Neck Pain

Neck pain can be excruciating and causes a lot of people to suffer. It’s often associated with sitting at a desk or working with the head in awkward positions. For some people it’s triggered by injuries or emotional stress. When it gets severe it can also trigger headaches.

Chiropractors specialise in the treatment of the spine and those who visit Back-in-Action often find a great deal of reassurance in having an understanding professional assess them to work out the cause of their problem. Chiropractic treatment often starts to work rapidly, helping people get out of pain and back in to enjoying their everyday activities. Here’s what some of our patient’s say:

An “almost immediate improvement in difficulties” have a “an overall feeling of well-being” and am “more relaxed. Can now do things that I had struggled with for months.” – Hilary, Coppull

Benefit experienced: “Feeling of wellbeing due to more comfort.” – Karen, Penwortham

“I liked the ‘whole person’ approach rather than simply cracking bones.” I am experiencing, “fewer headaches, less pain, beginning to accept need to change lifestyle.” Overall experience of the clinic: “Excellent. I am beginning to allow myself to think that I might start to feel fit and healthy like I did a couple of years ago.” – Debs, Wheelton

The most common areas of complaint that people enquire about at Back-in-Action are outlined below. If your complaint is not listed in this section or you want more information, please contact the clinic and one of our practitioners will be delighted to help.

Common Areas of Complaint:

If you are unsure if Chiropractic treatment will help you contact us to arrange a  Free 15 minute Chiropractic Case Assessment.


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