeks at the moment as not fully recovered,” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.” 3 most positive things, “Relaxing environment, positive staff, clean.” –  Jackie, Penwortham (February 2019)

“Very Good Treatment”

Before I started treatment my problem was, “Stopping me enjoying life.” I, “Could not sleep very well.” What I found amazing was, “How soon I was feeling better.” It worked, “Right away.” Now I’m feeling, “Very well. I hope to come back every 2 months.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very Good.” My favourite things about the clinic was, “The friendliness of staff, the comfortable clinic (and) the very good treatment.”Anon, (December 2018)

“I Am Feeling A Lot Happier”

Before I started care I was, “Always in pain, tired, worried.” With treatment at Back-in-Action I am now, “Not so tired, less pain, no worry.” What amazed me was, “How quickly the pain lessened.” It worked, “After the 2nd session.” Now, “I am feeling a lot happier. I still have slight pain so I am hoping with time it will ease. I come back every 2-3 weeks. Treatment works well for me.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Very satisfactory from reception to treatment room.” My favourite things about Back-in-Action are the, “Relaxed atmosphere. Everything explained in depth. Always on time.”Mary, Blackpool (November 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: We’re are very pleased to be able to help you. Thanks for your comments.

“First Class”

What I most liked about the clinic was: “Very friendly staff. Kamar is first class. Treatment worked.” Before I started at Back-in-Action I was suffering with a , “Painful back.” With the treatment, “I feel good now.” What most amazed me was the, “Very good treatment.” I found the chiropractic care worked, “Very soon.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “First class.”Alex, Penwortham (November 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it when our clients make the effort to let us know about their experience.

“Pain Free Almost Immediately”

My favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action  was, “Becoming pain free almost immediately, explanations in simple terms (and) being left to make own decisions on further treatments. I thought it would take longer than it did for treatment to work but it was almost instant.” Before treatment life, “Was hard at work as it hurt to sit for long periods and I couldn’t run or go to the gym. It got me down.” Now, “I am doing everything I was doing before my problem.” I’d tried to get help from other places, the, “Doctors prescribed Medication – Physio didn’t work that well. Your treatment worked.” Now I am feeling, “Very well. I am going to try to come back for a check about everything 3/6 months.” Overall I am, “Very satisfied.”Jane, Nr Chorley (October 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your comments. Many people do indeed respond very quickly to chiropractic treatments. It depends on what’s caused the problem, how bad it is and how long you’ve had problems for. In our experience most people are largely pain free in 6-8 weeks. The most complicated issues take considerably longer. We usually see those who have already tried the medication/ physio approach and it hasn’t worked for them. Often we find people need a combination of approaches to get a really good result.

“Much Better”

Before I started care I, “Did not know anything about chiropractic.” Now, ” I know so much more about the body, now it has been explained. ” I, “Could not walk too far without pain, felt pretty fed up, as I am an outdoor sort of person. As the treatment continues, I am able to walk further.” What I found amazing was, “I did not realise how muscles, nerves and joints all work together.” I felt the chiropractic care worked, “After about 3-4 sessions”. Now I feel, “Much better.” I’ve found the chiropractic treatment, “Very good. I now come back every 2-3 weeks to keep my body in better working order.” Overall impression of the clinic, “Excellent.” My most favourite things about Back-in-Action was the, “Explanation of the problem, best possible way to deal with it, (and) listen to what my problem is.”Johnson, Penwortham (October 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. Very glad you’re feeling better.  The way the joints, muscles and nerves work together is indeed endlessly amazing!

“Overall Impression Was Fantastic. I Would Thoroughly Recommend.”

My favourite things about the clinic are that it is, “Professional, friendly (and) extremely knowledgeable.” Before I started, “I had no knowledge of chiropractic – I was quickly educated about its relevance to overall health.” My problem, “Was waking me at night and inhibiting my driving… it made me feel unhappy and sometimes frightened of the potential consequences.” Now, “I am pain-free and feel much happier. I can drive without any restrictions. I feel much better in general. My vertigo has almost completely resolved.” I was amazed by, “How quickly my condition improved.” Chiropractic worked, “Almost immediately. The hands on treatment was very effective and fast in  its results. I return every 2 weeks initially as advised in the clinic. ” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very professional and very friendly – a great combination. Overall impression was fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend.” –Barbie, Leyland (October 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. We do our best to find staff who are highly skilled and motivated to provide a great service.

“Dramatically Improved…. Thank You!!”

Before I started care at Back-in-Action, “I had previously seen a chiropractor.” I was in, “Extreme pain, reduced mobility resulting in fatigue and feeling fed up.” The, “Pain has now gone, feel more flexible. Can now sit and drive without pain.” What I found particularly amazing about my chiropractic care was, “The spine and how important it is to general health.” I responded, “Within the first week of treatment.” Now I feel, “Dramatically improved. The treatment was excellent – I intend to come back for regular treatment.” Overall impression was, “Excellent. Thank you!!” I liked the, “Expertise, results (and) efficiency.”A, Preston (October 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. We’re here to help and it’s a pleasure to hear about how most of our clients improve with care and appreciate the service we provide.

“Find The Whole Experience Amazing”

Before I started care, “I wasn’t sure how qualified a chiropractor was going to be. I have had treatment one before with a chiropractor and it didn’t help.” Before going to Back-in-Action, ” I could not go running (my favourite sport) or dance. I have only had a few treatments and I danced before I should gave done so set myself back. So at present can’t do the things I want to. However after treatment I feel pain free. I find the whole experience amazing, how my Chiropractor knows exactly when to apply pressure and the knowledge he has. It is taking time but I haven’t helped myself.” I’ve tried to get help from, “Several,” places. ” This is providing the most benefit. I was only getting worse with the previous practitioner.” Now, “I feel that I am more aligned and posture improved.” I have found the chiropractic hands on treatment, “Very good. I come back once a month as my hip, knee and foot, still need assistance. What I most liked about my care at Back-in-Action was, “The knowledge and skills my Chiropractor possesses means I am able to fully trust him. The explanations I am given are clear and I feel comfortable asking questions. The promise that I shall not be having long term treatment (in 6 months or more) before I see improvements.” My criticism would be that, “My chiropractor only works 2 days for a couple of hours each time so it has been tricky on occasion to fit appointments in but worth it.” A solution might be, “More availability but obviously my Chiropractor probably has other commitments.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Very good. Reception staff welcoming, friendly and helpful. Clinic is very clean, comfy and there is parking.”Andrea, Bamber Bridge (August 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: Thanks for your feedback. The chiropractor you saw is only able to work with us on Tuesday and Thursday 2-7 pm as he has other commitments, but we have chiropractic cover 8-7 most weekdays. The parking on Cop Lane is a bit tricky at the moment with the building next door. If available there is some parking in front of the clinic but please allow a little extra time in case you have to park further away. The situation should improve later in the year. 

“Very Friendly (and) Competent”

What I most liked about my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was the, “Promptness,” that it was, “Very friendly (and) competent.” Before I started treatment I, “Could not walk without pain.” Now I, “Get more jobs done without pain.” I found, “It took quite a few sessions,” for it to work. I have found the chiropractic hands on treatment, “Very good.” I’m coming, “Back every 2-3 weeks” for follow up treatment at the moment. My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very Good”.Anon, (August 2018)

“1000 X Better… The Only One to Properly Help Me Feel Better or Really Make Any Improvement”

My favourite things about my care at Back-in-Action was it, “Helping me feel so well, reducing the amount of pain I’m in (and) learning so much about what is happening.” My possible criticism is that, “More evening appointments are needed (more than 2 a week).” Before I started chiropractic care  I thought, “That it would really hurt and it’s not half as painful as I thought it would be.” My problem meant, “I couldn’t live my life, it was put completely on hold. I wasn’t able to exercise and now I am slowly building it back up.” What I’ve found particularly amazing is, “The extent of progress and improvement I’ve made.” I found chiropractic care worked, “After a few weeks.” I have tried to get help with this problem from, “More people than I have room to list. Louis is the only one to properly help me feel better or really make any improvement.” Now I’m, “Quite well. 1000 X better than I did feel but still have a way to go.” I now attend weekly because this is helping me make the most improvement.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Very positive. Would recommend to others. I’m just very grateful for the help he’s given me.”Anon, (July 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: we provide chiropractic  ‘out of hours’ cover 5 days a week and try and be flexible to fit people in beyond this if we can. We also have massages available 9-2 on a Saturday.

“Helpful, Friendly (and) Excellent Knowledge of Problems”

My favourite things about my chiropractic experience was that I found it, “Helpful, friendly (and) excellent knowledge of problems. I was finding it difficult to walk, feeling down.” There was, “No difference made” with the treatment. I found the, “Treatment okay.” Now, “I am trying to get help from my GP and physiotherapist.” The overall experience of the clinic was that it was a, “Good experience (and) knowledgeable staff.”Terri, Penwortham (July 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: we weren’t able to help Terri on this occasion but hopefully have pointed her in the right direction to get the help she needs.

“My Back Has Been Cured”

What I liked most about my care at Back-in-Action was it, “Making me better.”  Before I started care my view on chiropractic was, “I thought it was a ‘rip off’ but after treatment it has changed for the better. My back was a problem – could not bend correctly.” Now, “My back has been cured – must not do anything to aggravate it.” It took, “2-3 weeks.” Now I’m feeling, “Very well.” I have found the chiropractic treatment, “Very good.” My only criticism would be the, “Price.”John, Penwortham (July 2018)

Back-in-Action Comment: we appreciate that some people see the costs of treatment as prohibitive so we run various offers and promotions throughout the year to help reduce the burden.

“Immediate Pain Relief”

My favourite things about my care at Back-in-Action was the, “Very knowledgeable chiropractor, good techniques,” and that they, “Gave me some exercises.” Before I started chiropractic care I’d, “Never had it before -pleasantly surprised.” I, “Couldn’t get out of bed – frustrated.” Now I’m, “50% better than before – better movement.” What was amazing was, “The adjustments – immediate pain relief. After the fourth visit significant improvement. Not at 100% yet but still attending the clinic.” Have found the treatment, “Very good. Was attending weekly – now every 3 weeks.” Overall impression of the clinic, “Good.”Mathew, Preston (July 2018)

“Absolutely Brilliant”

What I enjoyed most about my experience at Back-in-Action was the “The relief it brought, being relaxed (and) feeling understood. I originally thought it was about cracking joints. I now understand how it relates to your body.” I was in, “Constant discomfort. Could not sit down for prolonged periods i.e. at work. Very painful.” I have found treatment has given me, “More movement and general comfort.” It worked, “Straight away. Feeling very well now, posture has also improved. I think its great to be able to come in and get help straight from the first appointment. Absolutely brilliant.”Caroline, Leyland (June 2018)

“I Am Having Headache and Neck Ache Free Days Which is Fantastic.”

The things I liked most about my chiropractic care was that, “Louis always explained everything, I feel my posture is improving and less headaches (and) hopefully this is going to make me feel better.” Before I started chiropractic care, “I thought it was all about bones but have discovered that its much more than that. My headaches were daily and life was hard especially at my work. I am having headache and neck ache free days which is fantastic. I can read more which I enjoy. Sorting my posture out is a bonus and I’m aware of standing and sitting straighter now.” Chiropractic care, “Took longer than expected and still ongoing. I’m better than I was when I first came in to your clinic.” I’ve found the chiropractic care, “Very good.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Very good.”Anon (June 2018)

“After My First Session I Felt Instant Relief.”

