Head & Face Pain

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating and really affect the quality of  life. They are quite common: if you are a migraine sufferer then you are one of 15% of the population and cervicogenic (neck tension related) headaches cause 20% of  chronic headaches.

Many headache sufferers benefit from chiropractic treatment. At Back-in-Action we work out what’s causing your headaches with a thorough history and examination. The treatment usually involves techniques to release tension in the joints and muscles around the head and neck and advice on how to prevent tension building up. This might include exercises, postural advice, suggestions about diet and nutrition and recommendations to help you to relax. This is what our patient’s say:

“Fewer headaches. A greater sense of wellbeing – waking up in the mornings feeling good.  I have been going to the Doctor for years about my headaches and never managed to find the cause. Chiropractic treats the cause of pain and discomfort not the symptoms and I wish I had found it years ago! I feel great!” – Jennifer, Penwortham

“Fewer headaches, less pain, beginning to accept need to change lifestyle. I liked the ‘whole person’ approach rather than simply cracking bones.” Overall the experience of the clinic: “Excellent. I am beginning to allow myself to think that I might start to feel fit and healthy like I did a couple of years ago.” – Debs, Wheelton

“Within a week of asking ‘Back-in-Action’ for advice my condition assessed, treatment plan in action – condition improving. Original problem much improved. Sleep improved. Migraine much reduced.” – Ann, Penwortham

The most common areas of complaint that people enquire about at Back-in-Action are outlined below. If your complaint is not listed in this section please contact the clinic and one of our practitioners will be delighted to help.

Common Areas of Complaint:

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