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MChiro, Doctor of Chiropractic

doctor of chiropractic, treats back and neck pain, neck pain related headachesHi,

My name is Austin Lavelle, I’m originally from Durham in northeast England and have a Masters Degree in chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

I have lived and worked in a number of different counties over the years, most recently in Brighton on the south coast and a spell of voluntary work in India.

Before becoming a chiropractor I benefited from being a chiropractic patient after suffering for many years with sports related injuries that nobody else seemed to be able to help with. This inspired in me a great belief in benefits of chiropractic care, a belief that has grown from seeing the results that patients achieve.

I think that my own experience as a patient helped give me some insight into the challenge that we face when injured or in pain. However, I have also learned that because we are all individuals, with our own histories and goals, treatment should reflect this.

It is my belief that to give our patients the best possible care we need to work closely together to get to the underlying cause of the problem. We are all unique and the symptoms we experience result from causes that are as different as we are. This means thoroughly investigating the physical, nutritional and emotional factors involved in each persons life to find the most effective treatment to get you as healthy and happy as possible.

I’m very happy to back up being North again and enjoying being part of the team at Back-in-Action.


What Austin’s patients have said:

“The Whole Experience Was Amazing… Does What It Says Above The Door – Back-in-Action… Can Now Do Things That I Have Been Wanting To Do For Decades… I Recommend The Treatment To All That Will Listen”

“I had never had any treatments before, but was lead to belive they did not work. Now I recommend the treatment to all that will listen.” My, “Back problem was affecting home, work and social life. Could do very little at home and was unable to work properly. It felt horrible.” Treatment has made, “An immeasurable difference, can do things now that I have not been able to do for decades. The whole experience was amazing. Austin resolved issues/ questions that I have been wanting to answers to for many years.” Chiropractic worked on the, “Instant. But still getting better. In general now very good. I am now able to move other parts of my body I didn’t know were tight/ stiff/ restricted.” I have found, “The hands on treatment first class. Still under treatment but will continue to return at least once a month. I do feel much better after treatment.” Overall experience of the clinic, “Excellent” and, “Excellent staff – good manner, professional.”Chris, Preston (December 2012)

“Should be part of the mainstream NHS.”

My favourite things about my experience at Back-in-Action are that it is, “Personal…, good interaction, same chiropractor for the duration.” Before I started care my perception was that I,”Thought it was a black art.” Now I think it, “Should be part of the mainstream NHS.” The, “Speed of relief,” was particularly amazing, I felt it worked on the, “First visit.” Before this tried my, “GP.” Got a, “Faster result,” at Back-in-Action.Brian, Leyland (December 2012)

“Would happily recommend.”

“My back feels so much freer.” It was a, “very friendly service,” and I, “wouldn’t hesitate in coming back or recommending anyone.” When I first visited the clinic at the clinic I, “couldn’t walk properly,” had a ,”bad back,” and, “my broken leg wasn’t healing properly but after treatment I found my back a lot looser which in turn helped my leg improve. I am heavily pregnant too so will be back after the baby is born to continue.” What was amazing about my chiropractic treatment was that it was, “so simple, yet effective.” I, “felt a difference straight away once the problem was found.” I have sought other help with my back problem but, “this time it seems to have worked. My back is fine, I’m just enormous and pregnant!” I’m, “very happy” with my experience of the clinic, it’s, “a nice relaxed place. Would happily recommend.” Kerrie, Blackpool (Sept 2012)

My favourite things about chiropractic at Back-in-Action are, “Professional diagnosis, attentive to listening,” and,” quickness of care, (explanation of problems).” Initially I thought chiropractic care, “never cured fully.” Now my perception is that chiropractic care has, “Potential for permanent cure and just health checks only.” The biggest benefits I’ve experienced are, “better mobility, less pain,” and,” fewer niggly aches.” I’ve tried other places and, “Upto now ‘Back-in-Action’ techniques work quicker,” and,”relieved pain faster.”. I feel my energy levels have, “improved.” My overall experience of the clinic is that it is a, “good treatment.”Charles, Clayton-le-Woods
The most positve things about my care at Back-in-Action are,”common sense, consideration, care, attention, knowledge, experience, expertise,” and,”the actual technique.” The biggest benefits I have experienced are, “healing, balancing,” and,”understanding more about my body and health.” It worked from, “my first session.” My energy levels are,”much better.” I keep coming back,”because it’s working!” “I’m impressed!” with the overall experience of the clinic. – Dany, Liverpool
“Austin takes a lot of trouble explaining treatment,” and, “goes the extra mile to help.” I, “am impressed with it so far.” – Sheila, Ormskirk

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