Liked that at Back-in-Action, “Everything was explained clearly in ‘layman’s’ terms.” Initially, “I couldn’t move my neck properly. It was affecting my daily life and sleep.” Now, “I am back to normal, sleeping better than before.” What was amazing was that, “After my first session I felt instant relief.” Now, I feel, “Very well in general. I will continue to come back for maintenance treatment.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.”Jen, Preston (June 2018)

“Very Good”

My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action was that they, “Talked through my problem, (their) mannerism and (their) attitude.” I would like it if they had more, “Later appointments.” Before I started care, I was having, “Pain whilst working.” Treatment has helped by giving me, “Easy movement”. I found the chiropractic care worked, “Very quickly.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good.” – Norman, Penwortham (June 2018)

“A Very Good Experience… Carry On the Good Work”

Before  treatment I was, “Not able to bend down or sit without my hip hurting (and) not able to stand for long periods of time. (It was) very debilitating.” The difference treatment has made to my life is that I have, “No pain – hip free from pain – I feel I have very easy moveable joints and can move freely and will use the exercises in the future to help me.” What amazed me was, “The knowledge that different parts connecting my problem i.e. hip inflammation – given head/ eye exercises.” Felt that chiropractic worked by, “2nd/3rd visit. Big improvement straight after sports massage also – with Becky. Feeling well now – upper back feeling more supple also. Not as ‘tight’ in the shoulders. Will definitely come back – if problems return.” The most positive things about my experience and chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was the, “Locality of the practise, (the) knowledge and easy approach of the practitioners (and I) felt that I would be helped.” I will, “Continue with a massage once a month to keep muscles loose and free from tension.” Overall have found the care at Back-in-Action, “A very good experience – with many experienced practitioners offering various services. Carry on the good work. Many thanks.”Clare, Penwortham (April 2018)

“I Didn’t Think it Would Actually Work, but I Swear by it Now”

“I didn’t think it would actually work, but I swear by it now.” Before I was in, “Constant pain on certain movements and in sleep. Made me feel that it would always be like this. I can train certain movements at the gym now. (I) noticed a difference straight a way.” I have tried to get help from other places, “I have seen faster results from you.” In general I am now, “Good – a lot better than before. I probably should come back for another appointment soon.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.” What I liked most about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was, “That it works, (it’s) professional (and) you understand how it is helping you.”James, Penwortham (April 2018)


“Friendly, Knowledgeable (and) Caring”

Found Back-in-Action, “Friendly, knowledgeable (and) caring.” Before starting, “I thought chiro only dealt with physical obvious issues and tweaked to ease the pain or the condition.  Louis’ so knowledgeable on kinesiology and many other things I just wouldn’t have thought from a chiro.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.” – Pamela, Chorley (April 2018)


“Got Me Back to Work Without Pain”

Before my first appointment I, “Could not move my head, now I don’t have move all my body,” and I can, “Turn my head right to left.” I found, “All of,” my experience of chiropractic particularly amazing. It worked, “After the first visit.” I now feel, “Good. It got me back to work without pain.”Barrie, Higher Walton (March 2018)


“Wasn’t Sure it Would Work for Me, Now I Know it Does”

Before starting care I, “wasn’t sure if it would work for me, and now I know it does.” Had an, “Annoying pain everyday and affecting the activities I could do.” Chiropractic treatment has helped me, “Manage (the) back pain and keep on top of it.” What I found amazing about the chiropractic treatment was, “The weird pressure points. After the first treatment felt better.” I have tried getting help from other places but I, “Felt you offered more continuity of care.” Now I have, “No more headaches, drinking more water – feel better in general. I wish I could come every week – once a month currently.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Excellent.” What I liked about my experience at Back-in-Action was that they, “Explained what was wrong with me, helped stop the pain,” and, “Suggested ways to help myself i.e. lifting etc.”Anon (March 2018)


“Really Pleased With the Results So Far”

Before I visited Back-in-Action, “I was miserable, my bad back, made life uncomfortable, interrupted sleep and stopped me training. I had tried so many different approaches to my bad back, none of which worked.” I’d tried, “Stretching, yoga and physio – but none of them worked. I thought this was another, but I am really pleased with the results so far.” Feeling, “Very well. Still a little way to got yet, but a lot better. I have restarted training. I have learned how to correct my posture.” I am now returning, “About every 6 weeks at the moment as I still have a little pain left.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Fantastic.” Like the, “Friendliness of staff. Convenience. Results!” –Chris, Walmer Bridge (January 2018)



Before I started care my perception of chiropractic was that it was, “Hocus Pocus!” I now know, “It’s real!” I had, “Back pain,” that “disrupted all aspects of life.” It was, “Constant, nagging,” and causing, “depression.” Now, “My mood has lifted. I am no longer in constant pain. I’m easier to live with.” What was amazing to me was, “How fast I saw results. After the 1st session I saw improvements and this continued.” Before I sought care at Back-in-Action I saw an, “NHS Physio – I was given exercises and discharged but the problem never resolved fully and gradually got worse again.” Now generally I am, “Pretty good – I think I need to be coming in for regular ‘maintenance check’ though as I don’t want to end up in a mess.” I have found the chiropractic hands on treatment, “Excellent.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Fantastic!” My favourite things about my experience and care at Back-in-Action was that, “It helped!” the, “Friendly staff (and the) professionalism.”Rachel, Blackpool (December 2017)

“Back to Normal – in Fact Better Than What Normal Felt Like”

I was a, “Touch sceptical,” before I started care at Back-in-Action, “But couldn’t see an alternative.” My problem, “Affected my sleep, lost my ‘happy’ during the day and no patience at all.” With a course of treatment I feel, “Back to normal – in fact better than what normal felt like.” Was amazed by, “The speed of recovery.” It worked, “Within days.” Generally now I, “Feel terrific. I came every 2-3 weeks and now 4-6 weeks at the chiropractor suggestion.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent!” Liked that the clinic is, “Local,” the, “Price and appointment sessions starting very prompt.” – Janet, New Longton (November 2017)

What I Found Amazing Was The, “Easing Of symptoms”

Initially I was, “Unsure about using the service.” I began to, “Feel better once treatment started.” My problem was, “Affecting my posture,” creating, “Difficulty walking – pain in back and hips.” With treatment I now have, “Better posture (and) less pain.” What I found amazing was the, “Easing of symptoms.” Chiropractic worked in, “3-4 weeks.” Still, “Stiff in the lower back – improvement in agility.” The, “Treatment (is) good – no painful after affects (have) had approx. 8 treatments.” Overall experience of the clinic was, “Good.” Liked my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action because it was, “Easy to discuss issues, friendly atmosphere (and) good advice on posture etc.”Anon (November 2017)

“Good Results On My Treatment”

“Good results on my treatment. Felt relaxed during treatment.” Before treatment thought chiropractors were a, “Bunch of quacks! But proved wrong from first day of treatment.” My problem was affecting me, “Very badly, 2-3 years slowly getting less walking, more aches and pains. No holidays, had to stop my love of crown green bowling, depressed, very low, every step painful.” Now, “Not 100% but walking far better. Can now walk reasonable distance before pain comes back. Feeling far more confident standing better, feeling great in myself.” What amazed me was, “How quickly a problem can be cured if treated properly. Lost ache in my legs after the first treatment. Walking 80% after 4 treatments.” Now I’m, “Feeling well, getting back to as I was. Still coming back as I feel I need more treatment at present.” Overall experience of the clinic is, “Very good.”Colin, Penwortham (August 2017)

“I Find the Treatment Excellent… Feeling Much More Flexible and Less Back Discomfort”

Before I started care I, “Didn’t know much about it. Sometimes I think they get a bad press. My perception has changed.” Now I’m, “Feeling much more flexible and less back discomfort. The whole experience has been good. Still having on going treatment. I am feeling fine. I find the treatment excellent. Treatment (is) ongoing, every 3 weeks along with massage.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Very good.” What impressed me most about my care at Back-in-Action was the, “Experience of (my) chiropractor, (that it was a) comfortable experience – didn’t know hat to expect (and that it is a) nice environment, calming.”Anon, (June 2017)

Liked The, “Listening and Understanding… Feeling A Lot Better Within Myself”

My overall experience of the clinic has been, “Excellent”. Before I started care my perceptions of chiropractic was, “Negative as have had friends and family that said it seemed ok to start but then changed their minds. I first attend(ed) for physio from Becky who is brilliant.” With the chiropractic initially I, “Did not know I had a problem. Had (a) free consultation and then he touched my back (and) discovered it was out of line.” What I found amazing with the chiropractic treatment was, “When I could move much easier after treatment suggesting the ice pack treatment and advice on coffee and sitting etc. Not noticed anything in particular,” beneficial from the treatment, “as yet but I am feeling a lot better within myself.” I have found the hands on treatment, “Very good. Just going to have treatment as think that should sort it and cost comes into it at the mo.” What I like most about my chiropractic experience and care at Back-in-Action was the, “Listening and understanding, explaining my problem,” and that the, “Treatment (is) fairly painless.”Ruth, Bamber Bridge (June 2017)

“Friendly Service, Brilliant Chiropractor and You Definitely get Your Money’s Worth. I Would Highly Recommend Back-in-Action to Anyone.” 

My favourite things about my chiropractic experience and care at Back-in-Action was the, “Personal and friendly service, detailed explanation of the problem and possible solutions (and that) Austin always gives as much time as is needed and doesn’t rush through the appointment.”

Before I started care, “I thought it would be similar to physiotherapy but there is so much more to it and it is all explained in greater depth.” Before visiting Back-in-Action I felt, “Very prone to injury and reluctant to try any form of exercise (and) hoping this will change in the future.” “I feel instantly better after each session but still don’t feel confident enough yet to try anything.” What’s amazing about my chiropractic experience is that, “It’s very personal and feels tailored around me and my individual needs. Austin is really easy to get on with and you never feel like you’re taking to much of his time.” In the past, “I saw another chiropractor on one occasion about 2 years ago but it was just some physical manipulation which made little difference and not much explanation of what the problem might be.” Now,”On the whole, I’m in less pain than I was before I started treatment. To be honest, I didn’t think I would improve at all. I’m not where I want to be yet but I feel positive that I will get there.” I have found, “The hands on treatment is unbelievable. Austin is amazing at what he does and I can’t believe how much better I feel when I leave. I come every 3 weeks at the moment as I feel ready for my next session by then.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Fantastic. I can’t fault it. Friendly service, brilliant chiropractor and you definitely get your money’s worth. I would highly recommend Back-in-Action to anyone.”Suzanne, Preston (May 2017)


Before attending Back-in-Action I was struggling with, “Digestive problems, weight loss (extreme).” Treatment is, “Helping me to digest food and put on weight.” The treatment, “Started helping within a few weeks.” Now I’m, “Feeling a lot better but not perfect yet.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Excellent.” –Christine, Chorley (May 2017)

“Felt like a Spring Lamb :-)”

 Initially I was a bit, “Sceptical,” about chiropractic. Before treatment I was, “Unable to work properly and (it was) effecting my leisure time – sport. |After several treatments everything’s getting easier.” What’s amazed me is, “How the body is all linked together.” I, “Felt positive after each session. Felt like a spring lamb :-).” Feel, “Lots better. Found (the) treatment very good, still coming 1/2 weeks.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Friendly, caring (and) professional… Excellent.”Darren, Croston (May 2017)

“A Good Route to Follow”

Before I started care I was, “Sceptical, I now think it is a good route to follow.” The problem was causing me, “Discomfort and restricting my activity.” Now I feel , “Back to what I consider a normal active lifestyle.” Chiropractic worked after a few sessions of test and trial recommended worked very well.” Overall the experience was, “Very good. Keep up the good work.” My favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action are that it is, “Friendly, feeling of competence (and) not rushed.”Anon (April 2017)

“The Holistic Approach… has Proved Very Effective”

What I particularly liked about my experience of chiropractic care at Back-in-Action is, “The treatment – holistic approach, friendliness (and) appointment reminders.” Before I started care I was, “Not sure what to expect – manipulation? Didn’t expect the holistic approach which has proved very effective.” My problem was, “Stopping me from fully enjoying life. Stopping my attendance of gym classes. Uncomfortable most of the time.” Now I, “Can do everything I want to.” what was amazing was the, “Speed of recovery and improvement in my general health.” It worked, “Almost immediately.” I’ve tried to get help elsewhere and you are, “No comparison and also without drugs.” Now I feel, “Very well.” The chiropractic treatment has been, “Interesting!” I now return for treatment, “When advised -4/5 weeks.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Excellent.”Linda, Penwortham (March 2017)

“Extremely Positive and I Now Recommend it to my Friends.” 

