Why Choose Us?

Preston Chiropractor Louis Westerbeek set up Back-in-Action in 2002 to provide quality care you can rely on, especially to help you and other people suffering back and neck pain, headaches, joint and muscle aches, minor balance and injury problems in the Preston area who haven’t responded to the standard types of care provided elsewhere.

Louis has spent many years developing his skills and learning to help those who have been to other places and not got better.

Louis has built up a team of therapists at Back-in-Action who are passionate and dedicated to help you get back in action and enjoying life again and help you to stay that way.

While we can’t always help everyone’s problems 100% we have a network of other experienced health professionals who might be able to help you if we can’t.


97%* of patients surveyed rated us good or excellent on a 5 point rating scale. You can read some of our patient feedback for yourself here.



Here are some of the reasons our patients gave us as to why they choose us.

Ease pain naturally & rapidly

Are you sick of pain? Is it restricting what you can do? Pain limits your life, everyday activities become difficult, affects your mood and disturbs sleep. You need to be back at work or be fit to care for others, but the painkillers don’t seem to be killing the pain. Painkillers certainly don’t fix your problem. Sometimes they might help to get you going again, but there’s always the risk that too much activity might aggravate it.

To get back in action as soon as possible, you need an approach that is proven to work quickly, an approach that works with the body to help it mend itself. Pain is a sign that there’s a problem. There’s not much point ignoring it or masking it. What you really need is to find out what’s wrong. Not just label it as something that nothing can be done about but find out what’s causing the problem and doing something about it. Then your body can start to heal itself – like it should be – without interference. To get better you need to help the body heal and take away what’s damaging it. At back-in-action we have the skills to work out what is causing your pain and the know-how to help relieve it rapidly and teach you how to help get yourself better. Here’s what some of our patients say:

“Relief after the first session. Was able to go back to work quickly and move more freely.”David, Fulwood
A huge improvement in my back problem,” the response was, “immediate” and “I can now lift properly.” The overall experience of the clinic was, “excellent.”Joanne, Hoghton
“Better movement, better posture,” and “,better sleeping. Returning back to normal everyday life. Can now “Fully stretch my back when required.”Wayne, Leyland

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Effective, cost effective & safe

Have you been everywhere and tried everything? Is nothing working? Of course you would do nearly anything to get out of pain but you need something that works. Perhaps you’ve been trying painkillers, exercises or visited other therapists but you’re still suffering.

To get better you need a tried and tested approach that’s been proven to work, with a professional you can have full confidence in. Research shows that Chiropractic is effective, cost effective and safe treatment for many conditions including back and neck pain, headaches and relief from wear and tear joint problems of the knee and hip. With a choice of different treatment programs to suit your needs it needn’t cost the earth to get you back-in-action again. Here’s what some of our patients have said:

“Amazing – I will probably use a chiropractor forever!” The main benefits were, “rapid recovery, thorough explanation of injury and how to prevent, thoroughness of sessions. Worked “unbelievably fast! In 3 weeks I was back dancing after not being able to walk properly!”Alexandra, Walton-le-Dale
The, “best thing I did. Came recommended and I’d tried everything else including my doctor but I was sceptical.” The main benefits I experienced were, “pain relief, ease of movement,” and a, “comfortable night’s sleep. Noticed a difference after the first visit. Much more ease of movement, improved driving which has made me safer on the road. I tried doctor, physio, herb doctor, heat treatment, painkillers, internet, books – none worked – no contest chiropractic was much better – it worked!! 100% better after 6 months of constant pain prior to treatment so much happier.”  – Kirsti,  Penwortham
The main benefits I experienced were, “confidence to push myself, freedom, ease of mind.” Tried “medical practitioners and physiotherapy.” Back-in-Action gave “Far better results. “ The experience was, “very positive and rewarding.”Peter, Ingol

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High patient satisfaction

Have you been less than impressed with the help you have got so far? Maybe it just has been a temporary fix and you’re beginning to doubt whether you can ever really get better. Many people coming to see a chiropractor have tried everything else and approach us as a last resort.

The vast majority of chiropractic patients at Back-in-Action are highly satisfied with us.  97% percent of our patients replying to our survey rated us as good or excellent on a 5 point scale (217 returned). The chiropractors at Back-in-Action are dedicated to finding the cause of your problem and helping you get better quickly and help you learn to manage your problem so that you have fewer recurrences. We do our best to create a friendly, warm and welcoming service where your needs are the primary concern. We also have a satisfaction guarantee. This is what some of our patients said about their experience at Back-in-Action.

“Amazing. They listen, they care, they get you out of pain.” Worked “straight away. Can now sit down. Much better than doctors.”  – Rebecca, Freckleton
“Amazing – I will probably use a chiropractor forever!” The main benefits were, “rapid recovery, thorough explanation of injury and how to prevent, thoroughness of sessions. Worked “unbelievably fast! In 3 weeks I was back dancing after not being able to walk properly!”Alexandra, Walton-le-Dale
 “good experience – would definitely recommend.” My, “condition improved rapidly – noticed difference after first visit,” was “impressed with the difference chiropractors can make.”Margaret, Penwortham
My experience was, “excellent, grateful for all the help.”Klara, Preston

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Deal with the underlying cause

If you are you get recurring problems that are stopping you from doing what you want to do, then you’ll want to know why. You need to look beyond your immediate symptoms and ask why is your body getting damaged repeatedly and why is it healing slowly. Is the pain just a label that nothing can be done about or does it have an underlying cause?

