Jozef Korab


Welcome to Back-in-Action. My name is Jozef, I live in Rossendale and I graduated in 2018 from the AECC University College as a Chiropractor.

As a Chiropractor it is my duty and passion to help people rid themselves of pain and increase their performance. With my training at the AECC I have learned how the Human body functions and how to identify and correct dysfunctions. With your help together we can diagnose the problem and work towards fixing it through designing a personal treatment plan.

Since an early age I have always enjoyed helping people. Before providing health care I volunteered at charity food stalls, took part in runs for charities and even one time shaved my head! (This was so the hair could be made into a wig for children suffering with cancer not a Britney moment).

Through my experience I have learned that many conditions can be avoided with preventative care although I am glad I have the techniques to correct problems when they arise.

My speciality is functional medicine and I view the body in a very biomechanical way. This means identifying faulty movement patterns which may be irritating tissues and then correcting them by restoring correct movement patterns and rehabilitating weak or underactive muscles.

I enjoy a range of hobbies from painting historical miniatures to swinging Indian clubs. I have always enjoyed the many different ways I can express myself through movement. I also have to confess I like watching the occasional cheesy film.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your goals.

Yours sincerely


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