I liked, “Louis’ down to earth attitude, the fact that he listens to what I have to say,” and the, “Reduced rates for OAPs.” Before I started care I, “Didn’t know what to expect. Everything has been explained about the treatment with very positive outcomes.” My problem, “Caused 2 visits to A&E and being supplied with morphine… but didn’t solve the problem. I was frightened to do anything that might aggravate the problem.” The treatment has helped, “I no longer dwell on my problem. I no longer take painkillers and am now trying to strengthen the affected area.” What’s amazed me is the, “Loss of pain.” The treatment, “Started to work properly after about 6 visits. The underlying problem is now well on the way to being solved. I now feel confident that the pain won’t return. Treatment is superb. Started 2x weekly now hoping to extend to monthly.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Extremely positive and I now recommend it to my friends.”Brenda, Chorley (March 2017)

“Brilliant from Start to Finish”

My favourite aspects of my care at Back-in-Action was that, “The explanations were very clear.” I was, “Made to feel very comfortable.” I also liked that we, “Don’t just talk about the sessions. Have actual conversations. The knowledge of Austin is great and interesting to hear him talk.” Before I started care, “I believed seeing a physio and a chiropractor were the same. Now I’ve learnt that they have similarities but can be completely different.” My problem was affecting, “My ability to exercise (and) my ability to eat and drink certain foods,” which made me, “frustrated and upset. I can now exercise easier. I can now also eat any food I want without repercussions.” What I found particularly amazing where, “The methods, I was quite sceptical at first… but you cannot deny the results.” Chiropractic worked, “Straight away. However it is only temporary as it doesn’t fix the root cause but Austin has helped me find the root causes and given me recommendations to get it fixed.” I’ve tried other places, “And they haven’t helped as well. The only thing that has come close is sports massage.” Now, “I feel a lot more positive, that I can now run and eat normally. My foot pain improved as did my back. It’s helped my entire body. It has helped my headaches to. It was interesting to get used to a different treatment method of treatment.” My overall experience was, “Brilliant from start to finish.”Charlotte, Barnsley (February 2017)

“Would have no Hesitation to Come Back Now I Know what is Involved.”

“I was rather wary at first, didn’t know what to expect but came out feeling better so wouldn’t hesitate to come again.” My problem was, “Very painful – affecting my work and driving.” The treatment, “Solved (it) no problem and no recurring pain.” What was particularly amazing about my chiropractic treatment was that, “It was a whole new experience!!:)” It worked, “Within days.” Now I’m feeling , “Very well.” I liked it that the, “Appointment (was) same day without hesitation, seen on time – no delay (and a) follow up appointment within 48 hours.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Very interesting – would have no hesitation to come back now I know what is involved.”Anon, Preston (February 2017)

Amazed by, “The Knowledge of my Chiropractor”

Before starting care, “I was nervous the treatment would not end. I was in pain and unhappy.” Now my jaw is much more comfortable.” I was amazed by, “The knowledge of my chiropractor and the time he took to explain my issues.” I found chiropractic worked, “Immediately. I was also using an acupuncture service. Both treatments complimented each other.” Now I feel, “Very well.” At the moment I come back for treatment every, “3 weeks now, ” because the, “Treatment is effective.” I have had a, “Very positive” overall experience of the clinic. “Thank you.”Anon, Walton-le-Dale (February 2017)

“Extremely Amazing … the Most Positive Treatment I have Received” 

“I felt really ill and in a lot of pain on my first visit, but felt much better after. After 4 visits I was almost 100% better.” Before I started care, “I didn’t think it would make much difference to me. However, I have been having physiotherapy, acupuncture, deep heat therapy etc. and nothing worked. I am normally a very fit person, attending the gym most mornings. My problem would not allow me to do this and I even found it difficult to walk. I am now able to got to the gym and carry on with my usual/ normal activities. I was amazed how quickly the treatment worked for me. I was feeling the benefit after the 2nd visit, which I found amazing as I had been having treatment with a physiotherapist for 4-6 weeks.” Now, “I have received this treatment I don’t require help from anyone else. I am almost back to normal, although I do worry about the problem returning. I found the treatment amazing and now I return every 4 weeks.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Extremely amazing and the most positive treatment I have received.” I also liked the, “Friendly atmosphere.”Julie, Longridge (October 2016)

“I Would and Do Recommend Them If You Have A Problem”

“Franco really listens and sorts out your problem with good explanation. I feel so much better after I’ve been.” I like that, “I know now I have somewhere to go if I have problems.” My perception of chiropractic before I went to Back-in-Action was that, “I thought when I went to one last time it was a waste of money. My experience with Back-in-Action has been so different I would and do recommend them if you have a problem.  I had a sore lower back. I sat on one cheek of my bottom all the time. It was affecting my feeling of wellbeing. I now sit correctly. I stand correctly and I can ride my horse and not feel uncomfortable in the saddle.” I was amazed by, “How quick it worked.” I’ve tried to get help with this problem elsewhere and there was, “No comparison,” to the care at Back-in-Action. Generally now I feel, “Very well. I stand straighter.” Initially, I found the treatment, “Different and the cracking noise unnerved me at first but Franco quickly makes you feel not worried. I come back monthly.”Lesley, Whitestake (October 2016)

“1st Class Chiropractor And Staff”

“First class chiropractor and staff.” Before I started care, “I could hardly walk.” The treatment, “Eased off my back in spasm.” The treatment worked, “After a few visits.” Now I’m feeling, “Better.” I found the treatment, “Soothing.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.” I, “Highly recommend.”Alan, Penwortham (October 2016)

“Absolutely Excellent. Am So Satisfied With All My Treatment. Husband Booked In!!”

“Francesco listens, thinks, explains, takes great care.” He has a, “Calm, positive approach.” I like that they have, “Great staff.” Before I started care I was experiencing, “Painful movement, walking restrictions, frustrated at not being able to sustain free movement.” Now I am, “Pain free! Life continues as before!” I was amazed by the, “Gentleness of the treatment and the holistic aspect. Also the accuracy of the diagnosis of the problem and subsequent treatment.” I found chiropractic care worked, “Within 3-4 weeks – then continued to improve.” I’ve been to other places and, “You are calmer, explain far better and (at the moment) are better value for money. I am feeling great. Treatment is calm, gentle, confidence inspiring. Now I find a ‘continuation’ treatment (2/3 month intervals) advised and will continue with this to maintain my present health and wellbeing. Absolutely excellent. Am so satisfied with all my treatment. Husband booked in!!”Anon (September 2016)


Am Amazed How Quickly I Have Seen Results… Overall Experience Of The Clinic Is Excellent, Everyone Is Helpful, Friendly And Very Caring.”

I liked, “That time was taken to establish where the problem was coming from, the examination was thorough (and) they relieved the pain quickly.” Before I started care, “I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never been to one before, the only thing I can say is that I thought it might hurt. I was unable to move about freely which was making me feel quite miserable. I am now not in as much pain and am able to do many everyday activities including some of my exercise classes.” What was amazing was, “That some of the pain in my back wasn’t the whole problem.” Chiropractic care, “For me seemed to work quite quickly. I have attended physio. The only difference in treatment I would say is Francesco has pointed out my problem is not all back related and we are addressing the other issue.” I no, “Feel like I have got more energy.” The, “Hands on treatment has been excellent and I am amazed how quickly I have seen results. I am attending monthly at the moment.” My, “Overall experience of the clinic is excellent, everyone is helpful, friendly and very caring.”Pat, Kirkham (August 2016)

“Exceptional And Very Effective”

“I was sceptical at first but with the positive outcome and road to a healthier outcome my perception has changed.” Before starting care, “Some daily chores and driving was affecting me. The dull deep pain was becoming a struggle to manage. The pain was getting me down and (I was) depressed.” The difference treatment has made is, “Having more energy and doing the things we take for granted in life. Having the dull negative energy released has lifted and eased away the pain. The ability of Austin to understand my symptoms and reach a diagnosis was remarkable. Austin quickly recognised my problems and how misaligned I was. ” What amazed me was, “The muscle reflex test and how this works to find out intolerances and how it affects the body. The simple movements and techniques that were used to eliminate any causes or problems were amazing.” I found treatment worked, “Immediately. After a few days felt more supple and able to do everyday tasks.” I’d tried, “Doctors and herbalists. Their theory and prognosis doesn’t come close. Austin treats in a holistic way finds the root cause and looks at the whole body to investigate any underlying problems.” Now I’m, “80% better. The sciatic type pain in my left leg has gone.” I found chiropractic care, “Exceptional and very effective. I come back every 2-3 weeks to get spinal and neck alignment as face, jaw, spine and neck were twisted and misaligned.” Found my experience was, “Very friendly, professional and caring approach. Keep up the amazing work that puts conventional medicine, theories and practises to shame.”Anon, (August 2016)

“I Got Better!”

What I liked about Back-in-Action was the, “Friendliness of staff, (the) way Francesco explained everything (and) the fact I got better! Had been to another chiropractor before seeing Francesco so knew what to expect.” Before treatment I was, “Unable to got to work, do housework/ shopping, unable to engage in leisure pursuits.” Since treatment, “I am able to do all things I did before which has reduced my stress level, being a single parent.” I found the treatment worked, “Very quickly.” I tried, “Painkillers from GP, helped in that they masked the pin but didn’t cure it, unlike chiropractic!!” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.”Jools, Penwortham (July 2016)

“The First Time I Was Pain Free After About 4 Years Was Pretty Amazing”

Before I started care at Back-in-Action I, “Had no knowledge of chiropractic. It was a case of ‘What harm can it do?’ after having years of treatment by drugs to manage pain.” I was affected by, “Chronic pain, affecting most things that I did. Unable to continue my job, constantly tired. Now, have nearly pain free life. Just occasional twinges. Back at work, although not the job I did, but one similar, with less risk of injury. The first time I was pain free after about 4 years was pretty amazing.” Chiropractic worked, “After a couple of months, in first instance. Recent trips brought almost immediate improvements.” Before chiropractic care I tried the, “GP just gave me drugs and referred to the pain management, who showed me how to manage pain.” With chiropractic care now, “Feeling generally good.” My experience of the chiropractic hands on treatment was that, ” At first, wasn’t sure, but glad I persevered. I describe it to people as sometimes quite brutal, sometimes intimate but it works.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very positive. Have recommended you to a number of colleagues at work.”Michael, Ashton-on-Ribble (July 2016)

After 1st Session All Was 100% Better.”

Before I was started care I was, “Occasionally unable to get on with things. Now all is good.” The treatment has helped make my life, “Much better. After 1st session all was 100% better.” Generally now I feel, “Very good.” The chiropractic treatment was, “Excellent.” I return, “About every 10 days for now.”Thomas, Longton (July 2016)

“The  Treatment So Far Has Made A Huge Difference”

Before I started treatment at Back-in-Action, “The pain used to stop me sleeping which made me feel tired all the time. The pain relief from the doctor also made me tired and lethargic. The (chiropractic/ acupuncture) treatment so far has made a huge difference to my health in general. I am sleeping better and I can move my neck more than I have done in  years. I am amazed at how quickly I began to feel so much better, even another health issue is much improved. The chiropractic care in conjunction with my acupuncture sessions made my symptoms improve very quickly. I am generally feeling the best I have felt in years. Aside from the improvement in pain I just feel I have more energy and sleep much better. The chiropractic treatment is good. I am currently having a session once a fortnight with a session of acupuncture in between. My overall experience of the clinic has been fantastic. Everyone is very friendly and the treatment has given me a better quality of life already. I have already recommended you to a colleague who has been (for) treatment with you and has also found improvement in their condition.”   What I like most about my experience at back-in-Action was the, “Manner of my chiropractor, (the) improvement in my condition/ health (and) convenient appointment times.”Angela, Penwortham (June 2016)

Now, “I Can Enjoy Doing What I Love…I’ve Sent 3 Other People To You In The Last Couple Of Weeks. All Are Now Happy.”

