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Care You Can Rely On

Preston Chiropractor Louis Westerbeek set up Back-in-Action in 2002 to provide quality care you can rely on, especially to help you if your suffering with new or recurring back and neck pain, headaches, joint and muscle aches, nerve pain, minor balance and injury problems and you haven’t responded to the standard  care provided elsewhere. (read more)


When you want to be active and your being stopped by your aches and pains, we’re here to help you get back in action and enjoying life again.

We find that pain is mostly caused by abnormal movement. So we look for all the things we need to do to get you moving well, so you can get on with life. Restoring your movement also involves seeing how the rest of your body and the world around you is affecting you. Fixing these problems helps you get better, longer lasting results.

So what is wrong? Every part of your body is full of sensors telling your nervous system what is going on. When your body is not working well, these signals alter, which causes compensations to help protect you but these can further compromise your ability to move normally. These build up layer on layer until your body runs out of options. That’s when you will really start to struggle and need some help.

By working through these layers of problems the chiropractors and therapists at Back-in-Action Chiropractic Clinic in Preston help to restore the kind of sensory feedback that matches good function. Then your body will work well again, so you can get on with the life you want to fully live.

Getting You From Pain to Enjoying Life Again and Empowering You to Stay That Way

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When you’ve got aches and pains, everyday life is harder than it should be. Whether your suffering with back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other joint and muscle aches, it makes your life more difficult than it need be. Aches and pains often can restrict your activities, limit your movements and stop you enjoying doing what you need and love to do. When you’ve got to the point where you want to do something about it or you want to find some long lasting pain relief, then Back-in-Action can help you.

If you want to be free of your aches and pains, to feel more whole and complete, enjoying life again with an increased sense of wellbeing, then you’ll find the chiropractors, massage therapists and rehabilitation therapists at Back-in-Action will be able to offer you plenty of help. Call 01772 749389 now to find out more.

Meet Our Team

We believe that being comfortable and at ease in your body, is also the foundation of health and the route to good mental and emotional wellbeing and better decision making in your choices and actions. When you feel good, you can be all that you want to be with the confidence that you can succeed and enjoy life.

And it might sound strange to you but we believe that a key foundation for all of this is healthy function of your joints.

All your joints, muscles, skin and soft tissues are full of sensors#, creating little electrical impulses, which travel up to your brain. When your joints are well positioned and moving properly they create a lot of signals. Your brain then uses these to signals to create an image of your body, which it uses to guide the messages it needs to send to your muscles. When working these sensors act like the batteries for your nervous system. They help your brain to work out where your body is and how to work it well, to do the things you need to do.

When your joints, muscles, skin and soft tissues are tight, the electrical feedback to your brain changes. Your joints that are out of position and restricted in movement don’t fire as many signals to your brain. This lack of healthy signals is instead perceived by your brain as pain. Your brain then has to make a best guess as to what’s going on in your body and the map of your body it builds is less accurate. Unfortunately the lack of accurate awareness means your body can’t respond so well in everyday actions. You may feel a bit stiff or sore, somehow disconnected, that you’re not performing as well as you want, ultimately you become more vulnerable to injury. This lack of normal movement in your tissues also triggers protective reflexes which shut down some areas of your body. They act like the electrical trip-switches on a fuse box, stopping things working for your protection but making the body weaker and less adaptable.

In the long term this stiffness and resulting altered feedback leads to wear and tear problems in the joints and the consequence of changes in the nervous system can possibly contribute to a  other health conditions*.

At Back-in-Action we specialise in the correction and prevention of tight joints and soft tissues to enable you to feel better and learn to stay well. We have a team of qualified and experienced chiropractors and therapists who you can rely on to help you achieve what you want.

When you’ve tried the usual approaches, and found they haven’t worked, we can provide something different.

At Back-in-Action Chiropractic Clinic in Preston, we find it is often essential to go beyond just concentrating on the immediate, localised sources of pain that most places do. We use our advanced chiropractic training and experience to help trace the problem further back upstream of cause and effects, to help build you a good foundation for your recovery. Whether you have back pain, neck pain, or pain or injury in other areas of your body or need help with other conditions, we can help find the right treatment for you.

We believe that while drugs and surgery have their place in symptom relief, they rarely address the underlying cause.

In our view the best way to help you heal is to help your body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Your body knows how to heal – so we have to find out for you, what’s stopping it doing it’s thing. To find out more how your Preston Chiropractor, Preston Massage Therapist or Preston Sports Rehabilitator can help call 01772 749389.

# they’re little gravity sensors, which create energy from gravity, similar to the way solar panels create energy from sunshine.

* here we’re talking about something called proprioception – the body awareness or mental image of the body the brain builds from the sensors in the various tissues. A lack of proprioceptive feedback is an important part of the ‘disafferentation syndrome’ which has health implications through various affects on nervous system dysregulation e.g. disinhibition of the IML (InterMedioLateral Cell Column) which causes release of the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system.