About Us

Are you in pain? Do you want to avoid reoccurrences? Do you want to stay fit and active? Do you want to improve your health and performance naturally?

Aches, pains and other symptoms are a sign that all is not well. If ignored, these problems may get worse, injuring the body, and affect your ability to enjoy your work, rest and social life.

Our purpose is to find you truly amazing results, getting you back in action and enjoying life again and empower you to maintain that progress, and share the benefits with your friends, family and colleagues, helping to create a happier and healthier community for all.

At Back-in-Action you’ll find a thorough assessment, clear diagnosis and effective return to health plan – from an understanding skilled professional – helps to reassure.

You’ll quickly begin to feel the benefits from the variety of safe and effective treatments we use, selected to be suitable for people of all ages and health conditions.

So for outstanding results, experience the benefits of our unique and highly effective professional approach, based on the best of leading edge natural health practise.

From the Preston Chiropractor Team
Getting You Back in Action & Enjoying Your Life Again
Serving the people of Preston and surrounding areas including Southport and Lytham St Annes