My favourite things about my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action is that I am, “Now living a pain free life,” I, “Know I’ve always got somewhere to go,” and I’ve, “Found somewhere that is value for money.” Before I started chiropractic care at Back-in-Action I was, “Dubious – tried a man before and was highly disappointed with the outcome and he cost me a fortune. Franco was totally different. He sussed what was wrong, fixed it and didn’t overcharge.” Before treatment, “I was in continual pain. I struggled with my job. It made me feel bad tempered and feel down.” Treatment at Back-in-Action has made, “One big difference. I’m not in pain, I can ride my motorbike and easily look over my shoulder so I can enjoy doing what I love.” The amazing thing was, “Finding out there was a problem with my neck. I thought it was my back. Now I can turn my head a round freely.” I found the treatment worked, “Very quickly. It was amazing.” I’d tried other places but, “Got nowhere till Franco sorted it.” Now I’m, “Very well. I’m a happier being.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Excellent… Glad I found you and keep up the good work. I’ve sent 3 other people to you in the last couple of weeks. All are now happy.”Gordon, Whitestake (June 2016)

“Excellent. Would Recommend To Anyone.”

“Didn’t have many,” perceptions about chiropractic before I started, “But (it was) less painful than I thought.” Before care the, “Aching got me down after a while when it appeared daily etc. couldn’t enjoy dancing with my daughter.” With treatment I, “Don’t suffer with it every day now or for as long. Still experience it though if been standing/ walking for a lot of the day and it still affects me skipping/ dancing a bit.” What was amazing was, “How much in your body is linked through your back, etc.” I found chiropractic care worked, “After a couple of sessions.” My, “Doctor didn’t really see it as much of a problem and would’ve had to wait a long time on (the) NHS anyway.” I’m, “Certainly better than before visiting Back-in-Action.” I, “Come back as often as (the) chiropractor advises, as (my) condition does improve after coming. The treatment doesn’t take long and isn’t painful at all.” My overall impression is, “Excellent. Would recommend to anyone.” My favourite things about my experience and care at Back-in-Action was the, “Knowledge of (the) chiropractor, (the) improvement of condition since attending Back-in-Action (and the) appointment times available outside of working hours.”Sarah, Penwortham (May 2016)

“Will Not Hesitate To Visit Again Should The need Arise”

Before starting chiropractic care I, “Didn’t fully understand what was available. I couldn’t turn my head either way and (I was) in constant pain (and it) was (a) pretty miserable time. Was a short term injury which after 2 sessions repaired.” Now I’m, “Feeling fine, (the) injury (has) healed. Feel in good hands”, with the treatment. The overall experience was, “Fine. Will not hesitate to visit again should the need arise.” What I liked most about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was that they, “Understood (the) cause of the problem and gave (a) full explanation, concentrated on (the) problem and surrounding area (and) keep me fully informed of what he was doing.”Phil, Penwortham (May 2016)

“Excellent – Have Already Recommended”. 

Before I started chiropractic care,” I thought it would just be about cracking bones/ joints. Austin has shown me that it is much more than that. I found it difficult to exercise and I was in a lot of pain afterwards – so far I have been okay. The food intolerances have also meant that I am not permanently in discomfort.” With treatment I am, “Not in discomfort all the time, feel healthier and have lost weight.” What was amazing was, “That I felt the difference almost immediately.” It worked, “As soon as I left the clinic and (I was) better again after 2 days.” Now “Generally I feel better and not bloated.” Overall experience, “Excellent – have already recommended”. My favourite things about my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was the, “Relief from pain straight away, how my pain was explained to me and treatment,” and the, “Friendliness of (the) staff.”Dawn, Penwortham (May 2016)

“Explain What They Are Doing And Why”

What I liked about Back-in-Action was that they are, “Great people,” and they were able to, “Explain clearly,” and, “Explain what they are doing and why.” Initially, “I wasn’t so keen to start with because I had heard popping joint was bad.” Before care, “I couldn’t lift heavy things (or) bend over quick. (I) felt old and depressed.” With chiropractic treatment, “Once I had it done I felt it had changed the way I was standing.” I was amazed by, “The way he managed to crack by back without any effort.” It worked, “Pretty fast.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Great.”Mohammad, Fishwick (May 2016)

Improved Mobility, Improved Energy.”

Before I visited Back-in-Action, “I was a little wary, not sure how it would help but was looking for a different approach.” The problem was, “Limiting my mobility.” Treatment has, “Given some improvement and relief. (It is an) unusual approach that I non-invasive.” The care worked, “Within 3-4 weeks.” Before I had tried, “Physiotherapy (and) acupuncture.” I now have, “Improved mobility, improved energy.” The overall experience was, “Very good.”Michael, Preston (March 2016)

“Very Positive,” Within “2-3 Weeks Literally Pain Free”

I found my experience at Back-in-Action a, “Very welcoming, calm environment,” and I’ve, “Been treated with respect.” Before I started care, “Chiropractic was an alternative I would never have used as I believe in the NHS but due to the pain I was having I needed support asap. Back-in-Action fitted the bill and helped me, also without the use of pain relief. It was making my life uncomfortable and to do daily activities/ routine was painful.” Within, “2-3 weeks,” I was, “Literally pain free.” What I found particularly amazing was, “The literal ‘Hands on approach’ and how it benefitted me.” I’ve tried other places, “You are resolving my issue not making it worse.” Now I, “Feel good in general.” I’m coming back in at the moment, “Every 2-3 weeks.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Very positive.”John, Penwortham (March 2016)

“My Daughter Had Used The Service And Was Very Positive And I Agree Following My Experience.”

Before I started care my perception was, “Positive because my daughter had used the service and was very positive and I agree following my experience.” The problem I had was, “Very annoying. I was limping and struggling with stairs.” Now I’m, “Much better – stairs (are) no longer a problem.” I found an, “Immediate small improvement,” with treatment. Now I’m, “Much better but I need to continue treatment.” I found the chiropractic hands on care, “Very helpful.” My treatments are, “Currently 2 weekly until totally cleared.” My overall experience was, “Very positive.” Positive things about my experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Identificati9on of the problem, direction of treatment (and) actions for me to take.”William, Penwortham (March 2016)

“Excellent From Walking Into Reception And Having The Treatment To Walking Out… Made Me Feel Better And Gave Me My Confidence Back”

My favourite 3 things about my experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Relaxed atmosphere, explanation of treatments (and) confidence in asking questions.” Before I started treatment I had, “A lot of pain.” Now I have, “None at all.” I had, “Time off work. Constant pain and uncomfortable.” I, “Couldn’t concentrate on anything but my health.” The treatment, “Made me improve my well being, not stopping me doing anything anymore.” What amazed me was, “How quickly the treatment made me feel better and gave me my confidence back.” It worked within a couple if weeks.” I feel, “A lot better but need to keep the visits for the time being, because of my neck.” I have, “Great confidence in Louis handling my back.” My experience of the clinic was, “Excellent from walking into reception and having the treatment to walking out.” –Alan, Hesketh Bank (January 2016)

“I Have No Pain”

Before I started care, “I was sceptical as I went to another alternative therapist for pain relief and it did not work. I could not move my shoulder and I was waking up at night annoyed.” I am amazed now, “That I have no pain.” It worked, “Within the first week.” Other things that have improved are, “My state of mind – I feel different.” I liked the, “Relief of pain,” and, “The efficiency.” My overall experience of Back-in-Action is, “Very Positive.” – Anon (January 2016)

“It Has Helped A Lot”

Liked that they, “Sorted issues/pain, explained why/what,” and, “Convenient times.” Before I started I was, “Unsure of how (it) would work. However it has helped a lot.” I was in, “Pain, restricted activities/ exercise.” Now my, “Pain (is) gone,” and I, “Feel better.” It worked, “Almost straightaway.” My overall experience was, “Excellent.”Daniel, Preston (January 2016)

“Excellent… The Improvement Is Significant… Feeling Stronger”

The most positive things about my chiropractic experience and care at Back-in-Action was the, “Effectiveness of treatment, friendliness,” and the, “Text messages to confirm appointments.” Before I started care I, “Kept getting injured. I didn’t realise it was related to my back.” Now I’m, “Still training but injuries not causing (the) same discomfort,” and I, “Feel stronger. The improvement is significant.” I found the chiropractic care worked, “Immediately.” Now I’m, “Feeing stronger when training.” I have found the chiropractic treatment, “Excellent,” and I’m, “Having regular treatment.” The overall experience of the clinic has been, “Very good.”Nicki, Chorley (January 2016)

“Very Satisfied With The Outcome”

I found the chiropractic care provided by Back-in-Action was a, “Professional approach.” I liked the, “Explanation of treatment,” and that there was, “No over-selling.” Before I started care, “My problem was not preventing me from doing anything but my fear was that it would worsen and then prevent me from walking etc. normally.” What I found amazing about my treatment was, “The notion that the inner ear/ brain connection can have a dramatic effect on so many features of the human frame.” I found the chiropractic care had an, “Almost immediate daily benefit. My ankle is noticeably more mobile at first use in the mornings. The related neck exercise has loosened an increasingly stiff neck. I’m very satisfied with the outcome.”Robert, Chorley (January 2016)

“A Positive Experience”

I liked, “The care expressed for your well being. My digestion has improved. Also the movement in my right arm is much improved. I wasn’t expecting either. I’ve found the treatment to be a positive experience. Very reassuring.” The overall experience of the clinic has been, “Vey calm and helpful.”Susan, Blackburn (November 2015)

“Pain Free”

Before I started treatment I had a, “Lack of mobility.” Now I have, “More flexibility.” I was particularly amazed by the, “Quick diagnosis.” I found a, “Weekly improvement.” I am now feeling, “Very well/ pain free.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Very efficient.”Brian, New Longton (November 2015)

“Excellent Treatment”

My favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was, “Having the treatment explained, (the) professional approach (and) knowing I can feel confident with the treatment.” Before I started treatment my perception was it was a, “Very savage treatment.” Now I know that it is, “Much gentler than I thought.” I was having, “Numerous problems affecting my quality of life.” Now, “I have more energy and a reduction of pain. Therefore I find things easier than before but I can’t do anything that I couldn’t do before.” Chiropractic care has worked, “Slowly but that is due to complex problems.” I have found it an, “Excellent treatment. Attended weekly for approx. 7-8 times. I’m having a break now as awaiting surgery for an unrelated problem.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good.” “All of,” the experience of chiropractic treatment was amazing.Anon (November 2015)

“Very Positive”

My favourite part of my chiropractic care was the, “Hands on treatment, testing and seeing improvement,” and the, “explanation of the problem and treatment.” Initially, “I came on a word of mouth basis. My neck just felt uncomfortable.” Now I can, “Feel more movement.” I was amazed, “That I could rotate my head normally.” I felt it worked, “After the first appointment.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Very positive.” The, “Receptionists are excellent. The literature you give out is thorough and helpful.”Lindsay, Preston (October 2015)

“Can Now Operate Almost Normally”

What I liked about my chiropractic care was the, “Immediate relief, improved mobility,” and, “Hope for (the) future.” Before I started treatment I was, “Unable to walk, remain upright or sleep due to severe pain,” and, “Felt depressed and anxious for my future mobility.” I found an, “Almost immediate improvement. Can now operate almost normally and pain has continued to ease.” I feel, “A lot better.” The treatment has been, “Very good. I intend to have regular checks to see if this avoids repetition of the injury.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.”Martin, Penwortham (September 2015)

“Professional and Excellent”

