Recurrent Injuries

90-recurrentAre you giving yourself a sporting chance?

It’s very frustrating to keep getting reinjured when you want to be active. It stops you achieiving your goals and prevents you from feeling as good as you want to. Whether you are suffering from recurring back and neck pain, a runner who keeps on re-injuring a calf midway through a run, or a footballer who keeps on pulling a hamstring during a match, it might not be what you’re doing but a sign there’s an underlying problem that is finally showing itself.

At Back-in-Action we’ll do our best to help you recover from the injury and help you avoid future recurrencies. We do this by helping to optimise you bodies ability to heal and then helping to reduce the stresses on your system that might have been injuring you.

Here’s what some of our patient’s say:

“Friendly explanation for problems that have been occurring for years.” Initially, “thought it was about back problems.” Now perception has changed “Completely – I’m amazed at how much more there is to it.” Had, “immediate pain relief after treatment. Been to see 3 NHS specialists and no-one could offer a solution.” – Stacey, Coppull

“I have learned that a problem in one part of the body can affect so many other parts through the nervous system. Chiropractic treats the cause of pain and discomfort not the symptoms and I wish I had found it years ago! I feel great! I have been going to the Doctor for years about my headaches and never managed to find the cause.” The main benefits have been, “fewer headaches, a greater sense of wellbeing – waking up in the mornings feeling good.” Initially “I thought that the tension in my neck was causing my headaches but was not sure if I was right or how chiropractic could help.” My experience at Back-in-Action was, “very friendly staff, very patient and understanding doctor who takes time to explain the problem and how and why the treatment can help.” – Jennifer, Penwortham

“Improved wellbeing. Feel better health and my energy levels have on the whole improved. Plus I am learning things all the time, to do with the brain and nervous system. Initially, “thought it was to do with manipulating the spine.” Perception now is “more professional approach here and I can see there’ a lot more to it e.g., with the nervous system. Find the whole approach here much improved from who I used to see.” Overall experience, “very impressed and would not hesitate in recommending ‘Back-in-Action’ to a friend, family member.” – Tim, Penwortham

“Problems get diagnosed (and treated) that have been missed by other practitioners. Such an amazing bag of tricks – am very impressed. I have a multitude of problems – so improvements is not always easy to detect – but each week something else gets solved.” – Pete, Lymm

“You get to the root cause.” – Neil, Penwortham

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