We often find with people suffering recurring problems, the area of pain isn’t the cause of the problem. Symptoms are usually just the tip of the iceberg. The body adapts to one problem, compensating by causing stress elsewhere. Resolving this is like peeling away at the layers of an onion and the initial symptoms are often only distantly related to the root cause. If the roof of your house is falling down because the foundations of the house are collapsing, you’re not going to fix it by trying to keep on repairing the roof. At Back-in-Action while helping relieve your symptoms is initially our key priority, we also like to keep an eye on what could be causing the problem, interfering with you getting better. Is there a twist in your posture? Is the way you habitually move stressing your joints, nerves and muscles? Is your nervous system struggling to keep your body working together in harmony? Could your diet contributing to the problems you’re experiencing? At Back-in-Action we’ve got a huge amount of experience and training that help us see through the symptoms and help you get to the root of the problem and deal with the underlying cause.

“Friendly explanation for problems that have been occurring for years.” Initially, “thought it was about back problems.” Now perception has changed “Completely – I’m amazed at how much more there is to it.” Had, “immediate pain relief after treatment. Been to see 3 NHS specialists and no-one could offer a solution.”Stacey, Coppull
“I have learned that a problem in one part of the body can affect so many other parts through the nervous system. Chiropractic treats the cause of pain and discomfort not the symptoms and I wish I had found it years ago! I feel great! I have been going to the Doctor for years about my headaches and never managed to find the cause.” The main benefits have been, “fewer headaches, a greater sense of wellbeing – waking up in the mornings feeling good.” Initially “I thought that the tension in my neck was causing my headaches but was not sure if I was right or how chiropractic could help.” My experience at Back-in-Action was, “very friendly staff, very patient and understanding doctor who takes time to explain the problem and how and why the treatment can help.”Jennifer, Penwortham
“Improved wellbeing. Feel better health and my energy levels have on the whole improved. Plus I am learning things all the time, to do with the brain and nervous system. Initially, “thought it was to do with manipulating the spine.” Perception now is “more professional approach here and I can see there’ a lot more to it e.g., with the nervous system. Find the whole approach here much improved from who I used to see.” Overall experience, “very impressed and would not hesitate in recommending ‘Back-in-Action’ to a friend, family member.”Tim, Penwortham
“Problems get diagnosed (and treated) that have been missed by other practitioners. Such an amazing bag of tricks – am very impressed. I have a multitude of problems – so improvements is not always easy to detect – but each week something else gets solved.”Pete, Lymm
“You get to the root cause.”Neil, Penwortham

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Get back in action and enjoy life again

We often only appreciate things when they are gone. The freedom to move comfortably, relax properly, sleep; these we take for granted until we are injured. Then we feel so limited. Daily activities become a burden. Being inactive and unable to do the things we want to do only makes us feel worse.

Many people when they first come in to see us are struggling to do what they want to do. Often their quality of life has been affected for months, sometimes many years. Our approach is to first help relieve your pain and then assist you to become fit enough to get back to enjoying normal activities. We listen to what your problems are and help you find effective solutions. It is invaluable.

“I feel great ready to tackle the world. I would recommend it to anyone. After the first session I saw an immediate improvement. The treatment works.  I can sleep all night comfortably. I can stand still for a reasonable period pain free, I can go on planes without being in pain during long flights. I had physio for 6 weeks but it didn’t really work.”Karen, Winstanley
“Positive approach giving hope for recovery. Better movement, less pain, enjoying life more.” Tried the “NHS – you are much better.”Geraldine, Whitestake
“Relief after the first session, was able to go back to work quickly,” and, “move more freely.”David, Fulwood
“Grateful for the treatment, pleased at the rapid improvement.” “Able to walk, swim normally instead of being barely able to walk. Can now, “walk again normally – and hurry! Also up and downstairs without being restricted to going one-foot-one step at a time.”Anne, Preston
“Before I came I was concerned I would have to cancel my walking holiday. Able to do my planned walking holiday – carrying a pack in the Pyrenees for 11 days. Thanks James.”Margaret, Scarisbrick
“Help me to get back to training.” It’s now a “pleasure to go running.” Worked “very fast.”Sean, Penwortham

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Other benefits of care at Back-in-Action:

  • Reduces distress quickly
  • Reduce future reoccurrence
  • Assist natural healing
  • Move, eat and think better
  • Stay fit and active for longer
  • Learn how to help yourself
  • More effective than usual or best medical care

Satisfaction Guarantee

We can’t guarantee your results, but we want you to be satisfied that we’ll do everything we can to help you. If within three visits you become unhappy with your decision to consult our office for chiropractic care, we’ll refund the money you’ve paid us and make other care recommendations. Obviously the healing process will take longer but during this early stage of care most patients see enough progress to complete their care plan.

*217 people were surveyed.

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