I had, “Restricted movement due to pain.” Now I have, “Pain free movement.” I was amazed by, “How quickly treatment improved my problem.” I found the chiropractic treatment, “professional and excellent,” and the overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.”Susan, Penwortham (September 2015)


“Greatly Improved 8/10”

My favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Improving symptoms in short time period, reasonable priced care (and) friendly and caring manner and exercises advised.” Some of my, “Family members had benefitted well from visiting chiropractors where other therapy’s not gained as much relief.” My problem was, “Disturbing my sleep and unable to read a book for long periods, discomfort in walking more than short distance.” Treatment, “Enabled me to do the above without so much discomfort/ pain.” I was amazed, “How quickly my symptoms were relieved.” Chiropractic care worked, “Within approx. 6-8 weeks.” Tried to get help with this problem elsewhere and, “Other treatment has not relieved symptoms as much.” Now I’m, “Greatly improved 8/10” Found the treatment, “Very helpful.” I now return, “Monthly to help ongoing symptoms to be kept to a minimal.” Overall experience of the clinic was, “Very good. Found the exercises advised very helpful.” – Anon (September 2015)

“Absolutely Brilliant… I Feel 10 Years Younger”

What I liked about my chiropractic experience and care at Back-in-Action was the, “Feel good factor after visits (and) everyone is always happy and friendly.” Before treatment, “I was really stiff and uncomfortable. This made me miserable.” Now, “I feel 10 years younger. What I thought was old age was muscle tension.” I was amazed by, “How much better I felt immediately.” I found chiropractic care worked, “Straight away.” In general I am feeling, “Much better, freer movement and agility all over, sleeping better (and) more able to relax. I am visiting once every 2-3 weeks at the moment. I am also having massage about every 3 weeks. I am keen to try several of the complementary therapies and will be doing so over the next couple of months.”My overall experience of the clinic was, “Absolutely brilliant. I look forward to my visits.”Donna, Southport (August 2015)

“Makes You Feel So Fab”

My favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was, “The explanation, how Louis finds out what’s wrong (and) doesn’t give up with what could be the cause.”  What I was experiencing, “Doesn’t affect my life but it does cause me very bad burning in my back but doesn’t cause me to stop. Louis’ exercises help at home and certain things I do notice I’m doing that make it worse, I am aware and try to correct all the time. Louis helped me be aware of these. I just think it’s amazing how he pushes so hard -which is fine by the way – and makes you feel so fab.” I now attend, “Every 2-3 months but in between if I feel I need it. Hands on treatment is great.” The, “Experience of the clinic is very friendly indeed. All the reception staff I’ve met are lovely and welcoming.”Louise, Wesham (August 2015)

“Sceptical – No Longer… Pain Is Much Reduced. Sleeping Well. Can Sit For Longer.”

What I liked about my experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Treatment outcome, clear explanations,” and, “Friendly manner – chiropractor and reception.” Initially I was, “Sceptical.” Now I am, “Sceptical – no longer.” Before I had, “Back pain,” it affected my, “Sleep” and I, “Struggled to sit comfortably.” Now the, “Pain is much reduced. Sleeping well. Can sit for longer periods of time.” Chiropractic worked, “Over a number of weeks.” Before I’d tried, “Physio/ Doctor. Pain returned but didn’t with chiro so far.” Generally feeling, “Very well. Time between treatments extending – now monthly. Sometimes feel uncomfortable for a few hours after the treatment.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Excellent.” – C, Leyland (May 2015)

“First Class”

The most positive things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action were the, “Full explanations in layman’s language, feeling better and following a simple on going exercise plan.” Before I started care at Back-in-Action, “For days I could not go to bed, could not walk, sit or stand without pain, I felt very depressed. After 8 appointments the bulk of my specific problem has disappeared do much that last night I was able to compete in an outdoor bowling match.” What’s amazed me is, “My new knowledge of the nervous system.” I found chiropractic care started to work, “Around my 3rd visit.” I have found the chiropractic treatment, “Excellent. I attended weekly for 5 weeks or so then fortnightly.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “First class. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact should I ever need to.” –  Doug, Penwortham (February 2015)

“I Was Impressed… I Feel Strong And In Good Health Again”

My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action was the, “Good explanation of procedure, recommended specific exercises to do at home (and it) helped make me feel more positive. Initially I was somewhat sceptical. However after having a number of sessions I have a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of it.” For me, “My health – fitness is everything to me, with a keen passion for running. When I can’t run, I am unsettled in life.” After chiropractic treatment at Back-in-Action, “I am running pain free – I have adopted a more structured approach to my gym and cardio-training. (Treatment made a) difference after 4 or 5 sessions. I have seen a number of physios for similar problems previously.” Now, “I feel strong and in good health again. The treatment worked for me and was very effective. I had about 8 session.” My overall experience of the clinic was, “I was impressed.”Anon (November 2014)

“Thoughtful And Gentle Approach… Amazing You Accomplished So Much In A Short Time”

What I liked about the chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was the, “Unusual and comprehensive approach. Your approach was similar to mine when my team and I were flight testing and removing the bugs from prototype military aircraft.” Before I sought treatment at Back-in-Action I had, “Various levels of back pain daily, sometimes bad, couldn’t stand, walk long, had to sit. Been having treatment for years – they treat the pain not the cause.” Now the, “Pain(‘s) almost gone.” What was amazing was, “Your new approach – nobody else did it.” The chiropractic care at Back-in-Action worked, “Quite quickly as I’ve had it over 20 years. Back-in-Action (had a) thoughtful and gentle approach – compared the rest were amateurs. Amazing you accomplished so much in a short time.”John, Leyland (October 2014)

“Staggered By The results… Feel Like A Million Dollars Everyday”

Before I started, “I had no idea what to expect. Staggered by the results. Almost magical.” I, “Had a constant ache in my neck from years of rugby, problems with my wrists. Now no problems at all. All aches and pains have gone and I feel like a million dollars everyday. The instant effect of the treatment was amazing. It was like waving a magic wand.” It worked, “Straight away.” Before Back-in-Action, “I went to my GP but he had no interest in my problem.” Now, “I feel great and I didn’t realise my wrist problem was linked to my neck problem. The treatment was brilliant. I’m still in the early stages of treatment so I come back when I’m instructed.” Liked, “The skills of the doctor, fascinated by treatment,” and, “the calming atmosphere in the surgery.” Overall experience, “Excellent.”– Ross, Preston (September 2014)

“The Pain Was Reduced Very Quickly”

Positive things about my experience at Back-in-Action was the , “Ability to make you feel at ease and make you feel better.” Before I started, “I had heard good things and I agree.” Had, “Some pain at night. Sleeping much better. The pain was reduced very quickly.” Treatment was, “A little scary but good. Been having treatment every couple of weeks.” Overall impression, “Excellent.”– Cecilia, Preston (September 2014)

“Outstandingly Better… Will Continue To Recommend… The Clinic To Family, Friends And Colleagues…”

Before I started care at Back-in-Action, “I thought chiropractic care was just about the spine and the nervous system, I now see how very much more good chiropractic care can achieve. I was in constant pain, struggling to walk up and down stairs etc.. Now as expected/ normal for age and level of fitness though believe regular care for maintenance is imperative.” What was amazing was, “How (a) simple adjustment by a good chiropractor can immediately reduce/ eliminate major discomfort!” I found it worked within 3 appointments.” Have tried other practitioners but found them, “Too hurried. Louis Westerbeek is outstandingly better.” Liked the, “Reduction/ cessation of pain, holistic approach towards general well-being and broad knowledge.” Generally now, “Quite well, still further benefit expected in the coming months.” Found chiropractic care, “Simple, painless and effective. I have and will continue to recommend Louis and the clinic to family, friends and colleagues. Just please keep doing what you are doing.” Anne, Chorley (August 2014)

“I Always Leave Feeling Amazed… Brilliant”

“The results are instant. Felt better immediately. I always leave feeling amazed. I thought it would be a slow healing process, but the results were immediate.” I was suffering with, “Slipped disc’s, couldn’t walk properly, also Louis straightened out my back and food intolerance problems.” Now, “I walk better, my posture is better. I really thought I had arthritis everywhere, and it turns out I don’t have any.” What was amazing was, “Everything, he always makes me amazed at the instant results.” I find chiropractic care worked, “Immediately.” Previously, “I had gone to the Doctors and was off work for 3 months. Wish I had come directly to Louis. No comparison. No drugs. I was taking loads. I feel great now, yes, he has improved my whole body. Brilliant, hands on treatment, I come every week at the moment, while he is sorting out my underlying problems.” I am, “Very happy with all the people and treatment I have received.”Kath, Lostock Hall (August 2014)

“Just That Someone Has Taken Me Seriously Has Really Helped”

What I liked about my care at Back-in-Action was, “Someone listening to me and understands, feeling better (and) more positive. My dad has always used chiropractors, so I grew up with this.” I was experiencing, “Menstrual migraines – so will have them but feel more positive and more proactive with changing desk, way work.” Now, “More positive, more understanding of why I have felt the way I have.” What was amazing was, “What I thought for years and told was in my head was actually what was wrong with me – neck.” Chiropractic care worked, “Almost straight away.” I’ve tried to get help, “Constantly over the years. Just that someone has taken me seriously has really helped. Feel more positive.”Lorraine, Southport (June 2014)

“Exceptionally Fantastic… Thank You So Much For All Your Help, Listening And Understanding

“I am very happy to have been recommended to your clinic, and to see an improvement in myself in such a short time.” Before chiropractor care, “I suffered very badly with pain in my back, hips, legs and arms and I was not getting much sleep, and not able to walk up and down stairs. I always avoided them at all times. I’m now able to walk up and down stairs very slowly, and not panic whenever I come into contact with them.” What was amazing was, “How quickly and effective the treatment worked,” and, “How painless it was to go through compared to other treatments I’ve had.” Chiropractic worked, “Very quickly, after the first session. I’ve tried endless treatments and painkillers. I find that you are exceptionally fantastic, and what you do works. I’m feeling lots better in myself and mind. I’m just very grateful for everything you do for me. I attend at the moment, every 2 weeks and get a lot of pain free spells which never happened before I started your clinic. I very much prefer this kind of treatment. A very happy client. Thank you so much for all your help, listening and understanding.”Debbie, Preston (May 2014)

“Brilliant… Now I Recommend It To Everyone”

Before I started chiropractic care at I, “Didn’t really know what it was. Now I recommend it to everyone.” Before care my, “Wrist really limited everything as I was wearing a brace. Unable to complete DIY in the home. Very frustrating and concerned that the hospital suggested surgery.” Chiropractic care at Back-in-Action mas made, “A great difference. I hadn’t realised that many of the problems were related. Understanding that means I work more consciously.” What amazed me was, “My wrist and jaw! Really didn’t think either could be improved.” Before treatment I’d tried the, “GP and 3 hospitals. Well I won’t be going back to the hospital!” My favourite things about my chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was that my, “Wrist problem(‘s) completely sorted, neck and shoulders very much improved (and my) jaw much improved.” I’m feeling now, “Generally more energy.” The chiropractic care was, “Brilliant.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Excellent.” – Christine, Chorley (May 2014)

“Feeling So Much More Comfortable”

I am, “feeling so much more comfortable after a consultation.” I like, “having access to someone who will listen to my problem,” and, “that something is being done to alleviate my symptoms.” Before I started care,  ” I was becoming anxious that I was no longer a safe car driver – I could not get all round visibility because pain limited movement of my neck.” My perception of chiropractic has changed as before,”I thought it was merely mechanical manipulation of joints etc., I now realise that it is more of a holistic treatment.” What was amazing was, “I visited the chiropractor because of neck problems and although he listened to this, his examination revealed low back problems as well, I was aware of these but had not mentioned them.” I am now, “positive. I feel that the problem, which is not curable, is manageable.” – May 2014

Was, “Sceptical.” Now I am, “A Believer.”

