Wrist, Hand, Forearm and Elbow Problems

It makes life difficult if youare too sore to use your hand, wrist or lower arm properly. Your simple every day  activities become a struggle: carrying things, using a computer, picking things up, doing some DIY or sport. It’s easy to take the things we do for granted until we have some kind of pain or injury, it’s not always easy to sort it out for ourself. Painkillers sometimes help but they can’t cure.

Our wholistic approach, helps find the underlying cause of your problem and so we can start to restore the normal joint, muscle and nerve activity, particulalrly in your neck, all the way down ito your arms and hands. Chiropractic treatment can often help you to get back-in-action.

Here’s what our patient’s say:

Worked, “within 2 sessions. My carpal tunnel has eased and I able to work at my full job again, open tins with a tin opener and type.” – Kay, Walton-le-Dale

“Return of strength in my left hand and forearm. Ease of pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Have learnt self-help techniques to treat myself. The treatment works.” Response was “Fairly immediate. Can now lift with my left hand.” Experience at Back-in-Action was,“Very positive – I can’t fault it.” – Marie, Lymm

“Been to see 3 NHS specialists and no-one could offer a solution. Friendly explanation for problems that have been occurring for years. Immediate pain relief after treatment. I’m amazed at how much more there is to it.” – Stacey, Coppull

The most common areas of complaint that people enquire about at Back-in-Action are outlined below. Simply click on the picture for more information. If your complaint is not listed in this section or you want more information, please contact the clinic and one of our practitioners will be delighted to help.

Common Areas of Complaint:



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