Leg & Knee Pain

When your suffering from leg or knee pain, it’s very frustrating because it limits your actvities. You often have difficulty walking, getting up and down stairs or hills and doing all the other things you want to do. It’s easy to take for granted being able to move round easily and without pain, until we get a problem. Then everything becomes difficult, movements become awkward and we have to slow down. Medications can help ease the symptoms but they can’t fix really the cause.

By getting your joints, muscles and nervous system working properly again, we can often reduce your pain, support the body to repair itself and help you return to your normal activities more quickly. That would be a great relief, wouldn’t it! Here’s what our patient’s say:

“I have lost the numbness from my thigh bones. I feel 3 inches taller. Can walk further and better than before attending. My feet appear to be warmer (previously had cold feet).” – Raymond, Halsall

“Help me to get back to training, pleasure to go running.” Worked, “very fast.” – Sean, Penwortham

“Able to walk, swim normally instead of being barely able to walk. Can walk again normally – and hurry! Also up/ downstairs without restricted to going one-foot-one step at a time. Grateful for the treatment, pleased at the rapid improvement.” – Anne, Preston

The most common areas of complaint that people enquire about at Back-in-Action are outlined below. If your complaint is not listed in this section or you want more information, please contact the clinic and one of our practitioners will be delighted to help.

Common Areas of Complaint:

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