Before I started treatment I was, “sceptical.” Now I am, “A believer!” I had, “constant discomfort in hips, lower back and neck, making it difficult to function in comfort.” Now there is, “less discomfort (some days none) and can be more active than before for longer periods.” Am feeling, “much better and am sleeping better and feeling more rested in the morning.” One thing that I found amazing was, “the stimulation of the eyes affecting the strength of movement in my legs.” Chiropractic care worked, “after about 3 sessions.” Had tried, “remedial massage which had helped, but I don’t think it got to the root of the problem.” I found the chiropractic treatment, “amazingly sensitive.” What I particularly like is that, “I am made to feel important and am listened to, things are explained in ‘lay’ terms,” and, “my treatment is not rushed.” Overall experience is, “very helpful.”– Jayne, Preston (April 2014)

“Now I Recommend It To Everyone”

“Louis spotted the problem straight away.” Before I, “Couldn’t move or walk correctly. Now I recommend it to everyone. I feel more at ease and doing normal things. I feel good and moving very good.” – Tom, Preston (April 2014)

“First Few Sessions I Noticed A Difference”

Initially I was, “Worried that it would hurt. Doesn’t just a sensation.” I had an, “Aching neck and wrist, working in a restaurant I am on my feet all the time.” Now I’m, “Improving. Still aches at times.” Within the, “First few sessions I noticed a difference.” Favourite things were the, “Explanation of problems and how the body works. Austin has a pleasant manner and has a calming effect.”Rose, Preston (April 2014)

“Amazed With My Results!”

“Feeling positive about the future. Feeling more comfortable/ much better movement. I always walk out feeling taller. Amazed with my results!” Before treatment, I had a, “bad neck,” and, “I had lost proper function of my left arm and shoulder. I couldn’t do gardening and handy man jobs around the house. I felt weak and struggled to take a shower. So many things saddened me as I could not do them. The GP and hospital didn’t take it far enough so had given up hope. You sent me back to the above with pinpoint accuracy helping me get back to normality.” Now, “I am sleeping a lot better and my fitness is much better, the movement in my left side is almost corrected. I have made a start on the patio and the gardening is now a pleasure not a task. No more paracetamol!” Feeling, “Great – normal – feeling more like my old self.”  Chiropractic worked, “for me straight away, fixed my neck on the first session.” The chiropractic treatment is, “GREAT! Really good.” Overall experience of the clinic is, “Happy thoughts thank you!”Colin, Preston (March 2014)

“Enables Me To Be Active And Feel Good

My 3 favourite things about my chiropractic experience at Back-in-Action was the, “diagnosis, treatment” and, “after care.” Before care I found, “work was hard as I sit down most of the time. Just walking was painful, made me feel awful.” Chiropractic treatment, “enables me to be active and feel good.” What amazed me was the, “speed at which treatment was affective.” The overall experience at Back-in-Action was, “very good and extremely friendly.”Martin (March 2014)

“Now I Feel More Alive”

What I liked most was, “Removal of headaches, increase ease of movement and improved breathing,” and the, “holistic approach. I didn’t like the manner of a previous chiropractor I saw – I felt uncomfortable. My perception is much more positive.” Before care at Back-in-Action I, “Sleeping was very uncomfortable. Headaches made me feel weary. Ankle meant I couldn’t walk on it when it ‘went’. Back pain meant difficulty doing most everyday activities.” Now, “I feel more alive.” What was particularly amazing about my experience of chiropractic treatment was, “Release of emotional tension,” and, “Body intolerances.” Before chiropractic treatment I’d tried, “Bowen treatment for six months. The Bowen treatment was more relaxing! But it didn’t bring about the same results.” Generally I now feel, “A great deal better.” Things that improved I didn’t expect was, “Digestion,” and, “Emotional state.” I have found the chiropractic treatment, “Very professional and knowledgeable,” and, “patient and caring.” I now attend, “Every 2 weeks.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent.”Gemma, Preston (March 2014)

“Much Less Pain And Sleeping Better”

Favourite things were, “Much less pain, later evening appointments (and) lots of helpful advice.” Was experiencing, “Pain in sitting and sleeping.” Now, “Much less pain and sleeping better. Feeling well. Able to do more and keep pain free.” What was amazing was, “That most of problems were linked to posture.” Treatment worked, “Within a month.”Anon, (January 2014)

“The Service Is Excellent. Can’t Be Improved.”

Liked the, “Welcoming atmosphere, reliable service, easy going approach and familiarity,” and the, “value for money. The service is Excellent. Can’t be improved.” Before I started, “I thought it might not work for me, it would hurt, it would be very expensive and make my pain worse.” The problem I had, “Affected everything I did. I was relying on tablets. It made me feel old and on my way out. Useless.” The treatment has helped, “Me feel I have a choice to be better. Given me hope to be pain free eventually. Informed my choices.” What I found amazing was, “That all things are connected. That doctors in general aren’t always right or totally accurate. How changes can improve body.” I found chiropractic worked, “Quite quickly though I still have pain, its lessened and is more manageable.” Saw the, “Doctors to no avail, just tablets and blame on me for my condition.” Now, “I feel better than before.” Also, “My neck improved which I hadn’t thought of really.” I attend, “Every week (for) chiropractic acre, because it helps my pains. The massage is amazing.” Overall experience of the clinic, “It’s lovely, very friendly, welcoming and positive. It feels familiar. It’s local, reliable and well run.”Victoria, Preston (December 2013)


I liked the, “Comprehensive explanation of problem and proposed method of treatment. I am still amazed that movement of my eyes can have a significant effect on my muscle movement/ strength in my arms and legs.” Before chiropractic treatment I was, “Unsure about what was involved. Some concern that manipulation would be painful. Lower back problems had caused me to have an episode when I could hardly move.” Now, “Still careful with my back but increased confidence and awareness has certainly helped in day to day activities. More confident that my back won’t give way again. The home exercises have helped as well.” What amazed me was, “The effect of eye movement on my ability to use arms and legs. Had never realised how out of balance my body was.” I found, “After a couple of sessions I noticed improvement. Started of at weekly and now at the monthly stage.” Overall experience, “Excellent.”Paul, Penwortham (December 2013).

“It Got Me Walking Again… I Was Off Work For 17 Weeks And The Treatment Enabled Me To Go Back To Work”

The best things about visiting Back-in-Action Chiropractic in Preston was that, “It got me walking again;” that the, “Chiropractor listens to my problems and finds solutions;” and the, “Chiropractor understands the pain and frustrations of my journey.” My perception before starting chiropractic care was that. “I thought it hurt and it took a while to stop hurting. The treatment doesn’t hurt so much as I thought and relief is instant. I had a trapped nerve in my hip and couldn’t stand or sit. I was housebound for 10 weeks. I was off work for 17 weeks and the treatment enabled me to go back to work.” What was particularly amazing was, “When the primary source of my pain was found and relief was instant. The whole getting better process is very long but it is quicker with chiropractic care.” Before seeing the chiropractor in Preston, “I was referred to a physiotherapist but she didn’t listen to what I was saying and her treatment was rough so I discontinued.” Now I’m, “Feeling a lot better but still have a way to go. I can stand up for longer that I could and sit still, which I haven’t done for years. Treatment is good and I can feel the benefits. I have treatment every 2-3 weeks, it was twice weekly originally.” Overall, “Very positive.” –  Sue, Preston (June 2013)

“Fantastic Would Recommend To Anyone… Can Now Just Basically Enjoy Every Day… I Have Found Somewhere Where I Can Be Listened And Heard… Felt So Relaxed And ‘Free'”

Favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action are that, “The headaches are a lot less frequent.” Also, “Austin is professional, attentive and caring,” and, “it is a nice friendly environment to visit.” Before I started, “I was quite sceptical. Now I feel I have found somewhere I can be listened to and heard. I was suffering from migraines, that were getting worse and not many days in a month did my head feel clear. I was getting concerned that there was an underlying cause.” After treatment, “I can now just basically enjoy every day! My children are always reminding me how treatment has had a great impact on my life.” I was amazed, “how well it worked, from the first time that Austin adjusted my back and neck, I felt so relaxed and ‘free’, something I hadn’t experienced in many years and it came as quite a shock.” Chiropractic care worked, “straight away.” It also helped, “my back. I only came in for help with migraines. It is actually a pleasure to come and see Austin.” At the moment, “I come back every 2 weeks to keep on top of things.” Overall experience of the clinic is, “fantastic, would recommend to anyone. Don’t change anything!” – Jane, Preston (May 2013)

“Fabulous Treatment. 10/10.”

I liked the, “Friendly staff, comfortable surroundings (feel good factor),” and, “Relief of pain. 10/10. ” Before I started chiropractic care it felt like, “The unknown! The pain was draining my energy.” Now, I’m, “Back to normal life.” I found chiropractic care worked, “Immediately.” Now I feel, “Very good – less tense.” I found chiropractic care a, “Fabulous treatment.” I come back, “6 weekly to relieve stress and tension.” Overall experience of the clinic was, “Fantastic.”Julie, Penwortham (May 2013)

I Was Amazed By, “How Quickly It Works.”

Liked the, “Relaxed atmosphere. Full explanation about how chiropractic works. A positive approach to my problem (health).” Before there was, “Reliance on painkillers.” I am now, “Comfortable shopping and walking.” I was amazed by, “How quickly it works.” It took, “About three sessions. I feel I would benefit from more treatment in the future.”E, Preston (May 2013)

“Made To Feel Comfortable And Relaxed. Making Slow But Positive Progress.”

“Made to feel very comfortable and relaxed.” I was finding, “Walking and standing difficult.” Making a, “Slow improvement – Now more flexible. I’m making slow but positive progress.”Eileen, Penwortham (May, 2013)

“Very Positive” Experience, Mentally “More Positive Again”

The positive things about chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was, “The times of appointments, Austin’s ability in what he does,” and, “friendliness of everybody.” I had, “No previous experience of chiropractic apart from my wife’s feedback which was very positive and my experience has been the same. Mentally when you have any problems it makes you negative in the way you think and act.” Now I am, “More positive again because of the pain not being there.” What was amazing about my care at Back-in-Action was, “How certain things (chewing gum, batteries etc.) can make your strength weaker.” Chiropractic care worked, “Almost straight away.” Now, “feeling good and thinking more positive, plus I have lost 1 stone in weight which has helped as well.” Overall experience of the clinic was, “Very positive. I wouldn’t change anything.”-Philip, Poulton-le-Fylde (April 2013)

“Straight Away Relief”

Previously, “I was not impressed with treatment and exercise I was given by another chiro 15 years back, so not expecting much. Happy now with going to the chiro.” Before it was, “Difficult/  Painful to get up and down or stand still, but only occasional.” Treatment has made it, “Just easier to get on with life.” Chiropractic care gave relief, “Straight away.” Have, “Reduced pain and hopefully with ‘maintenance’ no more!” –Paul, New Longton (April 2013)

“Pain Has Almost Gone And I Am Able To Do Most Things”

Before treatment I was in, “Pain for over 3 months. At present the pain has almost gone and I am able to do most things.” I found it took, “3 months,” for the chiropractic care to work. Before this, “I went to physio twice and Dr once and he suggested chiro.” I liked the, “Explanation of condition, advice re exercise.” George, Hoghton (January 2013)

“V Professional”

At Back-in-Action Chiropractic in Preston they had, “A positive attitude toward my problem and its outcome, a caring mentality toward the patient and a new non pill or invasive look at illness. Obviously cost is always an issue but at present it’s affordable and is equally good value for money.” Things were, “Painful + on pills + bed rest, off work + went back still ill + problem recurs.” The treatment has helped me get, “Back to normalcy – nearly!” Chiropractic care worked, “At once.” The thing that improved that I didn’t expect to was my, “Headaches.” I now return, “3/4 weekly to ensure problem is controlled.” My overall experience at the clinic was, “Good V professional.” – Anon (January 2013)

“Excellent! … Will Heavily Recommend… Instant Relief.”

The most positive things about my experience of chiropractic care at Back-in-Action was the ,”Manner of chiropractor, relaxing environment,” and ,”lovely reception staff! I was recommended by a friend who had received excellent care and relief from pain. I will heavily recommend to anyone I know who could benefit.” Before treatment I was having problems with, “Day-to-day tasks – university, socialising and work. I felt exhausted and anxious about it.” Now, “It still interferes with my life but nowhere near as much. I don’t have to plan activity around pain.” With chiropractic care I found they relieved, “My headaches instantly, other symptoms approximately after 1 week.” I had tried, “Other professional therapies. Nothing had worked until now. I feel much more positive and able to manage symptoms easier. I return every 2-3 weeks at present, just to keep the headaches at bay and at present I am under pressure with uni work which increases pain.” My overall experience of the clinic is, “Excellent!” – Lindsey, Penwortham (January 2013)

“This Works The Best… Professional Service With Near Instant Results”

“Professional service with near instant results.” Before I went, “I thought it was just about your back. There is a plethora of knowledge, which is an eye opener.” With treatment I have, “Less pain in many aspects – better quality of life! The severe pain in the spine has diminished, I can manage to sit more comfortably in a static position. Some of the treatment has near instant results!” I have tried, “Many other different treatments. This works the best.” I have, “More strength in arms and legs and much happier in general. Very professional service.” – Raymond, Preston (January 2013)

“Excellent Treatment. Informative And Effective”

I had, “Shoulder pain – continuous. Requiring 4 hourly painkillers.” With treatment I have found, “The pain went and has not reoccurred.” The amazing thing was, “The way the treatment had immediate impact.” It worked , “Almost immediately – completely by 2 months. Improved knowledge re sitting position has made driving more comfortable. Excellent treatment. Informative and effective.” – Jacqueline, Longton (January 2013)

“The Whole Experience Was Amazing… Does What It Says Above The Door – Back-in-Action… Can Now Do Things That I Have Been Wanting To Do For Decades… I Recommend The Treatment To All That Will Listen”

“I had never had any treatments before, but was lead to believe they did not work. Now I recommend the treatment to all that will listen.” My, “Back problem was affecting home, work and social life. Could do very little at home and was unable to work properly. It felt horrible.” Treatment has made, “An immeasurable difference, can do things now that I have not been able to do for decades. The whole experience was amazing. Austin resolved issues/ questions that I have been wanting to answers to for many years.” Chiropractic worked on the, “Instant. But still getting better. In general now very good. I am now able to move other parts of my body I didn’t know were tight/ stiff/ restricted.” I have found, “The hands on treatment first class. Still under treatment but will continue to return at least once a month. I do feel much better after treatment.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Excellent” and, “Excellent staff – good manner, professional.”Chris, Ingol (December 2012)

“Should Be Part Of The Mainstream NHS.”

My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action are that it is, “Personal…, good interaction, same chiropractor for the duration.” Before I started care my perception was that I, “Thought it was a black art.” Now I think it, “Should be part of the mainstream NHS.” The, “Speed of relief,” was particularly amazing, I felt it worked on the, “First visit.” Before this tried my, “GP.” Got a, “Faster result,” at Back-in-Action. – Brian, Leyland (December 2012) 

Compared To Other Places The, “Whole Experience At Back-in-Action Has Been Far More Pleasant And Worthwhile… I Feel Greatly Improved Since The First Visit!”

My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action Chiropractic in Preston are: “Friendly approachable and helpful receptionists that smile :); detailed explanation of symptoms in language that is understandable; welcoming, friendly Dr who has taken time to get to know me as a person and not just treat me as a patient. AND he is making me better!”  Before I had the perception that chiropractic, “was all about bone crunching to re-align posture etc. I now realise it’s all about the whole approach of well being and general good health. ” Before treatment I had a, “very painful problem with my neck which was interfering with my ability to do my job, various activities, gardening etc.” I was ,”depressed.” It was interfering with my “work, sleep.” The treatment worked, “after the first 2 sessions. Only have to take painkillers at night now and sometimes don’t have to at all.” Am, “still going for treatment but back at work! 🙂 ” The amazing part of the experience was, “my Dr’s ability to pin point problem areas and identify likely causes – also the tests done to identify what improves strength and weaknesses I have – aversion to wheat/ light – colours.” Compared to other places the, “whole experience at Back-in-Action has been far more pleasant and worthwhile… I feel greatly improved since the first visit!” I find it, “very effective,” and, “will visit regularly once the problem is completely resolved to maintain the treatments effectiveness – ‘Prevention better than cure!'”. Overall experience of the clinic, “excellent!” – Tracey, Penwortham (November 2012)

 “Very Positive. I Have Recommended The Clinic To Friends.”

Before I sought care at Back-in-Action the, “Perceptions were that it was quite forceful, manipulation was strong. I now realise that it’s not quite like that. It was a more gentle approach than anticipated.” Before treatment I had, “Considerable pain in left arm. General overall restrictions in day to day living.” Now there is, “Less pain, more movement.” Chiropractic care helped the extreme pain – almost straight away. Pain has reduced. I feel that I’m looking at my posture more and thinking about how the imbalance can start and be improved. The holistic experience is a great advantage over GPs experience.” What was amazing was, “The weakness in 1 side of my body compared to the other – imbalance.”  Overall experience of the clinic was, “Very positive. I have recommended the clinic to friends. The time spent discussing the problem has helped me to look at posture at work and home. I would recommend this to friends mainly due to the holistic approach which I feel the GPs don’t offer.” Liked the, “Two-way process – taking into account what the client says,” and, “listening to the client.” – Carol, Fulwood (December 2012)

“I Found It Difficult Walking, Standing, Sitting And Lying Down. I Could Do Very Little… I Feel 90% Better Now…”

Initially, “Having had one experience previously, I was very sceptical,” about seeing a chiropractor, “I am now totally in favour.” Before I received treatment, “I found it difficult walking, standing, sitting and lying down. I could do very little.” The treatment at Back-in-Action has, “Totally changed my life. I can now do everything I could not do before (and have learnt one or two things also to help me.) There was an improvement in about 3 weeks. I feel 90% better now (still a little way to go). Some of the things I was asked to do seemed rather strange (e.g. having to put my tongue in my cheek. Literally, I was able to move my limbs easier)!” My overall experience of the clinic is, “brilliant!” I like , “the kindness and friendliness of the staff ,” and that, “whatever the problem, it is addressed.” – Margaret, Leyland (November 2012)

 “Problems Have Gone… Excellent Service.”

“Thought pain was part of every day life. Austin explained and reassured me. Found it hard bending and putting pressure on my knee.” Chiropractic treatment, “Made my performance better in basic daily life.” Chiropractic care worked, “Very effectively.” Now I am, “Better. No improvement needed.” Overall experience of the clinic was, “Excellent. Very good service. Friendly staff.”Emma, Lea (October 2012)

“My back feels much improved.”

What I liked about my experience and care at Back-in-Action was the, “explanation of the problem,” the, “chiropractor’s manner,” and, “satisfaction overall.” Before visiting my problem was, “very restrictive,” and now ,”my back feels much improved.” It took, “two weeks.” I’ve tried other places and you compare, “very well.” – Sheila, Longton (Sept 2012)

“Can put my socks on.”

My favourite things about my experience at the Back-in-Action Chiropractors near Preston are the, “fast response to a request for an appointment, excellent explanation of probable problem and remedy,” and, “affordable treatment not prolonged unnecessarily.” Before I visited Back-in-Action I, “could not put my socks on without severe pain.” Now I, “can put my socks on.” I found chiropractic worked, “after 3 sessions and home exercises as advised.” – Geoff, Penwortham (Sept 2012)

“Felt a difference straight away… My back feels so much freer… Wouldn’t hesitate in coming back or recommending anyone.”

“My back feels so much freer.” It was a, “very friendly service,” and I, “wouldn’t hesitate in coming back or recommending anyone.” When I first visited the clinic at the clinic I, “couldn’t walk properly,” had a ,”bad back,” and, “my broken leg wasn’t healing properly but after treatment I found my back a lot looser which in turn helped my leg improve. I am heavily pregnant too so will be back after the baby is born to continue.” What was amazing about my chiropractic treatment was that it was, “so simple, yet effective.” I, “felt a difference straight away once the problem was found.” I have sought other help with my back problem but, “this time it seems to have worked. My back is fine, I’m just enormous and pregnant!” I’m, “very happy” with my experience of the clinic, it’s, “a nice relaxed place. Would happily recommend.”Kerrie, Blackpool (Sept 2012)

“Fantastic – would recommend (and have done) and so glad I’ve found something and somewhere where I know it works.”

Overall experience of the clinic, “Fantastic – would recommend (and have done) and so glad I’ve found something and somewhere where I know it works.” Favourite things about Back-in-Action: “Got rid of pain!! Friendly staff – feel at home. Comfortable with practitioner.” Before I started I was ,”Not sure if it would work, but it has and I will keep up my treatment.” Before treatment was ,”Having to rest most days in bed. Felt depressed not being able to do menial jobs. Now can do more things such as exercise and gardening. Within 5 days (2 treatments) I was more mobile.” Found, “The Cranial – amazing.” Other things have improved, “General well-being. Taking vitamins and fish oil on advice of Louis and feel so much better – more energy.” – Di, Fulwood (Sept 2012)

“Treatment was superb, feeling 100% better after attending, I feel absolutely great…”

“Louis was excellent, treatment was superb, feeling 100% better after attending, I feel absolutely great, I got a lot of information and help from the treatment received, move my body pain free, very professional and welcoming.”Raymond, Fulwood

Chiropractic worked, “very quick.”

“Help to get going and back on road to recovery, good progress, ” chiropractic worked, “very quick”, and gave the “freedom to move.”Danny, Fulwood


Before I visited Back-in-Action I thought chiropractic care, “Was a bit ‘odd’.” However that perception has changed and it, “Didn’t seem odd at all.” I now have a, “Greater understanding of anatomy, some ideas for lessening pain and confidence in improved health for the future.” I found that chiropractic care worked, “Immediately,” and, “I can walk with less pain.” Other people I’ve tried in comparison seemed, “Uninterested in getting to the root of the problem.” Overall my experience of the clinic has been, “Excellent.” – Valerie, Stockport

“Opened my eyes to Chiropractic care.”

Was unable to, “Lift my arm past my shoulder without experiencing discomfort.” Found the clinic, “Very helpful and friendly. Opened my eyes to Chiropractic care.” It worked within, “Approximately two weeks.”Pamela, Leyland

“Quick result.”

“Quick result, cure for IBS, more energy.” (Combination of chiropractic manipulation to the spine and viscera and nutritional support.) – Paul, Euxton

“Excellent. I am beginning to allow myself to think that I might start to feel fit and healthy like I did a couple of years ago.”

“Friendly environment, appointments allowed to over-run if needed, supply of recommended supplements etc on site. I liked the ‘whole person’ approach rather than simply cracking bones. Fewer headaches, less pain, beginning to accept need to change lifestyle.” Overall experience of the clinic: “Excellent. I am beginning to allow myself to think that I might start to feel fit and healthy like I did a couple of years ago.”Debs, Wheelton

“Can now do things that I had struggled with for months.”

“Simple explanations. Almost immediate improvement in difficulties. Friendly and welcoming staff. An overall feeling of well-being. Improvements in general and specific health. More relaxed. Can now do things that I had struggled with for months. Enjoyed the massages with Sandra. Relaxing soothing and worth the cost.”Hilary, Coppull

“Within a week of asking ‘Back-in-Action’ for advice my condition assessed, treatment plan in action – condition improving.” Liked that they are, “Professional practitioners.” The benefits have been that the, “Original problem much improved, sleep improved, migraine much reduced.” – Ann, Penwortham

“Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, through treatment.” There was, “Relief after the first session, was able to go back to work quickly,” and, “Move more freely.”David, Fulwood

It worked, “Within 2 sessions. My carpal tunnel has eased and I able to work at my full job again,” and I am able to, “open tins with a tin opener and type.” – Kay, Walton-le-Dale

“I have lost the numbness from my thigh bones. I feel 3 inches taller. Can walk further and better than before attending.” My perception of chiropractic before started was that I, “Thought it would be a painful experience.” This perception has changed it’s, “Completely the opposite.” Have, “Lost numbness in my legs, can walk longer distances without discomfort. My feet appear to be warmer (previously had cold feet).”Raymond, Halsall

“A huge improvement in my back problem.” Had an, “Immediate,” response and, “I can now lift properly.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Excellent.”Joanne, Houghton

Favourite things were, “Ease of pain, ease of access – appointments, parking etc.” Worked within “24 hours.” Overall experience, “Very satisfying.”Ian, Walmer Bridge

“James knows how to put me at ease – he has an excellent knowledge of backs. He took his time to isolate the area – I didn’t feel rushed. I’m playing golf so great!”Ray, Waterford

“Condition improved rapidly. Friendly environment. Comfortable environment – not too clinical.” Improvements experienced, “Very quickly – noticed difference after first visit. Impressed with the difference chiropractors can make. Good experience – would definitely recommend.”Margaret, Penwortham

“Life back to normal.”Penny, Penwortham

Liked, “Being dealt with using  a positive and professional manner but with great kindness.” Benefits were, “Almost immediate pain relief. Being able to stand in a normal position. Having confidence that treatment is working. Just being able to do day to day things without struggle is a bonus.”Stella, Penwortham

Favourite things about my treatment at Back-in-Action was, “Friendliness of staff. Positive manner.” Initially I, “Wasn’t sure it would work, GP was sceptical which clouded my judgment.” I now, “Completely encourage people to come.” The benefits have been, “Pain free, stress relief (even though not treated for this).” It worked within, “2 sessions.”Jo, Hutton

I’ve had, “Better movement. Better posture. Better sleeping.”  Now, “Returning back to normal everyday life.” Took, “3 weeks.” Can now, “Fully stretch my back when required.”Wayne, Leyland

Favourite thing was, “Relief of pain, exercises given to further help with my problem and recuperation,” and, “More suppleness in my body.” Now I have, “Better balance.”Margaret, Preston

“Free from pain. Can walk okay. Sleep better. No leg pain, can walk without stick now.”Margaret, Penwortham

“Free from pain.” Worked, “Almost immediately.” Now I can, “Touch my toes – not have pain when I sneeze.” The, “Doctor told me wear and tear – no treatment.”Lynda, Thornton-Cleveleys

“The pain has definitely eased since his treatment started. Tom can walk further without back pain and his attention span is better when doing his homework on the support (lectern).” Initially I was, “Wary whether it worked on someone so young (5 years). It definitely works and has helped Tom in many ways.” Tom is, “Able to walk without pain. Able to walk properly without slipping and correcting himself. Able to sit straight (doing homework) using the angled lectern. It, “Worked quickly “very soon after first visit.” I’m, “Very impressed.” William (Thomas’s Dad), Penwortham

Liked the,  “Friendly atmosphere from everyone. Good explanation from James of what he is doing and why” and the, “Not pushing for more sessions than are actually needed.” Have experienced, “Greatly reduced pain in the back. Also James is picking up other problems that I had not thought relevant – neck etc. helping with those.” Overall,  “Very helpful and comforting.”Val, Penwortham

“Problems clearly explained. Course of treatments clearly explained. Aims/ outcomes clearly explained also.” Initially thought chiropractic was, “Painful but effective!”. Perception now is, “Not painful but still effective!” Benefits were, “Pain relief. Improved mobility. Increased awareness of body,” and, “Movement freer generally.”Paul, Withnell

“Friendly explanation for problems that have been occurring for years.” Initially I, “Thought it was about back problems.” Now perception has changed,  “Completely – I’m amazed at how much more there is to it.” Experienced, “Immediate pain relief after treatment. Been to see 3 NHS specialists and no-one could offer a solution.”Stacey, Coppull

“Fewer headaches. A greater sense of wellbeing – waking up in the mornings feeling good.” Initially, “I thought that the tension in my neck was causing my headaches but was not sure if I was right or how chiropractic could help. I have learned that a problem in one part of the body can affect so many other parts through the nervous system. Chiropractic treats the cause of pain and discomfort not the symptoms and I wish I had found it years ago! I have been going to the Doctor for years about my headaches and never managed to find the cause. I feel great!” Found, “Very friendly staff, very patient and understanding doctor who takes time to explain the problem and how and why the treatment can help.”Jennifer, Penwortham

Back-in-Action, “Came recommended and I’d tried everything else including my doctor but I was sceptical.” Found, “Pain relief, ease of movement, comfortable night sleep.” I, “Noticed a difference after the first visit. Much more ease of movement, improved driving which has made me safer on the roads. I tried doctor, physio, herb doctor, heat treatment, painkillers, internet, books – none worked – no contest chiropractor much better – it worked!!” I feel, “100% better after 6 months of constant pain prior to treatment, so much happier.” Overall experience at the clinic the, “Best thing I did.”Kirsti,  Penwortham


“Back to normal now. :)”

“The other services … were a pleasant surprise”

Kim, Preston


“Able to walk, swim normally instead of being barely able to walk”

“walk again normally – and hurry! Also up/ downstairs without restricted to going one-foot-one step at a time”

“Grateful for the treatment, pleased at the rapid improvement”

Anne, Preston


“Outcome: Attended with a problem that is now cured”

“Friendliness: At all times felt comfortable and in good care”

“getting more sleep, has improved my mood, energy levels and positive outlook on life”

Tony, Fulwood


“Thought it involved cricking bones which sounded painful”

“Realise its more manipulation and although it may be uncomfortable it brings about relief and doesn’t hurt”

“Better posture, a looser feeling in the hip area and a straighter shoulder”

Worked “Almost immediately, felt I had a better distribution of weight when stood up”


Carolyn, Penwortham


“before I came I was concerned I would have to cancel my walking holiday”

“Able to do my planned walking holiday – carrying a pack in the Pyrenees for 11 days. Thanks James”

Margaret, Scarisbrick


“I appreciate the value of chiropractic now”

“Big improvement to my back, balance and movement”

“improvement in mobility in every way”

“I am very grateful for the attention and the care given”

Lillian, Penwortham


“Help me to get back to training”

“pleasure to go running”

Worked “very fast”

Sean, Penwortham


Now “Know someone can help”

Helen, Walton-le-Dale


“I was very surprised, this is definitely the right treatment approach for me”

Antony, Hutton


“Confidence to push myself/ freedom/ ease of mind”

Tried “medical practitioners and physiotherapy” Back-in-Action gave “Far better results”

Experience was “Very positive and rewarding”

Peter, Ingol


Prior perception “I heard good and poor rumours about chiropractors in general”

“My perception has changed because of my successful treatment and I am now knowledgeable about chiropractic treatment”

“My back problem has disappeared”

Marie, Lostock Hall


“Appointment available when needed”

Positive was “closeness of surgery and parking”

“Like text messages to remind of appointments”

“I soon felt much better”

“Can walk much better, much less pain”

Experience was “Excellent, grateful for all the help”

Klara, Preston


Overall experience “Friendly, welcoming and pain relief”

Gail, Much Hoole


Initially “sceptical” about chiropractic. Perception changed because of “positive results”

Judith, Penwortham


“The treatment works”

Thought “that it would be ‘heavy’ and painful”. Perception changed: “It encompasses many subtle practises and is not just the clicking of bones”

“Return of strength in my left hand and forearm. Ease of pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Have learnt self-help techniques to treat myself”

Response was “Fairly immediate. Can now lift with my left hand”

“Each week I discover something new”

“Very positive – I can’t fault it”

Marie, Lymm


“positive approach giving hope for recovery”

“very conveniently placed”

“Better movement, less pain, enjoying life more”

Tried the “NHS – you are much better”

Geraldine, Whitestake


“I can sleep all night comfortably. I can stand still for a reasonable period pain free. I can go on planes without being in pain during long flights”

“I would recommend it to anyone”

“After the first session I saw an immediate improvement”

“I had physio for 6 weeks but it didn’t really work”

“I feel great ready to tackle the world”

“Staff are friendly, as are the patients, environment is nice and the treatment works”

Karen, Winstanley


“Kind, courteous service”

“get the same person each time”

“good explanations – answers the questions and queries”

“A pleasant experience – leading to quick results”

Hazel, Whittle-le-Woods


“Non judgmental, wide range of services, friendly”

“I found out I have a food allergy and my deafness in one ear is causing me more trouble than I thought. I need to distress more”

Worked “straight away. Sleep because there is no pain”

Sarah, Penwortham


“Calm atmosphere, holistic approach, appear to have an honest approach”

“Not just manipulation of the bones, but a whole person centred approach to ensure that the person’s issues are being dealt with”

Have tried “Physio, acupuncture, pilates, yoga, nutritional analysis. Have been fortunate in having met some excellent practitioners – however, I need to see a chiropractor”

“There was a point each night – where my thought processes would stop. This is now changed – I’m still alert after 8pm!”

“Overall, it’s been an interesting experience – I never thought I would be convinced by kinesiology/ muscle testing”



“learning new things, improvement in well-being.”

“Thought it was to do with manipulating the spine.” Perception now is “more professional approach here and I can see there’ a lot more to it e.g., with the nervous system”

“Feel better health and my energy levels have on the whole improved. Plus I am learning things all the time, to do with the brain and nervous system”

“Find the whole approach here much improved from who I used to see.”

Overall experience “Very impressed and would not hesitate in recommending ‘Back-in-Action’ to a friend, family member”

Tim, Penwortham


“Problems get diagnosed (and treated) that have been missed by other practitioners”

“Such an amazing bag of tricks – am very impressed”

“I have a multitude of problems – so improvements is not always easy to detect – but each week something else gets solved”

Pete, Lymm


“Austin takes a lot of trouble explaining treatment, Goes the extra mile to help”

“Am impressed with it so far”

Sheila, Ormskirk


“Rapid recovery, thorough explanation of injury and how to prevent, thoroughness of sessions”

“Amazing – I will probably use a chiropractor forever!”

Worked “unbelievably fast! In 3 weeks I was back dancing after not being able to walk properly!”

Alexandra, Walton-le-Dale


“They listen, they care, they get you out of pain”

Worked “straight away. Can now sit down”

“Much better than doctors”

Overall experience “Amazing”

Rebecca, Freckleton


“Dr Lavelle has a deep interest in my condition, and is healing greatly”



“friendly reception desk on arrival, not kept waiting for appointments, found Louis very approachable and kind manner”

“thought it may be like a Dr’s surgery, (where nobody has time to explain to you!) found information given freely”

“Benefits experienced “neck, spine, feeling of wellbeing due to more comfort”

“treatment is done in a relaxed and respectful manner, always find Louis’ attitude kind, not rushed”

“when you arrive at the clinic in pain you feel anxious and I found it very reassuring that no-one made you feel rushed”

Karen, Penwortham


“improved posture and improved mobility”

“much improved ready to return to work”

Overall experience – “excellent”



“you get to the root cause”

Overall experience “surprisingly good”

Neil, Penwortham


“common sense/ consideration/ care/ attention/ knowledge/ experience/ expertise/ the actual technique”

“healing, balance, understanding more about my body and health”

“holistic approach”

“Felt better from the first session”

Overall experience “I’m impressed”

Danny, Liverpool


“professional diagnosis, attentive to listening, quickness of care, explanation of problems”

Initially thought “never cured fully”

Now “Potential for permanent cure and just health checks only”

“better mobility, less pain, fewer niggly aches”

Overall experience “good treatment”

Charles, Clayton-le-Woods


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* 377 of the 391 New Patients who returned their surveys rated us as good or excellent on a 5 point scale – very bad/ poor/ average/ good/ excellent. (Compiled September 2018

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